Cronenbourg French National Cemetery

Strasbourg - Bas-Rhin (France)

Strasbourg is a well-known city in Département Bas-Rhin.

On the cemetery are 15 UK, 388 French, 1.834 German, 149 Russian and 5 Serbian burials of the First World War.

The 15 UK burials are of Air Mechanic 1st Class Joseph Laurence Coghlan, Privates Albert W. Cotton,

Ernest Richard Dunning, Frederick Percy Hart, William Edgar James Hodge, D. Hutchinson, M. A. Kerly, G. Miller,

Thomas Skirrow, Frederick Charles Walker, Riflemen William Crothers, Wilford Dobbs, W. E. Horne, Walter James Willis

and Lance Corporal W. Higginbottom.

There are also 14 UK burials of the Second World War.


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