Dendermonde Communal Cemetery Extension

Dendermonde - Belgium




Dendermonde is a town about 28 kilometres north-west of Brussels on the N 47.

On the cemetery are 17 UK and 1 unidentified burials of the First World War.

The identifieds are Serjeants J. Anderson, H. Lawrence & H.J. Rodway, Aircraftman 2nd Class O.R. Beaumont,

Privates C.J. Bessel, H. Bicknell, J.F. Daniels, W.J. Lloyd, M. McArthur & J. Shanks, Lieutenants W.J. Brooks &

P.B. McNally, Riflemen A.E. Green, A. Ives & F.J. Molyneaux, Lieut-Commander O.H. Hanson

and Air Mechanic 2nd Class C. Kelly


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