Menen Communal Cemetery

Menen - Belgium




Menen is a town about 18 kilometres east-south-east of Ieper on the N 8.

On the cemetery are 10 UK, 4 Canadian and 2 unidentified burials of the First World War.

The indentifieds are Privates W. Bullas, J.W. Chisholm (Can), R. Dundas (Can) & W.G. Gramson (Can),

Corporal R.D. Fleming, Sappers W. Gibson & T.A. Walker (Can), Captain F.W. Harley, Gunner H. Marshall, 

2nd Lieutenant R.M. Neill, Lieutenant A.J.C.E. Philippo and Flight Sergeant W.G. Webb.

There is also 1 burial of the Second World War.


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