Troisvilles Communal Cemetery

Troisvilles - Nord (France)



Troisvilles is a small village about 19 kilometres east-south-east of Cambrai on the D 98, south of the D 643.

On the cemetery are 15 UK, 2 Canadian and 3 unidentified burials of the First World War.

The identifieds are Privates J. Bradley, A. Hull, W.R. Oakley, W. Sleight, A. Smith, C. Smith & I.R. Wares (Can),

Gunners L.G. Byron, H. Hague, H.W. Hayes, B. Ludlow, T.W. Walters & W.J. Wood, Bombardier W. Morris,

Saddler P. McLeod, Captain R.W.M. Stevens and Lieutenant L.A. Welsh (Can).


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