Hesdin Communal Cemetery

Hesdin - Pas-de-Calais (France)




Hesdin is a small town about 26 kilometres south-east of Montreuil on the river Canche.

The 14 UK burials of the First World War on the cemetery are Corporals W.L. Bradfield, S.A. Hutley & A. Wingrove,

Privates F.J. Alexander, E. Chard, F.C. Reeves & M. Walker, Lance Corporals R. Bremner & W.J.M. Merrington,

Bandsman J. Foster, 2nd Lieutenant W. Hefferman, Air Mechanic 3rd Class W. Lindsay,

Air Mechanic 1st Class T. H. Stephens and Air Mechanic 2nd Class F. Whitehead.

There are also 12 burials of the Second World War.


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