Boves East Communal Cemetery

Boves - Somme (France)



Boves is a village about 9 kilometres south-east of Amiens on the D 116.

The 8 UK, 3 Australian and 4 Canadian burials of the First World War on the cemetery are of Corporal C.B. Burgess (Aus),

Privates R. Blick (served as Blake)(Can), M.P. Coulson, W. Hole (Can), J. Long, W.E. Medhurst (Aus), J.A.T. Perkins (Aus),

S.L.B. White & W.P. Wogan, Sergeant H. Millar (Can), Serjeants H.W. Pitt & A. Scott, Lieutenant H. Parker (Can),

Major J. Proctor and Captain W.S. Watson.


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