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There is no punishment for leaving leftover funds in a 529 plan after a student graduates or leaves college. however, you ’ ll face a 529 tax penalty and a withdrawal penalty if you use a 529 plan distribution on non-qualified expenses. You ’ ll have to pay income tax and a 529 withdrawal penalty of 10 % on the earnings helping .

529 plan withdrawal penalty

The earnings portion of a non-qualified 529 distribution ( 529 distribution used to pay for non-qualified expenses ) is subject to a 10 % secession penalty. California tied imposes an extra 2.5 % state income tax penalty on those earnings .

  • 529 plan distributions are allocated between the earnings and contribution (basis) portions.
  • The contribution portion will never be taxed or penalized since it was made with after-tax dollars.
  • In many cases, the penalty on non-qualified 529 plan distributions is 1-3% of the distribution amount – no worse than investing in a taxable savings account.

529 penalty example

Let ’ s say you have $ 7,000 in qualify expenses this class. Anything you take out past $ 7,000 is considered money for non-qualified expenses. For this exemplar, you took out $ 8,000, leaving you with $ 1,000 in non-qualified expenses. Your earnings fortune for this distribution was $ 1,000 .
so, how a lot is your 529 penalty ?

here ’ s a basic, written 529 plan withdrawal penalty formula you can use :
Non-Taxable Part of Distribution = ( ( Qualified Expenses ) / ( Total Distribution ) ) x ( Earnings Portion )
Let ’ s plug in some numbers :
$ 7,000 ( modify expenses ) / $ 8,000 ( sum distribution )
= 0.875
0.875 adam 1,000 ( total earnings ) = $ 875
sol, you don ’ t have to pay tax on $ 875 of the $ 1,000 extra you took out. The remaining $ 125 is subject to income tax and the 10 $ withdrawal penalty .

529 plan tax-free withdrawal limits

There is no numeric specify for 529 plan withdrawals equally long as the withdrawal measure is reproducible with the monetary value of your qualify education expenses .
however, if you ’ re withdrawing money for students between K-12, the tax-exempt withdrawal terminus ad quem is $ 10,000 per year .

Exceptions to the penalty for 529 plan withdrawal 

Some scenarios warrant a forfeit 10 % penalty for 529 plan withdrawals. however, the earnings assign of the distribution is still subject to income tax.

The 10 % penalty may be waived if :

  • A beneficiary dies or becomes disabled
  • A beneficiary receives a tax-free scholarship
  • A beneficiary receives educational assistance through a qualifying employer program
  • A beneficiary attends a U.S. Military Academy
  • The qualified education expenses were used to generate the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) or the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit (LLTC)

What is a non-qualified 529 plan distribution?

Non-qualified distributions refer to any part of a 529 plan withdrawal not used to pay for stipulate education expenses .

Non-qualified 529 plan distributions are taxable

The earnings dowry of non-qualified distributions is subject to federal and sometimes state of matter income tax .

  • Non-qualified distributions payable to the beneficiary (student) are taxed at the beneficiary’s tax rate.
  • Non-qualified distributions payable to the parent may result in a higher tax liability.
  • Any state income tax deductions or credits claimed may be subject to recapture in the event of a non-qualified distribution.

Recapture of state income tax benefits

The recapture of state income tax benefits might be seen as an extra penalty .
Most states recapture previous state income tax deductions or tax credits on 529 plan contributions when the bill owner makes a non-qualified distribution .
But, the state income tax subtraction was a bonus available on 529 plans that is not available on other investments .
You ’ rhenium no worse off than if you were to have invested in a taxable account .

How to avoid paying taxes and penalties on leftover 529 plan funds

Avoiding the 529 plan penalty and income tax duty on leftover funds is potential. Consider one of the follow courses of action :


529 plans are excellent ways to save for your or your child ’ south college education. While the 529 penalty for withdrawal might be faze, consider it ’ s a relatively insignificant amount. And you have enough avenues to avoid coitus interruptus for non-qualified expenses.

529 penalties are in topographic point to encourage families to use 529 plans to pay for college as intended .

A good place to start:

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