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A deck can add an excite new living space to your home. Depending on what your deck will be used for, how much yard you ’ d like to maintain, etc, the size of your deck is very authoritative. Finding you ’ ve built excessively humble or besides large can be a thwart revelation after the fact. This is why it is a crucial factor to consider long before beginning the build process .

What is the Average Size of a Deck?

For most builds, decks are wider than they are deep, with the longer assign of the deck running aboard the house. According to landscapingnetwork.com, the average size is between 300 and 400 squarely feet. Decks can besides be multi-level, adding more space and property to your home .
If you are considering a multi-level deck but are on a nasty budget, don ’ metric ton worry. It is perfectly normal for homeowners to build the beginning degree, and then add the early tiers when they are better able to afford them. however, it is a good estimate to consider these additions when creating the initial design .

Size of Your Home

Most builders suggest that your deck should be no larger than 20 percentage of the house ’ s* square footage. This is sol that the deck does not overwhelm a home visually. This, of course, is up to you. If you feel you need a larger deck that takes up more of your yard quad, feel barren ! This may give you less lawn to mow and more yard to enjoy.

Regulations, Codes & Permits

As with most remodeling projects, you ’ ll need to obtain a license before you begin building. You ’ ll besides need to check local building codes, regulations and restrictions.
Lot restrictions may limit how close your deck can be to your neighbors ’ place, limiting its size and dimensions. The location of a well, septic tank or drain playing field may besides affect how far your pack of cards can extend from your home .


The size of your deck besides determines where it will begin and end. If you have a garden or enjoy putting your toes in the grass, you ’ ll want to choose a size that doesn ’ triiodothyronine overwhelm your yard. You ’ ll besides want to create a design that blends in with your yard vitamin a seamlessly as possible. To accomplish this, first, decide which areas you ’ d like to maintain. then, use transitional materials to bridge your deck to these areas. Stones, pavers and bricks are a very popular choice for this step .

What Is The Best Deck Size For Entertaining?

The size of your deck depends greatly on how you plan to entertain. For some, entertaining means having a few people over for a relax meal. For others, it can be much more elaborate. Consider these factors before building your deck :

  • Will you need a small grill or large kitchen area with refrigerator, sink and counter space?
  • Will you be enjoying movies on your deck? If so, how much seating will be needed?
  • Will your deck encapsulate a pool? Will you be adding on a pool house?
  • Will you need a separate area for a hot tub or showers?
  • Will you need multi levels and will you want access from these levels?

For most, the space needed for entertainment is minimal. For exemplify, if you are lone considering a belittled grill area and patio arrange, the space needed to seat 4-6 people requires about 144 straight feet. For 10-12 people, you ’ ll want up to 288 square feet. however, if you want extra breathe board, we recommend at least 392 square feet .

What Shape Should Your Deck Be?

When it comes to decks, shape, and size go hand-in-hand. Meaning, many times, a deck must be shaped to fit into the space available. When you have a lot of outer space, this is not an issue. however, for those who live in the city, or dumbly populate areas, creative formation is a necessary retainer .
For most have deck builders, space is something they deal with every day, particularly for those builders who work chiefly in the city. These builders may choose to follow the lines of your dwelling or ad curves and angles to better fit the form of your limited space. many can get very creative by mixing straight and curved lines to your project. This type of plan gives a crispen feel to the straight areas of your deck and a softer attract where curves are added. Overall this mix of directly and curved lines can add an concern and aesthetically pleasing look to your home and deck project.

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