How to Buy Coins Directly from the US Mint

buy coins directly from the United States Mint can save mint collectors a batch of money versus buying your coins from a mint dealer. This is particularly true if you collect current modern issues of United States coins .

Ordering Online or over the telephone

The easiest way to buy from the U.S. Mint is via their Web web site, You can besides buy through the toll-free ordering channel, 1-800-USA-MINT ( 872-6468 ). Numismatists have reported that the wait-time has been increasing over the years when calling the mint ‘s toll-free line. The United States Mint used to accept orders through the mail, but that ordering choice was discontinued in September 2017.

The U.S. Mint normally sells entirely current coins and mint sets, although you can much find the previous year ‘s coins and sets for sale, besides. Some of the most democratic U.S. Mint offerings include the annual Proof Sets, Uncirculated Coin Sets, bags and rolls of America the Beautiful Quarters, and collector ‘s versions of the american Eagle coins such as Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles. The bullion versions of these coins intended for investment purposes, rather than the numismatic rate of the coins, must be purchased through coin or bullion dealers .

Be wary of U.S. Mint look-a-like companies that run misleading advertisements for their coins. The ads are designed to appear as official government agencies, releasing new issues direct from alleged ” politics vaults. ” These companies charge exorbitant premiums over the price you ‘d pay if you bought your coins and sets directly from the United States Mint. several companies are advertising the presidential Dollars for about $ 10 each .

An illustration about buying coins directly from the US Mint

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limited production Coins

occasionally, the United States Mint produces coins with limit handiness. These limited coins normally cause a craze in the commercialize. People will “ hover ” on the web site until the exact moment when the sales start. other people will try to use the telephone to place the club. Calling on the telephone is normally the least fat method acting to secure one low mintage coins. During times of high-volume traffic on the web site, there have been some issues that have sold out in ampere short as six minutes !

Numismatic writers and coin dealers have criticized the United States Mint for not producing enough coins to meet collector demand. Additionally, some large-volume coin dealers will pay people to holy order the coins and then send the coins directly to the coin dealer. Although this may be unethical, it is not illegal .

besides, during the eminent bulk and specify production coin rushes, people trying to place their orders using the call normally find themselves empty-handed. The best way to arrange these coins immediately from the United States Mint is via the mint ‘s web site. patience and time will normally result in securing one express edition coins or sets .


The United States Mint allows you to subscribe to coins and coin sets that are offered every year. For exemplar, if you order a United States Proof Set every class, the mint will mechanically bill your credit card and send you the plant when it becomes available .

This means, you do not have to “ hover ” on the Mint ‘s web site or remember to call in your order via the telephone. You will besides be the first to receive your coins and sets before everyone else. Remember, not all coins and sets are available for a subscription. Please check the batch ‘s web site for more details. additionally, you need to watch your electronic mail for announcements from the mint that a special coin or set is now available.

commemorative Coins and Coin Sets

commemorative coins and sets issued by the United States Mint are besides available for purchase directly from the mint. The mint releases these coins throughout the year depending on the output schedule. On the menu banner near the top of the web page, you can click on the “ Product Schedule ” link to see when the adjacent available commemorative coins will be available for sale. If the mint has not so far created a output schedule, you may see “ TBD ” ( To Be Determined ) .

finally, it is well documented that common modern United States coins and sets normally decrease in value over time. With few exceptions, this makes them a awful investment. however, if you enjoy collecting modern United States coins, purchasing them immediately from the United States mint is the best way to do it .

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