Property valuation (WOZ value)

Your property measure ( besides known as the ‘ WOZ value ’ ) is used to calculate how much tax you owe. The WOZ value for your property is listed on your tax judgment. You can besides look it up yourself and ask to see the evaluation report. If you do not agree with the value of your property, you can file an objection .

What is the WOZ value?

Each year, the value of all actual estate in Amsterdam is assessed according to the Valuation of Immovable Property Act ( Wet Waardering Onroerende Zaken, or WOZ ). This act establishes how municipalities assess the value of homes and businesses .
The WOZ value of a place is used to calculate certain taxes, such as property tax ( onroerendezaakbelasting ). The WOZ measure of your property is listed on your tax judgment .
WOZ values are based on market values. Assessments are carried out in the like way throughout the Netherlands according to rigid rules. The WOZ measure of a property is based on the construct ’ randomness characteristics, official valuations, and the sell price of nearby properties.

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Checking your WOZ value

You can check the WOZ value of every property in Amsterdam at the WOZ-waardeloket. Fill in your address in the box at the peak left labelled Locatie ( location ), then click on Zoeken ( search ). If necessary, you can then select the exact savoir-faire you are looking for.

WOZ values and rental properties

The maximum rent for rent-controlled housing known as ‘ social housing ’ ( sociale huurwoningen ) is presently limited to €720.42 per calendar month. Rents for this type of house are determined by a points system. The WOZ value is used to calculate the number of points, which then determines the total of rend that the property owner can charge tenants .
For lease properties in the private sector, there is no maximum lease price, so the WOZ value is not relevant. Since the City of Amsterdam does not keep track of which rental properties are part of the social housing grocery store and which are in the private sector, everyone who rents property in the city will receive a letter listing the WOZ value.

Requesting a valuation report

The method used to determine a property ’ s WOZ value is recorded in a valuation report. Owners and tenants can request a replicate of the official evaluation report for their place using their DigiD, Requesting a valuation report ( in Dutch ) .
If you own or co-own the place, you can request the evaluation report card by sending an electronic mail to belastingen @ You must include the follow information :

  • The full address of the property.
  • The year for which you wish to receive the valuation report.
  • Your name, Citizen Service Number (BSN) and contact information.

Objecting to your property’s WOZ value

If you disagree with the WOZ value listed for your property and can provide good arguments to support this, you can file an objection. The protest must be made within six weeks of the master WOZ decision. Both owners and tenants can file an objection. To do so, satiate in the objection shape included in your tax appraisal or submit an objection on-line using your DigiD ( in Dutch ). You can besides get in refer by calling
020 255 4800 .

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