How Can I Get a Copy of Someone Else’s Credit Report?

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You ’ ve got person moving into one of your spare bedrooms. You ’ re hiring a raw housekeeper or nanny. You ’ re renting out your theater. You ’ re dating person and you ’ ra curious about his or her debt and credit management skills. Or, possibly your spouse passed away and you need to see what ’ randomness on their credit report. There are many reasons why you ’ vitamin d be curious to see what ’ randomness on person else ’ s credit reports that have nothing to do with lending them money .

Permissible Purpose

There are dozens of websites where you can buy or claim YOUR citation reports but getting person else ’ s recognition report isn ’ thymine quite as slowly. The only direction you can legally pull person else ’ s credit report is if you have what ’ sulfur referred to as permissible Purpose. permissible Purpose is a terminus uncoiled from the Fair Credit Reporting Act and it defines the conditions under which a credit coverage representation may furnish a credit report. And, as you ’ ve credibly already figured out, getting your girlfriend ’ s credit report plainly because she ’ randomness your new girlfriend international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine on the list .
There is, however, more than one way to skin a caterpillar and if you ’ re diligent and creative then getting your hands on person else ’ s credit composition might not be impossible. You can surely ask that your prospective tenant provide you with a credit report, which they can get at any number of websites. Yu can besides buy their citation report from one of the many tenant screening companies but you will need to have their permission and cooperation .

Proxy Ordering

You can besides proxy order their accredit report from any of the credit rating agency ’ second websites. Proxy order is when you are entering the other consumer ’ s personal information as if you were them. You ’ re still going to need their license and cooperation because you ’ ll have to “ authenticate ” their identity, which means they ’ ll have to answer a few questions that only they know the answers to. These questions come directly from their credit report, so it ’ ll be something along the lines of “ Your credit report shows a mortgage lend opened in 2004, who is the lender ? ” I ’ ve done this before and it ’ s very effective, ampere long as you ’ ve got a cooperative consumer .

Deceased Spouse

If you need a credit report of a die spouse, then you ’ re going to have to go directly to the credit chest of drawers to get it. According to Rod Griffin, Director of Public Education at Experian, “ You can request a imitate of your die spouse ’ mho credit history by mailing a letter stating you are the die ’ randomness spouse and that you are requesting a copy of his or her credit report. ” You will need to provide the adopt documentation :
For the deceased:
– Name ( First, Middle, survive, Generation ( Jr., Sr. ) )
– Mailing address at prison term of death
– Social Security number
– Date of parturition
– Previous addresses for the prior two years
– Copy of the death certificate
For the living spouse:
– Your name ( First, Middle, death, Generation ( Jr., Sr. ) )
– Address the report should be mailed to
– Copy of software documentation verify you are the spouse
If you are not the spouse but are the executor of the estate you will
motivation to send a imitate of legal documentation naming you as the executor
( signed and sealed from the court ).

Mail your request to:
PO Box 2002
Allen, TX 75013
intelligibly, this is going to be much less prevailing than requesting a credit report for a living spouse or a roommate, but I did get several questions this past year from consumers wanting to know how to get their deceased spouse ’ s credit reports. But, it wasn ’ thymine about a common as people wanting help getting their boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé ’ s credit reports. That took the cake… by a long snapshot .
John Ulzheimer is the President of Consumer Education at, the credit blogger for, and a subscriber for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. He is an expert on credit report, credit grade and identity larceny. once of FICO, Equifax and, John is the lone recognized credit expert who actually comes from the credit industry. The opinions expressed in his articles are his and not of or Intuit. Follow John on Twitter

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