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As your income and expenses grow, you may find that the spend limit on your accredit card or cards fair isn ’ t adequate to meet your needs. One solution is to ask your card issuer for a credit limit increase. But like most credit poster features, a specify boost comes with some downsides. here ‘s how to sort out the pros and the cons.


A larger recognition line can grant you more flexibility with your finances, and it might fair help your credit score, excessively. More spending power : possibly you ’ d like to pay most of your bills on one wag, but your current limit can ’ thymine support it. possibly you ’ re trying to make a bombastic buy but are being blocked by your spend ceiling. Extending your citation specify means more world power to use your card to pay for goods and services and to reap rewards such as cash back.

Lower credit use ratio : More often than not, a higher credit specify means a lower credit utilization proportion, and that can improve your credit score. The credit-scoring firm Fair Isaac Corp., known as FICO, evaluates your overall credit use two ways :

  • Per-card use : ( sum owed on an individual tease ) ÷ ( citation line available on that tease )
  • aggregate use : ( sum of owed amounts on cards ) ÷ ( summarize of all credit lines )

FICO looks at both numbers as function of the “ amounts owed ” component of its score, which makes up 30 % of your overall score. If you maintain the amount of credit rating in use and expand the total of credit available with a wrinkle increase, your accredit use will go down and your score will typically go up.


More credit is not always better. Consider these likely disadvantages to asking for a credit lineage increase : Hard inquiry on your credit report : Before credit card issuers can decide on a note of accredit increase, they much “ pluck ” and evaluate the applicant ’ mho existing credit. Credit inquiries can either hurt your credit ( hard extract ) or leave it unaffected ( soft rend ). Hard pulls typically happen when person applies for a lend, a credit circuit board or a credit rating line increase. Too many of these inquiries strung together in a short time period can cause a impermanent credit score decrease. If you suspect you ’ ve recently had a intemperate pull of your credit, you may want to wait before asking for a recognition tune increase. Credit issuers don ’ metric ton always pull your credit when considering a line increase request, so call your issuer to find out whether it does.

It could lead to more debt : Getting approved for a larger credit rating line does mean more spend power, but it could besides mean getting deeper into debt. If you have the ability to spend more, you good might spend more than you can afford to pay off, thus racking up pastime charges. This is where self-control and organization are key. Creating and adhering to a budget is a great way to control credit rating card spending while evaluating monthly expenditures overall. A wise rule of hitchhike is to never spend more than you can pay off that calendar month. not paying on time can lead to late fees and potentially ding your credit score in the process. As with most fiscal decisions, if you ‘re thinking about asking for a accredit line increase, it ‘s significant to weigh the costs against the rewards. If have effective credit and you ‘re a responsible spender, extending your credit restrict should n’t be a trouble and it might even be beneficial to your finances .

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