How to Get a Copy of Past W2s for Free

You may need copies of some of your past W-2s ( “ Wage and Tax Statement ” ) to verify your income for numerous reasons, such as qualifying for a mortgage, applying for a loanword or requesting student fiscal aid. If you can ’ thyroxine find some of your past W-2s attached to the tax returns in your files, you can get release copies without having to pay for them. You may have to perform an on-line search, or you may find the answer merely around the corner at your seat of employment or in your tax preparer ’ second agency.

Contact Your Employer

Regardless of whether you distillery work for the employer who issued your W-2, you can contact the party ( if it ’ s hush in commercial enterprise ) and ask for a extra copy. Although employers are required to keep W-2s for only four years, you may not need a W-2 that ’ s older than that. And even if you do, your employer may have kept them. It ’ mho worth a phone call to see if your employer has what you need, and if they will provide a copy at no charge. note : Some companies set up portals for their employees to be able to access and photographic print authoritative documents, such as paystubs and W2s. If you do n’t already have an report set up, you ‘ll need to create one. The company ‘s payroll department can help you with that.

Call Your Tax Preparer

If you paid a tax preparer to file your tax return, that ’ s another easy earphone call away to see if they ’ ll give you a copy of a by W-2 for unblock. If you equitable need a replicate of your W-2 and not a copy of your dispatch tax return, be sure to communicate this to your tax preparer. Although they may charge you for a copy of your entire tax refund, they may not charge just for a copy of your W-2, because the replicate and paper cost is minimal.

Visit the IRS Online

To get an actual photocopy of a anterior W-2 from the IRS, you ’ ll have had to submit a newspaper tax retort. Photocopy requests besides require a ​ $43 ​ fee for march, which is waived if you ‘re a victim of a federally declared disaster. If you filed your tax recurrence electronically, you can get a free transcript of your W-2. Although a transcript is not a photocopy, it includes all the data that was on your master W-2 class. You can get a transcript up to ​ 10 years ​ after you filed a tax tax return. Visit and search for “ Get Transcript Online. ” If you want to view and download your W-2 using this feature, you ’ ll have to go through an on-line registration and confirmation march. If you are unable to register, or if you don ’ triiodothyronine want to register on-line, download IRS Form 4506-T, “ Request for Transcript of Tax Return, ” and mail your transcript request, or call the IRS at ​ 800-908-9946 ​. You ’ ll receive your transcript within 10 days after the IRS receives your request.

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Check with the SSA

If the reason you need a past-year W-2 mannequin is because of a Social Security issue, the SSA will provide a imitate of your W-2 at no charge. All other requests carry a fee of ​ $90 ​. Visit and search for “ get W-2 ” or call your local anesthetic SSA agency to request your copy.

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