8 Ways to Get Money to Start a Small Business

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8 Ways to Get Money to Start a Small Business

8 Ways to Get Money to Start a Small Business
Thousands of Americans dream of starting a little business. In fact, 234,000 businesses started in the second quarter of 2015, according to the most recent data from the Small Business Administration ( SBA ) .
There ’ mho one common factor all these businesses needed to start up : money. Raising enough funds is critical to get a little business off the land and pave the way for longevity and future success.

In this article, we ’ ll cover the follow means to get money to start a small business :

1. Savings

Most startup founders use their personal savings to fund their businesses, according to Forbes .
That said, don ’ metric ton drain your bank report to raise funds for your clientele. Entrepreneurs should set away enough live expenses ( for for rip and groceries, for example ) to stopping point them for a year. This is because many startups aren ’ triiodothyronine profitable for months after opening .
Smaller, service-based businesses can probably get away with three to six months of operate expenses, according to FreshBooks .
The SBA has a count of tips for saving up to start your small business, including :

  • Decrease credit card debt. Call your bank to request a lower interest rate.
  • Set up an automatic deduction to your savings account.
  • Get rid of any services you don’t use like gym or car-sharing memberships.
  • Set up a budget using a service like You Need a Budget.
  • Buy used. This includes your car and any other purchases. Look for Facebook groups in your area focused on trading or selling used items.

2. Personal Loans

This tactic involves borrowing money from family and friends. To avoid hurt feelings, put the terms of the personal lend in write. Be pass about how much you need, what the interest rate is and when it ’ ll be repaid .

3. Credit Cards

You can either use your personal credit calling card or open a business credit card .
even if this option is capable to you, don ’ thyroxine choose it lightly. Credit cards frequently have high interest rates that increase your symmetry monthly. You could end up with a debt balance much higher than you planned for, which could cripple your fresh business .
still confident citation cards are the best route for you ? Make certain you ’ re using a card with the lowest sake rate possible and excellent repayment terms. Research Credit.com to find the right menu for your business .

4. Bank Loans

unfortunately, a modest business bank lend is not guaranteed. Banks want airtight businesses plans and excellent accredit scores before they ’ ll see approving a small business lend .
They may besides want you to invest your own money in the business to prove you ’ re very committed to making your company workplace .
You can go with your personal bank since they ’ ll already be familiar with your banking history. Or choose a savings bank that ’ s historically known for lend to humble businesses. To improve your chances of getting a loanword, choose an SBA-guaranteed lender .

5. Venture Capital and Angel Investors

Venture capital and angel invest is well suited to high-growth companies or companies that are already profitable with adept cash flow. still, each investor has his or her own specialization in terms of region, diligence and company age .
In any case, you ’ ll need a singular idea and a solid business plan to attract their investment. The SBA can help match you to potential private investors through their SBIC plan. Investments are typically made over a three year period .
SBIC investments comes in three forms :

  1. Loans. SBIC loans range from $250,000 to $10 million, which must be paid back (with interest). Interest rates are 9 to 16 percent.
  2. Equity. SBIC will give you money for your business for a share of ownership (and control). Investments range from $100,000 to $5 million.
  3. Loan and Equity. A combination of the first two options. Loans come with interest rates of 10 to 14 percent and investments are $250,000 to $10 million.

6. Government Programs

government grants can require some research to find the right one for you. thankfully, the SBA has offices all over the United States that can coach you on available grants, plus provide occupation consult and discipline. Grants.gov besides has information on over 1,000 federal allow programs .
There are besides little occupation grants available to entrepreneurs facing unique barriers. For example :

7. Corporate Programs

blue-ribbon corporations offer programs that support little businesses, including low-interest finance. For example, Goldman Sachs has a plan that gives low-cost loans to businesses who might not qualify at traditional credit sources .

8. Crowdfunding and Crowdlending

Crowdfunding normally involves asking big groups of people for funds on dedicate crowdfunding websites. They normally receive a endowment or the intersection you ’ rhenium developing in rejoinder for their investment. Crowdlending functions much the lapp way except that your funders expect you to pay them back .
Here are some options:

  • Kickstarter: the most popular choice. You add project details, your funding goal and deadline. You can then email family and friends with your page link. Payments to you are made via credit card. If you reach your goal, Kickstarter takes 5 percent and Amazon (Kickstarter’s credit card partner) takes 3 to 5 percent.
  • Indiegogo: an alternative to Kickstarter.
  • AngelList: matches you angel investors.
  • Kiva Zip: ask for small loans with zero-percent interest.
  • Accion: loans usually have an 11 to 16 percent interest rate, plus additional costs.

People also ask:

How Can I Start My Own Business with No Money?

To start a business with no money or very little startup costs, consider these options :

Service-Based Business

Starting a service-based commercial enterprise that ’ sulfur run primarily over the internet is bum to start up. creative services like graphic design, software or app development or copywriting just require a computer and are basically free to start up. other ideas include photography, seaworthiness coach and house clean, though you ’ ll need equipment .


This hot business idea means that you sell products that are made, store and shipped by a third base party such as Alibaba. You can set up your own low-cost on-line store using sites like Shopify. You then curate the products sold and focus on marketing and excellent customers military service to make your denounce stand out .

You use products from third base parties and customize them with singular slogans or art. T-shirts, mugs, carryall bags, cell call cases and hats are good some of the items you can customize. not a interior designer ? Hire one for brassy on sites like Fiverr .


It ’ south simple and free to publish your own eBook or mark book using services like Amazon and Draft2Digital. You can hire people to format your script or design covers on Fiverr and tied hire ghostwriters on Freelancer.com .

Digital Products

design courses or templates or produce music or graphics that can be downloaded. You can sell digital products on Shopify, american samoa well .

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Business?

It costs about $ 3000 ( or less ) to start a small business, according to the SBA. These businesses are normally home-based, run by one owner and have few inauguration costs .
Home-based franchises price between $ 1000 to $ 5000 to start, though retail franchises may cost a set more .
entrepreneur has a start costs calculator to help you estimate your personal startup costs.

How Do I Qualify for a Business Loan?

To qualify for a business loanword, Forbes recommends a small business owner needs :

  • Good credit score. Get your credit score and then follow these steps if you need to improve it.
  • Enough cash to cover outstanding loans. Your existing cash must cover not only debts and loans you already have but the new loan as well.
  • Strong assets.You’re more likely to qualify for a business loan if you have enough assets (such as cash and accounts receivable—or money owed by your clients) to cover the loan should you default.
  • Several years in business. This isn’t a given, though. There are funding sources that cater to new businesses.
  • Correct financial statements. Lenders may prefer accountant-reviewed financial statements. You’ll need a complete and correct balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

How Can I Get a Small Business Loan without Collateral?

Loans backed by the SBA typically don ’ t need collateral ( i.e. property or assets like cash ). The SBA guarantees these loans rather indeed even startups can access fund. Use this SBA tool to find lenders for your specific occupation .
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