How To Invest in Private Companies

Investing in a public company is easy. All you have to do is buy shares on the breed market to get a slice of ownership in the business. There are thousands of public companies in the US, but there are besides many individual companies .

It ’ mho much harder to invest in individual companies. many of these options are limited to gamey internet worth investors and people who have connections. however, there are some options for everyday people who want to invest in private companies .

How To Invest in private Companies in 4 Steps

To start investing in private companies, follow these steps .

  1. Determine your investment strategy
    Think about why you want to invest in secret companies and what your goals are. Are you looking for businesses that will appreciate in value or do you want to produce income from your portfolio ? Are you a long-run or short-run investor ?
    The answers to the questions will guide you as you look for investment opportunities .

  2. Decide on how you will invest
    One of the most basic ways to invest in a private company is to get to know the company ’ south founders and owners and offer to invest in the clientele in exchange for an ownership stake .
    To invest in a secret company that has grown beyond the very little business stagecoach, you need to be an accredit investor. To qualify, you must meet one of these requirements :

    • Be a single person with an income of at least $200,000 in each of the past two years
    • Be a married couple with an income of at least $300,000 in each of the past two years
    • Have a net worth, excluding the value of your primary home, of at least $1 million
    • Hold a Series 7, 65, or 82 license

    According to the SEC, only 13 % of U.S. households meet the criteria for accredit investors making an investment in private businesses available to just a modest group.
    Although changes to other SEC rules in holocene years made it easier for anyone to start investing in private businesses through crowdfunding platforms like EquityZen or SeedInvest that let you buy modest stakes in individual businesses.

  3. Start investing
    If you ’ ra investing directly in a occupation, you ’ ll need to put together a contract detailing the terms of the transaction, then exchange money for the shares. In encase it ‘s a individual placement, you may receive a private placement memo from the company detailing facts about business and risks, and besides sign a subscription agreement for your investment .
    If you ’ rhenium working through a crowdfunding web site, all you have to do is open an report, deposition money, and choose which opportunities to invest in.

  4. Have an exit strategy
    When investing, it ’ mho significant to know what your exit scheme is. Do you plan to hold the shares until they reach a certain price or for a sealed length of clock ? Make indisputable you have a plan and know how you can sell your investment when the time comes.

What You Need To Know Before You Invest in Private Companies

Investing in private companies is very different from investing in public ones. For example, there are different regulations regarding the information populace businesses have to plowshare so it can be harder to evaluate private companies than public ones .

The grocery store for private companies is besides much less liquid. It can be harder to sell shares once you ’ ve bought them because there are far fewer people who want to buy stock in private businesses. In cosmopolitan, novice and even intermediate investors should think twice ahead investing in private companies .

Understand the Risks of Investing in Private Companies

Investing in private companies can be highly hazardous. If you ’ re bribe shares in new companies, you should know that only 50 % of new small businesses last five years. There ’ sulfur a big chance that you could lose all of your investing .

besides, keep in mind that it can be much harder to sell shares in private businesses. If you need money quickly in an hand brake, it ’ s much easier to sell stocks in public companies. You should consider any money invested in a individual business as locked away for the hanker term .

Pros and Cons of Investing in Private Companies


  • high electric potential returns
  • strange asset class can be helpful for diversification


  • difficult to qualify
  • Higher risk
  • Less transparency
  • Less fluidity

Pros Explained

  • High potential returns: Investing in a company before it goes public can earn you huge returns if the business succeeds. You’ll have the chance to buy in when the business is small and shares are cheaper.
  • Unusual asset class can be helpful for diversification: A diversified portfolio can help reduce risk. Private equity is a unique asset class that can add additional diversification to your portfolio.

Cons Explained

  • Difficult to qualify: To invest directly in a private business, you typically need to be an accredited investor, which means having a large income or a high net worth.
  • Higher risk: 50% of small businesses fail within their first five years, which means investing in private companies can be riskier than investing in a larger, established firm.
  • Less transparency: Unlike public companies, privately held companies do not face stringent business or financial disclosure requirements from regulators.
  • Less liquidity: Fewer people want to buy shares in private businesses, which means it can be hard to sell your investment until the company goes public.

How To Start Investing in Private Companies

If you want to invest in secret companies, the easiest way for the modal investor to do sol is through a crowdfunding platform like EquityZen or SeedInvest .

Open an report

To get started, you ’ ll have to choose a crowdfunding platform to use. Each has pros and cons .

For case, EquityZen helps investors buy shares in private businesses and besides assists with selling those shares if you want to, flush if the company hasn ’ t gone public. It besides offers managed funds that let you invest in a diversify portfolio of private businesses .

On the other hand, SeedInvest offers automatic investing services, letting you build your portfolio over time. You barely need $ 1,000 to start .

Another agent that will influence your choice is which platform the companies you want to invest in choose. Each platform will have different opportunities available .

Decide Which Private Company To Buy

once you ’ ve opened an history, you have to choose the business to invest in. You can invest in multiple private companies, but most people will want to limit their private business investments to a humble dowry of their portfolio due to the risks and miss of fluidity involved .

Make Your first transaction

When you ’ re fix to invest, most crowdfunding platforms make it slowly to do. Choose the occupation to invest in and how much you want to invest. The chopine will take the fund from your bank and you ’ ll get shares in render .

What To Watch Out for After You Invest in Private Companies

Investing in private companies is a long-run enterprise. Most people who buy shares in private businesses do so with the hope that the company will finally go public. If a business goes through an IPO, you can well sell your shares on the stock market. Ideally, going public means that the business is doing well and that its stock price will be higher than it was when you bought shares .

Don ’ thymine forget that selling your shares will result in a capital gain or loss, which could mean paying taxes. While you wait for the company to go populace, keep an center on its performance, but try not to stress yourself out by tracking the company on a daily basis .

Should I Invest in Private Companies ?

For everyday investors, buying shares in private companies isn ’ thyroxine in truth necessary. You can do quite well with simple strategies that involve less gamble, such as investing in index funds .

however, that doesn ’ thymine beggarly that buying shares in private companies is rigorously a bad theme. You could earn a commodity profit and many people find the process fun, specially if they have an pastime in finance .

If you decide to invest in private businesses, make indisputable to take it seriously and evaluate your opportunities cautiously. besides, limit your private investments to a modest helping of your portfolio .

frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

How can beginners invest in private companies?

The easiest means for a novice to invest in secret companies is through a crowdfunding web site. These sites vet secret businesses and make it slowly to buy shares. All you have to do is choose the companies to invest in and provide the money .

Do I need a lot of money to invest in private companies?

If you use a crowdfunding web site, you do not need a huge sum of money to invest in a private occupation. Each web site will set its own minimum investing, but they are typically reasonable. For model, SeedInvest requires just $ 1,000 to start on its automatic pistol invest design .

What is the best way to invest in private companies?

For everyday investors, the best way to invest in secret companies is likely through a crowdfunding site. These sites handle many difficult parts of the procedure and veteran opportunities before making them available to investors. This streamlined work makes investing in private companies a lot easier .
The Balance does not provide tax, investment, or fiscal services and advice. The information is being presented without circumstance of the investment objectives, hazard tolerance, or fiscal circumstances of any specific investor and might not be suitable for all investors. past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of star.

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