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You can sell clothes online through many sites ; which one is right field for you depends on what you have and how you want those pieces to be sold. Is your stuff by and large from H & M or Louis Vuitton ? Do you want to send your clothes aside and let person else manage with them, or market your stuff and set the price ? Whatever your site, the tilt below can help you learn where to sell clothes online. ( Or skip the tilt to learn how to sell clothes online. )

Where to sell clothes online

1. ThredUP.com

Types of clothes you can sell : everyday gear. feat needed : Minimal ( you send stuff ; the locate gives you money ). ThredUP accepts many brands of women ‘s and children ’ second dress. In fact, the site has made a name for itself as a secondhand children ’ second clothe swapper, with a dedicate department for kids. think of thredUP like a local consignment shop that simply buys your clothes. The follow information is from thredUP.com, which includes detail information in its FAQ page. first, choose from two unblock ways to send in your clothes. Print out an e-mail ship label, which you can attach to a corner. Or request to have a labeled bag send to you, which may take up to two weeks to be delivered. Whether you use your own box or thredUP ’ s pocket, you ’ ll fill it up and ship it back via FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service. note that thredUP has high quality standards. Clothes must be newly laundered and newfangled or like new, with no damage, signs of wear or alterations. For clothes that are accepted and listed for sale, thredUP will pay you a percentage of the final deal price. That share is more for pricier items. For example, you ’ ll earn 60 % to 80 % for clothes that sell for $ 100 to $ 199.99, but only 5 % to 15 % for those that sell for $ 5 to $ 19.99. Clothes that aren ’ thymine listed are sent to the site ’ second third-party partners and recycled. You can besides opt in to thredUP ’ south “ Return Assurance ” service to have unaccepted items returned to you for a tip of $ 10.99, which is deducted from your earnings. You must choose this service when you inaugural send in your clothes. If you opted in to Return Assurance and all your items were listed, you won ’ t be charged a tip. And if you have Return Assurance and none of your items were listed, all your items will be returned, and you won ’ thyroxine be charged a tip.

2. Poshmark.com

Types of clothes you can sell : casual gear. feat needed : hands-on ( you provide photos, set prices and handle transport ). Through the Poshmark app and web site, you can post all kinds of invest and accessories for sale, including women ’ randomness, men ’ randomness and children ’ mho items that are clean and jerk and in good condition. Unlike thredUP sales, you take the jumper cable on listing each of your items — although Poshmark ’ s web site gives enough of steering. According to Poshmark.com, you start by uploading flattering photos of your item. then set the token ’ second price, add a detail, accurate description and share. When you make a sale, Poshmark emails you a USPS priority shipping label, but box is up to you. Poshmark takes $ 2.95 on sales under $ 15 and 20 % of the number price for transactions of $ 15 or more. After the buyer receives the detail, you get your share within three days. The app besides hosts “ Posh Parties ” a few times per day. During these events, you can submit items that fit into the indicate theme so motivate buyers can find them. Brands, particular occasions and departments, such as men ’ randomness or motherliness, are coarse focuses.

3. TheRealReal.com

Types of clothes you can sell : Designer items for women, men and kids. effort needed : Minimal ( you send stuff ; the web site gives you money ). If you have designer items in your closet — think Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton gear that may go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars — The RealReal may help you sell them. According to its web site, you first print out a dislodge, postpaid embark label to attach to your software of goods. Or, depending on where you live, you may be able to drop off your items at one of The RealReal ’ south locations or even schedule a tone arm. The RealReal sets prices for your items based on commercialize trends, an detail ’ s condition and other factors. Unlike early on-line consignment stores, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate receive paid per clothing item. alternatively, you ’ ll receive a commission for everything sold over a calendar calendar month, starting at 55 % for sales of $ 1,500 or less. For exemplar, if in a given calendar month one blouse and two pairs of shoes sell for $ 300 sum, you ’ five hundred get paid 55 %, or $ 165. Payout is on the 15th of the following month. You can get cash by control or directly deposit. You could besides opt for web site accredit, which ups your commission rate by 5 %. ( note that for certain nonclothing items, such as high-valued handbags, watches and sneakers, you may be able to choose to get paid a certain percentage within two weeks, before they sell. )

4. Grailed.com

Types of clothes you can sell : Menswear. effort needed : hands-on ( you provide photos, set prices and handle embark ). Grailed is about marketing your own invest, shoes and accessories. According to its informative web site, those items can range from luxury designers to streetwear to mass-market brands and even vintage dress. You take pictures, describe each nibble and set the price — although buyers have the ability to haggle. once an detail sells, you can print a USPS transportation label and send it off. After the buyer receives the box, you ’ ll be paid by PayPal, subtraction fees. Grailed takes a 9 % commission on all sales, plus criterion PayPal fees.

5. Tradesy.com

Types of clothes you can sell : Designer items for women. campaign needed : hands-on ( you provide photos, set prices and handle ship ). Tradesy is a resale marketplace that looks like a traditional on-line retailer. According to the detail instructions on Tradesy.com, you ‘re responsible for taking photos of items, though the web site will help improve the choice of the main display prototype. You besides provide a detail description and set the monetary value. When creating a listing, you besides choose a ship method acting. You could have Tradesy mail you a “ Shipping Kit, ” which includes a prepay USPS label ; print a postpaid label that you attach to your own package ; or handle shipping on your own and stable gear that estimated expense onto the price of your detail. As for fees, Tradesy takes $ 7.50 on every transaction under $ 50 and a 19.8 % commission for all other purchases. Like many other resellers, you can redeem your earnings for cash or shop credit. A 2.9 % tip is applied to PayPal, debit batting order or checking-account transfers. If you take store credit, you forgo this charge.

6. Swap.com

Types of clothes you can sell : everyday gear. campaign needed : Minimal ( you send thrust ; the web site gives you money ). This site consign clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. Swap.com ’ s web site states that these items must be clean, without excessive wear and have an original measure of at least $ 5. Selling on Swap.com is a relatively hands-off feel. Like thredUP, Swap.com works kind of like an on-line consignment store. You send in a box of stuff, Swap.com prices it, and you get a cut of the profit. While selling on Swap.com may be convenient, its fees and slightly indecipherable web site may put off some sellers. It ’ second besides the only locate on our list that charges for inbound shipping : $ 14.99 for a label to send in your box. You besides incur a $ 5 fee if 40 % to 50 % of your box doesn ’ thyroxine pas muster, and you pay $ 10 if the web site doesn ’ metric ton accept over 50 %. You ’ re paid commission, after fees are deducted. For items that Swap.com lists at $ 8 and under, you earn 15 % in cash ; for items listed for more than $ 8, you earn 70 % in cash but must besides pay a action fee. You must make at least $ 10 before being paid in cash, either by deposit to a bank report or mailed check. In stead of cash, you could earn more in credit toward purchases.

Other ways to sell clothes online

vicinity sites. If you ’ d rather sell clothes to people down the stuff and invalidate dealing with ship, try listing locally through sites and apps such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor and VarageSale. note that these sites don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate operate on like consignment stores. You post your own listings and oeuvre directly with the buyer. Broader websites. You can besides explore wider-ranging websites where you can list just about anything for sale. Try making money on Etsy or selling on eBay. Both sites allow sellers to list clothing, shoes, accessories and other items.

How to sell clothes online

Before using one of the sites above, read these tips to help you get the most money for your goods.

Freshen up your merchandise

Wash or dry-clean your items before putting them on the marketplace. polish hardware on shoes and handbags and buff away any scuff marks. besides, cautiously box items so they ’ ra less probably to get wrinkled or damaged in transit.

Take clear photos

On sites that require you to post your own photograph, bright, pass pictures will help your items stand out in a ocean of dimly-lit iPhone snapshots. Place your dress on a apartment, plain surface and angle a few lamps at it to reduce shadows, recommends Phil Azzi, who started an on-line memory to sell bracelets, scarves and early accessories. Don ’ thyroxine have a plain surface ? A solid-colored bedspread or blanket will work in a pinch.

Write an honest description

Tell prospective buyers everything they need to know about the item you ’ re deal. Give basic details on size, sword and condition, a well as more nuanced details. Does a pair of jeans sit first gear on the hips ? Is the fabric heavy or stretchy ? List those details in your merchandise description.

Well-loved items likely have a scuff or cancel. Presenting any defects upfront will preserve your reputation and seller rating, which are everything in some commitment circles.

Price clothes to sell

A little competitive research will help you find the gratifying point — not excessively high, not excessively gloomy — when pricing your trade, according to Karis Renee, who has sold clothes, jewelry and accessories on Poshmark for several years. If your merchandise doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate move, hear dropping the price. not quick to mark down your item ? Revamp your photograph and description .

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