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There are a kind of ways to deposit a check onto your prepay menu, ranging from depositing your check in person to scanning the check using a mobile app. You can even bypass checks altogether and get the check writer to put the cash immediately onto your wag. Which method acting is best depends on the capabilities of your wag issuer .

Man using a ATM How Can I Deposit a Paper Check on a Prepaid Debit Card ?

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Direct Deposit Check

The easiest method acting way to deposit checks onto a prepay wag is to get rid of checks altogether ! Using a direct depository puts the cash directly onto your card and it ‘s particularly helpful for recurring payments such as tax refunds, paychecks and Social Security benefits. When you received your prepay card, the issuer probably sent you a conduct situate form disclosing your card ‘s routing number and account act. If you do n’t have this human body, contact your menu issuer. Once you know your poster ‘s route and report numbers, give them to the party you ‘re expecting a check from such as the IRS or your employer. You may have to complete the payer ‘s own aim depository imprint to complete the process. once done, the funds will be mechanically deposited onto you prepaid wag on the schedule requital date so you do n’t have to mess around with paper checks .
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Deposit Check Inside Branch

If your prepaid card was issued by a fiscal institution with ramify locations, you should be able to deposit your check in person. Simply take the control into the local outgrowth. You will be asked to sign the arrest, provide recognition and disclose the card account you wish the funds to be deposited into. At some banks, such as Chase Bank, you can even deposit your check onto your prepay menu using arm ATMs .

Scan and Load Checks

With some postpaid cards, you can deposit checks by scanning them with your mobile telephone. Call your card issuer and ask if they support a mobile app like Ingo Money. If thus, all you have to do is download the app onto your telephone from either Apple Store or Google Play, then take a picture of the front and back of the check you wish to deposit. Sign the back before taking any photograph. The bank will process the check mark in the usual means and release the funds when then the check is processed, which can range from minutes to days depending on your card issuer .

Bank-to-Bank Transfer

One way to speed up the sediment of a check is by having the funds transferred to your prepay account directly. Known as an ACH transfer, the person or business sending you money would provide its bank with the rout and bill numbers of your postpaid score where you want the funds to be deposited.


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