The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Rent-A-Car Accidents

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The lease car industry in the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry, with millions of lease cars in circulation. A major part of that market partake is controlled by Enterprise Holdings, which includes the brands Enterprise, Alamo, and National. Hertz is the second-largest car rental ship’s company in the United States, besides operating the brands Dollar and Thrifty. Third space is Avis .
These, and many other car rental companies throughout the country, rend vehicles to people in many different situations, including travelers and those whose cars have been damaged or stolen .
ultimate guide to rental car accidents

Rental Car Accidents

rental cable car accidents happen more often than you might think. And, like any other car accident, you will want to consult with an experience car accident lawyer.

One cause for this is that lease car drivers are unfamiliar with the car. even if the rental car is the lapp make and model as the one you are used to driving ( and often it is not ), the catalyst and the brakes, the turning radius, and the control condition panel may all have subtle differences .
additionally, if you are renting a car on vacation, you may be on newly and unfamiliar roads, and may besides be tired. Combined with all the regular dangers of drive, including poor road conditions, careless drivers, and distractions, increases the gamble of having an accident in a rental car .

You Are Responsible for Your Rental Car

If you rent a car, whether from Enterprise or another rental car company, you are contractually obligated to return the car in the same condition in which you rented it.
If you fail to maintain the lease car in the discipline in which you received it, you will be billed for any damages. This can be expensive ; even small scratches can cost hundreds of dollars .
therefore, it is authoritative to give the cable car a exhaustive examination before you leave the lot. Look all over the car and write down any damage you see, no topic how small. Enterprise will provide a imprint on which you can note all wrong, and you should do indeed adenine thoroughly as possible .
If possible, get a transcript of the price report before you get behind the wheel of the rental car, and take pictures of the vehicle, so no one can say you caused damage if you didn ’ t .

Rental Car Insurance

When it comes to accidents, Enterprise and other car rental agencies do offer several policy options for its customers. enterprise offers the trace options, which you can read about on the Enterprise Insurance Information page :

  • Personal Accident Insurance and Personal Effects Coverage, which cover medical bills, death costs, and personal effects;
  • Supplemental Liability Protection, which covers third-party liability claims;
  • Roadside Assistance Protection, which covers the costs of various roadside incidents which might require you to call a tow truck; and
  • A Damage Waiver, which (although technically not insurance) decreases liability for an accident.

Most other lease car companies provide the like types of insurance, offering a alike put of options. All these types of auxiliary insurance are optional, and you may choose to rent an enterprise car without purchasing any of these .
rental car indemnity international relations and security network ’ t constantly necessary, and many ( but not all ) customers may choose to forgo it completely without putting themselves at risk .
rental car accidents - rental counter

Other Insurance Policies that May Cover You

Why might you not need to buy Enterprise insurance ? It is possible you already have cable car insurance which will cover a rental car, and you don ’ metric ton even know it. Before renting a car, do some research into the keep up :

Your Own Insurance

Your own car indemnity policy may cover damage to rental cars. many policies do, but not all. Carefully read your own policy, or call your insurer to confirm whether it covers a rental car .
If it does, you ’ re in luck ; you can opt out of the rental company ’ second insurance .

Credit Card Insurance

What if your insurance doesn ’ t cover rental cars ? Check your credit tease policy. many recognition menu companies provide lease cable car policy coverage when you pay for the lease cable car with your accredit circuit board .
If your credit card policy covers the costs of the lease car, you can inactive opt out of the rental company ’ second indemnity

Limits and Stipulations on Credit Card Insurance

Although all the major accredit card companies ( including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover ) offer rental car policy, credit calling card coverage international relations and security network ’ t always perfect .
For one matter, you normally must use the citation menu in interrogate to pay the entire cost of renting the car if you want to be insured, and the credit wag must be under the driver ’ s name .
besides, in most cases the credit card coverage only applies if you do not buy any supplementary insurance. so, if you do purchase Enterprise policy and have an accident, your recognition card coverage will not apply.

besides, the credit menu ’ south policy may be incomplete. For exemplify, credit cards frequently cover only collision price to the lease car, but don ’ t cover indebtedness, so you might receive no coverage for any injuries or damages to early cars besides the rental .
many recognition cards lone provide junior-grade insurance coverage, which means they will only pick up the pill after your own car insurance company ’ randomness limits are extended .
Credit tease coverage besides frequently excludes luxury vehicles like Ferraris, or flush big rentals such as SUVs or pickup trucks .
Your rental car indemnity may not work in other countries, and the policy will not cover a rental for an stretch time period. ( The time limit varies, although no rental car indemnity lasts much longer than 30 days. ) And there are tied odder stipulations : for exemplify, in some cases the policy may not cover an accident if it occurs on a crap road .
ultimately, benefits may differ between personal and business credit cards. Business credit cards do sometimes have rental car insurance, but they frequently require that cars rented on a business batting order be used for business travel. different cards on the lapp caller and net may besides have different benefits .

Make Sure Your Coverage Is Right for You

rental car accident - agreement
Be certain to investigate your car indemnity and credit card coverage before you decide whether to purchase policy from Enterprise or other rental car companies. Be particularly careful to ensure you have liability coverage, because this is the kind of policy your policies are most probably to leave uncovered .
If rental vehicles are not covered by your personal indemnity or credit wag, the lease caller ’ s insurance is often the best choice. It may besides be necessity for those renting big trucks or other vehicles not typically covered by other policies .
besides, if you have a higher deductible than the lease company is offering, you may find it prudent to buy their insurance even if your personal or accredit menu policy does cover rentals .
There are many factors to consider, and the answer depends on your site, and how much risk you are volition to assume .

What to Do If You Are in a Rental Car Accident

If have a rental cable car accident, take the like steps you would take in any early car accident :

  • First, make sure you and your passengers are safe. Get over to the side of the road, if possible, and turn on your emergency blinkers. If possible, set up cones, warning triangles, or emergency flares behind your car, to let other drivers know there has been an accident.
  • If anyone is injured, call 911, even if the injuries don’t seem severe. Some accident injuries are more serious than they first seem; some injuries can have delayed symptoms. Don’t attempt to move any injured people, unless necessary to get them out of the way of traffic.
  • To avoid facing hit-and-run charges, stay at the scene of the accident, and call the police if there is significant property damage or injury. If it’s only a minor fender-bender and no one is injured, you may not need to call the police, but you will still need to file a report eventually, and a police report can help your case.
  • Take the name, contact information, and license and insurance information from the other driver of drivers, and get the contact info of the passengers and any witnesses you can find. It’s not legally required to get witnesses’ contact info, but they can help your case later.
  • Other than the formalities, try not to spend too much time talking to anyone; don’t get angry, but don’t apologize, either! This can be used against you later. You should also take pictures of the accident, if you have a phone on you, because these too can come in handy. If police respond to the accident, make sure to request a copy of the police report; TorkLaw will help you order a free copy.

You must besides inform the rental company that an accident took place in their cable car. There should be emergency count in an easy-to-access plaza in the cable car, or on your rental paperwork. Call the act, tell the example what happened, and ask them what you should do adjacent .
once you have left the fit of the accident, you will need to contact the indemnity company to inform them that an accident occurred. Since you are driving a rental car, this will be the insurance party which covered your rental, whether it be your unconstipated policy, credit card, or the lease company ’ second policy .
If you were at demerit, the charge to pay for the damages will rest on you and the indemnity coverage you have – another commodity reason to select your coverage carefully, and make sure you have liability included .
If the other driver was at fault, the matter will be treated like any other accident, and their policy will pay for the damages. typically, in these cases, the rental company will deal with the other party ’ mho indemnity. In some cases, however, they may charge you directly, which will transfer the load of dealing with the early party ’ randomness indemnity onto you. In these cases, it ’ sulfur good to have a lawyer to help you through the serve.

Keep detailed medical records and medical bills, to confirm the extent of your injuries so you can receive the proper amount of damages late. You should have an independent estimate of the property wrong costs, and you may besides have to fill out some extra paperwork with your state ’ mho department of motor vehicles .
If all this seems like an overpowering job given your accident injuries, or if the insurance company or rental car agency is challenging your claims, you should contact the experienced attorneys at TorkLaw. We will handle all the details, make medical appointments, and even advance you funds to cover your expenses .
We will besides ensure you receive carnival and adequate compensation for your rental car accident wound. even if you don ’ metric ton lease us, we can give you a professional opinion to help you make your decision. TorkLaw ’ randomness lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with rental car accident cases, and will provide your initial reference for exempt. And you won ’ triiodothyronine pay a fee unless we win your case. Call us today at 888.845.9696 .

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