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Venmo is becoming one of the larger requital processors across the world. As of 2020, the Venmo app reached 52 million active users and a entire payment volume of $ 159 billion. Those numbers are what is so great about new fiscal technical school applications and payment processors. With so many of these apps bringing appliance and travel rapidly to payments, people can get their money much faster than earlier fair using a bank. however, a bank account distillery feels like a requirement today. Venmo doesn ’ t have physical bank locations or ATMs to withdraw your money from. Plus. many conveniences employees like right now, such as direct depository of their paychecks, are normally done through a bank score sol, how are you supposed to receive the money that others send to you in Venmo to other fiscal institutions ? And many are wondering, “ How do I get money out of my Venmo report without a bank report ? ”

The answer lies in a serve that Venmo offers to all of their users : the Venmo debit card .

How to Get Money from Venmo Without Bank Account

A photo of a cell phone in the pocket of someone's jeans. On the cell screen is the Venmo app from the Google Play Store For most folks, the easiest means to get money from Venmo is with a connect bank account. many users will use one of the account verification methods in the Venmo app to give Venmo license to send and withdraw funds to a trust bill. With how easy Venmo makes it to send money back and forth between folks, it makes sense that this appliance extends to banks deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. however, not everyone has a trust account they can withdraw into. rather, you can use a Venmo debit poster to withdraw the funds out of your Venmo account .

What Is The Venmo Debit Card?

The Venmo debit card is a debit calling card linked to a specific Venmo report. once assigned to a Venmo account, the debit tease acts like a bank-issued debit card to process payments and custom in stores or on-line retailers .

Who Issues the Venmo Debit Card?

Venmo ’ s debit batting order comes from Bancorp Bank, a large bank established in 1999. In holocene years, their focus has been on fiscal technology and growing that sector of the fiscal populace. According to their Company page, Bancorp has issued over 100 million cards across their respective platforms. In addition to Bancorp, MasterCard besides helps back the Venmo debit card. MasterCard acts as the payment central processing unit for the debit tease, making it different than Bancorp who just issues the card. Payments you make through the Venmo debit calling card go through the MasterCard arrangement .

How to Get A Venmo Debit Card

You don ’ t have to have a Bancorp or MasterCard account to get the Venmo debit card. actually, all you need to get the debit card is an active Venmo account and no early Venmo debit cards associated with the history. To order the Venmo debit card, you first need to go into the Settings menu, represented by an icon of three horizontal lines. Inside the settings, there is an option for Debit Card Application. once you choose to start the application, you ’ ll be asked to offer some identify information. name, home address, and sociable security number will have to be given for the application. You besides have to include a copy of a government-issued I.D., such as a driver ’ south license or pass, to complete the application. After you finish the application, you ’ ll have to wait for 10 to 15 business days for the lotion to serve and your circuit board to arrive at your home. You won ’ t have to pay anything to apply for or to receive the card, so sit down rigorous and delay for your fresh calling card to arrive .

Using the Venmo Card at an ATM

Using a Venmo debit batting order at an ATM works much like any other ATM. You ’ ll need to make certain that the ATM accepts MasterCard debit cards first. once you ’ ra certain of that, you ’ ra well to go. Follow the on-screen prompts, including inputting your PIN and other data. once you finish up with that, you ’ ll choose how a lot cash to withdraw from your Venmo account and get your money and acknowledge.

If the ATM doesn ’ thymine warn you, you should be aware that there is a fee to withdraw from a Venmo account at an ATM. Most ATMs will charge a $ 2.50 fee to access the cash. If you alternatively want to withdraw at a bank or like initiation, the tip goes up to $ 3.00 .

Adding Money to Venmo Account With A Bank Account

A photo of a laptop, cell phone, and three one hundred dollar bills. The cell screen shows the Venmo app from the Apple store just like you can get money from Venmo without a depository financial institution account, you can add money to it adenine well. For some promote good newsworthiness : you won ’ t need a debit wag to do these options, either .

Direct Deposits

If you do get a debit calling card for your Venmo report, you can use that card to set up a direct situate with your employer. direct deposits require both a route and account count to send the money. thankfully, debit cards need both of these numbers to operate .

Check Deposits

You can deposit checks into a Venmo report, even if you don ’ t have a Venmo debit menu linked to the report. If you have done a mobile match deposit before, then the march will look familiar. To deposit a check into Venmo, you ’ ll want to go into the Manage Balance options to find the Cash A Check command. By tapping on that, you ’ ll be prompted to enter the come for the check. After signing the check and snapping a few photograph of the movement and back of the check, Venmo will start adding the check to your account .

Payments From Others 

The demand reason why Venmo came to be in the first gear stead, you can add money to your Venmo account when person sends you money. When person sends you money, you ’ ll receive a telling to your Venmo app. In the app, you can see the payment and the account that sent the money over to you. By choosing the Accept option, you ’ ll receive the payment into your account for you to use or withdraw late .


A zoomed in photo of a cell phone screen. The photo shows a blue icon, with a letter V, and the word Venmo Because the summons of how you get money from Venmo without a bank account can be confuse, here are some coarse questions out there for you to look at :

Can You Still Receive Money In Venmo Without A Bank Account?

Yes, you can distillery receive money into Venmo without a depository financial institution account. Some methods, such as direct deposit, require that you have a Venmo debit menu to receive the funds, though .

How Do I Turn My Venmo Money Into Cash?

If you have a Venmo debit card, you can use the batting order at any ATM that accepts MasterCard to cash out your Venmo balance. just be aware that using any ATM incurs a $ 2.50 tip to withdraw the cash .

Can I Get Cash from Venmo at Walmart?

In addition to using ATMs at Walmart that accept MasterCard, you can besides use Venmo as a requital choice at Walmart to pay for your purchases. By scanning the QR code at the register, you can send funds from Venmo to Walmart without using a bank account or a debit circuit board .


While it isn ’ t a perfect situation, you can get money from Venmo without a bank account. By using the Venmo debit calling card, you can receive cash from ATMs using the debit card for a fee. many places allow you to use Venmo as a payment option, though, making it easier than earlier to use your Venmo funds. Related: How to Transfer Money from Venmo To Apple Pay

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