How To Request a Vivid Seats Refund [Money Saving Hacks]

Livid With Vivid—How To Demand a Vivid Seats Refund

Vivid Seats is an mugwump on-line ticket marketplace based in Chicago, Illinois. It ’ s the third-largest ticket reseller in the U.S. and provides tickets for concerts, field, and sports events .
Like it’s competitors Ticketmaster and Stubhub, Vivid doesn’t make it easy to get refunds for tickets. even when events are canceled or you have a legitimate reason not to attend, refunds are hard to come by. To avoid the harass of arguing with Vivid Seats over compensation, use DoNotPay to get your money back .

What Is the Vivid Seats Refund Policy ?

Vivid Seats allows refunds under specific conditions. If the consequence organizer or performing artist cancels an event, you can request recompense for your ticket. You can choose between receiving a cash refund or the Rewards Cash commitment credit 10 % more than the total value of the club. The latter choice can be used to purchase other tickets through the service .
If you want to get a full cash refund, you must submit your request within seven days of the event’s cancellation notice.

Do Vivid Seats Offer Refunds for Postponed Events ?

No, Vivid Seats will not grant you a refund for postpone events. The venue organizers must explicitly cancel the event to make you eligible for recompense. The tickets you purchased remain valid for the postponed event. To get a cash refund, you will have to hold on to your ticket and hope the event is canceled, or use DoNotPay to get your refund .

How Do I Find out if the Event Is Canceled or Postponed ?

Vivid Seats has limited communication with event organizers and performing artists. In most cases, the company will send you a notice via e-mail after they confirm that an consequence has been canceled .
If you don’t receive a confirmation, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that the event date may have changed. To stay up-to-date on the event ’ s status, monitor the venue ’ s web site from time to meter. If the event is canceled and you don ’ thyroxine receive your refund, you should contact the Vivid Seats defend team .

Use DoNotPay To Get a Quick Vivid Ticket Refund

If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to bother with Vivid Seats and their rigid refund policies, you can constantly use DoNotPay as a shortcut. Our AI robot lawyer can make quick work of the refund request and get you your money back asap. To use DoNotPay, open it in your web browser. Follow these steps to get a Vivid Seats tag refund :

  1. sign in
  2. voyage toChargeback Instantly and urgeGet Protected
  3. Answer a few questions about the transaction and merchant
  4. Add your digital signature and confirm

DoNotPay will then fax the request to your bank, together with the Visa and Mastercard codes that could help you win your case. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think you were persistent adequate with your refund requests, DoNotPay can contact the merchant to confirm that they don ’ t wish to cooperate. It ’ mho going to give more credence to your chargeback claim .

How To Request a Vivid Seats Ticket Refund

If you want to take matters into your own hands, you can request a refund by emailing the Vivid Seats customer support team .

Can You Request a Refund Via Yes / No
DoNotPay Yes
Email Yes
Phone Call Yes
Letter No

Website No
In-Person No

Requesting a Vivid Tickets Refund via Email

If the event you paid for has been canceled but you still haven ’ thyroxine received a refund, you should contact the Vivid Seats customer support team via e-mail. To demand your refund, do the follow :

  1. Compose your refund request
  2. Include a digital copy of the tag
  3. Send it to patronize @

Requesting a Vivid Tickets Refund via Phone Call

You can besides contact Vivid Seats customer patronize by calling their call line. here ’ s how to ask for a refund :

  1. dial 833-228-5143
  2. request to speak to a Vivid Seats agent
  3. Explain your situation and why you wish to receive a refund

The agent will be able to grant you a refund if your scheduled event has been canceled. You can call the customer support line between 8 ante meridiem and 8 post meridiem any day of the week .

Issues That Can Come Up When Requesting a Vivid Tickets Refund

Vivid Seats doesn ’ t have a beneficial track record of giving refunds to their customers. They ’ ve been sued in a class-action lawsuit for refusing to provide compensation after delete events. The party has previously lied about events being postponed, even though they ’ ve been canceled .
If your request is denied by the tag reseller, you should file a complaint. DoNotPay can help you sue the company in small claims court. We ’ ll walk you through the work and let you know precisely what kind of paperwork you need to fill out and what you should say in court .

Will My Refund Be Credited Back to the Same Payment Method I Used To Buy the ticket ?

Yes, you will receive financial compensation in the same form that you used for the ticket purchase. Vivid Seats will normally offer to compensate you with a rewards voucher alternatively, which is worth slenderly more than what you paid for the slate, fees, and rescue charges. When an event is postponed, the company will lone offer the coupon choice .

When Can I Expect My Vivid Seats Refund ?

Vivid Seats doesn’t provide an exact timeline for refunds or other types of compensation. They claim that it depends on the event ’ second placement, organizers, and the number of refund requests that they get at any given moment. It can take some time before your request is processed, meaning you could be in for a farseeing wait .

DoNotPay Can Be Your little swiss Army App

Our handy automaton lawyer app can get you refunds when you need them, but it can besides do a set more. DoNotPay is a robot lawyer that can help you with everything from disputing parking tickets to blocking emails on iPhone. We provide users with legal aid needed to sue person for harassment and arrest cyberstalkers. Our app can even help you lower your bills.

If you want to sign up for free trials, but don ’ thyroxine want to go through the hassle of canceling them, we have another solution— release virtual credit cards. These cards allow you to sign up for any free service without using your actual credit card, and merchants can ’ metric ton tell the difference. Use them to avoid the abject practices that some companies use to draw in customers .
You can access DoNotPay from your web browser .
Wondering what else DoNotPay has up its sleeves ? hera are some tasks that we can simplify for our users :

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