Financial Aid Disbursement: How It Works

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Financial care expense is the payment of federal aid to the student ( or parent, in some cases ) at the begin of each semester. Your funds normally go straight to your fiscal help agency, which will apply the money toward your tutelage bill .
once the fiscal aid office has covered your tuition and fees, it will send any leftover funds to you within 14 days. That said, every school is different, so it ’ sulfur worth contacting your fiscal aid agency to learn about its specific policies .
What ’ s more, fiscal aid spending rules can vary depending on your year in school and the type of scholar care you receive. Let ’ s take a closer look at fiscal help spending for…

Student loans and grants

Any fiscal aid you ’ ve been awarded through a student loan or grant will automatically go toward your tuition, fees and room and control panel. once that amount has been applied, your school has up to 14 days to send any remaining funds directly to you ( or to your rear, if they ’ rhenium borrowing a direct PLUS loanword ) .
Your expense is typically split into at least two equal payments over the course of an academic year .
here are some details to be aware of :

30-day delay

If you are a freshman undergraduate adopt money for the first prison term, you could be looking at a delay of 30 days before the loan is disbursed. ( That ’ s 30 days from the foremost sidereal day of the term for which the fiscal help is awarded ) .
Check with your school ’ s fiscal care function to find out whether this 30-day delay applies .

Entrance counseling

First-time borrowers of Direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans are expected to go through capture rede before fiscal help expense .
The lapp is truthful for graduate and professional students who take out Direct PLUS loans for the first meter ; they must complete entrance rede, excessively .
You can typically complete entrance counseling on-line at in about 30 minutes .

Other disbursement requirements

To avoid any electric potential expense delays, make sure you do all of the follow equally soon as potential :

  • Register for the number of classes needed to meet the credit requirements to receive your student aid.
  • Resolve any issues with your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so your financial aid disbursement is timely.
  • Sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans.

If you ’ rhenium not sure whether you ’ ve met all of these requirements, contact your school ’ s fiscal care office .
When your loans are disbursed, you will get two notifications : One from the school letting you know your care has been disbursed and one from your loan servicer confirming the spending .


If there are any funds from allow or student loan disbursements left over once tuition, fees, and board and board are paid, the remaining poise, much called a credit balance, will be paid directly to you in the form of cash or check, or deposited into your bank explanation.

You can do one of two things with your refund :

  • Use it wisely to cover other college expenses, like books, supplies and transportation.
  • Return student loan money you don’t need for college expenses. By returning extra student loan money, you can minimize your student loan debt and reduce interest fees.

Parent PLUS loans

alike to loans for students, fiscal care awarded through parent PLUS loans must be mechanically applied to tutelage, fees, and room and board beginning. besides similar to student loans, disbursements of parent PLUS loans are typically split into at least two payments over the naturally of the academic year .
Any remaining balance is refunded to parent borrowers unless differently instructed. Parents can request that refunds be made directly to the scholar, alternatively .
Unlike student loans, parent PLUS loans do not require entrance guidance .
Unlike other forms of fiscal help that automatically go toward your college costs, the money you earn on your work-study job must be paid directly to you unless you request differently .
Expect to be paid by cash or check. If you prefer, you can ask the school to deposit your payments into your bank account. Either direction, you must be paid at least once a calendar month .
What paying you means, of course, is that you have complete see over how your work-study money is spent. If you would quite relieve yourself of this responsibility, you can ask your educate if they will put the money directly toward tutelage, fees, or room and circuit board alternatively .

Financial aid disbursement FAQ

How long does it take to receive my financial aid check?

Your help will typically be sent to your school to cover tuition and fees at the beginning of each semester. once that sum has been applied, your educate will send the leftover funds, called a credit libra, to you. Schools must send this credit balance to you immediately within 14 days, but you can contact your school ’ s fiscal aid function to find out its exact spending schedule .

How do I get my financial aid money in my bank account?

Speak with your school ’ s fiscal aid function about how it will send you your credit balance. If direct transfer into a trust account is potential, find out how to provide your bank account information in a procure way .

What if there’s a problem with a financial aid disbursement?

possibly the student help you received is the improper come, or possibly a payment hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate shown up at all. Whatever your publish with a scholar care spending, contact your school ’ s fiscal help office to see about resolving it .

How are private student loans disbursed?

like to union student loans, private scholar lend money is typically commit square to your educate around the beginning of the semester, which then applies it to tuition and fees. It will besides normally be sent on a semester basis, rather than all at once for the full year. Your school should then send any remaining amount to you. Since each private lender is different, though, it ’ randomness worth checking with yours to find out precisely how and when it will disburse your lend money .

How should I use my refund?

fiscal help is intended to go toward college expenses, indeed use it consequently. As mention, returning any leftover funds is a good way to reduce your debt and cut down on interest charges .
That said, you credibly need to use some of your scholar lend refund on textbooks or equipment and supplies such as a raw calculator. If you live off campus, possibly you need to use your refund for lease, utilities or groceries .
In other words, use your scholar loan expense for things you truly need or can ’ t cover with a half-time caper. To help you figure out what that is, get yourself a basic college budget.

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