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Earn points for every dollar you spend with a Citi credit card and then redeem for rewards. Our credit calling card reward points are here for you to enjoy in the places you spend it most : change of location, shop, food, or cash back for a showery day. It ’ mho bare. Spend money, earn points, and get rewards. When you redeem accredit wag points for rewards it ’ s up to you what you choose. Redeem rewards for sealed on-line purchases, cash rear, endowment cards, statement credits, travel and airfare, or even redeem your credit calling card rewards to make a charitable contribution. When you accumulate points on a Citi credit batting order that ’ second geared towards your spend habits, you can maximize the total of points you can earn to redeem for rewards. Citi rewards credit cards let you earn points on purchases for rewards. There are different cards that earn more points in a particular class sol find the credit card that ’ mho beneficial suited to your lifestyle.. Keep read to learn how to redeem your credit card reward points .

Redeem Your Reward Points to Shop Online

With Citi ‘s rewards redemptions, the more you shop, the more points you ’ ll earn to redeem for future spending with choice retailers. For exercise, with Citi ’ s ThankYou Points you can now put credit card points earned from that credit card towards your adjacent leverage with choice retailers. That illusion blender you ’ ve been eyeing ? nowadays you can redeem credit rating card reward points to pay for it. The television receiver upgrade you ’ ve been planning ? Use honor points to get it. The more you use your Citi accredit calling card to pay for everyday items, the more credit tease points you will accumulate. And the rewards add up so that you can redeem them to buy what you want !

Redeem Your Reward Points for Gift Cards

Redeem rewards points for your choice of giving cards from a variety show of popular department stores, marketplaces, restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and more. Gift cards give you the tractability to spend your redeemed points former at the retailer of your choose .

Use Points on Airfare and Hotels

Redeem your citation cards points for travel, including airfare and hotels. It ’ s crucial to first understand the basics of this type of rewards redemption because the price of travel can change depending on the temper. With premium credit cards, you can earn points fast so you can redeem your rewards points for your trip much preferably.

There are many options when you choose to redeem for locomotion rewards. Do you want to save your points for that deluxe vacation ? Or travel the earth more frequently, possibly barely not from first class ? Flexibility is key when redeeming credit wag points. Do your inquiry to make the most of your credit poster rewards redemptions .

Other Ways to Use Reward Points

Donate Your Reward Points to Charity

Citi is gallant to support charities with our ThankYou Rewards points. You can redeem points to make charitable contributions directly through our rewards redemptions platform. If you have unused credit tease points or points that would otherwise go towards something you don ’ t need, making a charitable contribution rather is a capital way to do good with your credit rating circuit board wages points. When you choose to donate by redeeming credit batting order reward points, it ’ s comfortable to give back ! We offer this rewards redemption option in specific denominations, so please note that there may be a point minimal for your charitable contribution.

Pay Down Your Balance

Redeeming points for rewards has its perks, but putting your credit wag honor points toward your current balance wheel is a quick and easy way to start enjoying your Citi points. Reduce your credit card balance wheel by redeeming citation card points for a affirmation credit of up to $ 250 at a time. Redeem rewards to get your affirmation accredit and enjoy not having to pay your credit card balance wholly out of pouch .

Pay Your Mortgage, Student Loan, or Bills

It ’ randomness true ! This one might be surprising, but at Citi our ThankYou® Points members can redeem credit calling card rewards points for a payment towards their scholar loan or mortgage, or send the points straight to online bill pay. It ’ south barely one easily way for you to make your credit calling card rewards influence for you. Learn more about this rewards option and how to use Citi points to pay off your loans .

Get Cash Rewards for Your Reward Points

Did you know that you can redeem wages points for cash rewards ? That ’ second right, you can redeem credit menu points for cash. Rewards redeemed for cash rewards make it easy for you to do what you want with your cash, like pay off pay monthly bills, deposit into an interest-accruing explanation, or save some excess cash for a special juncture.

Add Monthly Expenses to Your Rewards Card

Spreading your money across multiple credit cards means you are most likely not making the most of your credit card rewards. Every credit card typically has a different rewards system and conversion rate when deliver rewards, so you ’ ll accumulate points more slowly when you spend on multiple cards. If you use merely one or two credit cards, you can make the most of your accredit card rewards points by targeting the batting order with rewards that benefit your specific spend habits ( like accelerator, groceries, or recurring expenses ). When you do this, you ’ ll earn credit card rewards faster than if you spread out credit rating card points across multiple cards. Accrue and use reward points in ways which fit your life best .

Watch for Bonus Offers

When you use your Citi recognition tease and want to redeem points be sure to look out for bonus credit rating batting order reinforce offers. If you get points based on every dollar you spend, you could be earning more rewards points with special offers, and that means redeem rewards faster. You don ’ metric ton want to miss these bonus offers, so brand indisputable to check your citation card web site frequently. Whether you shop with your points at choice retailers, redeem rewards for cash second, or take advantage of any of the other ways to redeem your credit circuit board points, you will accumulate more points to be used for rewards when you take advantage of choice bonus offers — sometimes even doubling or tripling credit wag points !

Use Your Points Wisely

At the end of the day, knowing the redemption value of your points will help you get the most hit for your buck when you redeem your credit card rewards. Looking for a rewards credit card that ’ sulfur fair correct for you ? Start your search with Citi Credit Cards. When you know how to use wages points, you ’ ll gain and deliver rewards faster !

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