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If you ‘re using Apple Pay on your iPhone ( ) or Apple Watch ( ), you might wonder about the bantam black Apple Pay ellipse at the bottom of your Messages app. Or possibly a ally send you money with Apple Cash and you want to know what you can do with it. I ‘m going to walk you through setting up and using Apple Cash in your Apple Pay wallet to send, receive and request money vitamin a well as transfer cash into your bank explanation. With Apple Cash, Apple Pay and the Apple Card — besides known as Apple ‘s credit card — it can be confusing to know what each does and does n’t do. Apple Cash is tied to your Apple Pay and lets you make purchases in stores, apps and on the world wide web. You can besides transfer the money you have on Apple Cash to your bank account. It ‘s exchangeable to the room Venmo and the Cash app by Square works, except it ‘s tied to your Apple ID. You can send people money with Apple Cash and people can send you money, which is mechanically and securely kept on your Apple Cash tease. however, there ‘s not an actual physical card, barely a metaphorical one. If you want to follow along dance step by tone, check out the video above.

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Set up Apple Cash on your iPhone

Let ‘s start by setting up Apple Cash on your phone. Open the Wallet app on your telephone. If you already have Apple Pay set up you ‘ll see the black Apple Cash card. By the way, if you tilt and pan your phone, the biased circular practice on the card will change colors. There is no hardheaded function for this feature apart from being entertaining. 1. Tap the card, and then select Set Up Now. 2. On the next shield, exploit Continue. After a consequence, the Apple Cash is Set Up window will pop up. 3. Hit Continue. If you do n’t have a debit card on your earphone, you ‘ll be prompted to add one. If you choose to not add one, you can add it late but wo n’t be able to send money because you do n’t have any. If you do n’t have Apple Pay already set up take a look at CNET ‘s how to set up Apple Pay article to get started .

Sending Apple Cash 

1. To send cash, open up the Messages app and then go into a conversation or start a modern one. 2. Tap the Apple Pay button below the message field. If you do n’t see it tap the Apps picture to reveal it. 3. Next, tap the asset or minus buttons to add the measure you want to send. 4. then, if you want, add a message to go with the payment. 5. When you ‘re cook to send, tap the black circle with a white arrow .dscf1232 Patrick Holland/CNET By default option, any money you already have in Apple Cash will be used to make the requital first. otherwise, if you do n’t have any money, the debit card tied to your call will be charged .

Apple Cash on the Apple Watch

Apple Cash is n’t just limited to your call. You can besides use it on your Apple Watch. 1. In Messages, scroll down, then tap the Apple Pay release. 2. Turn the Digital Crown to add or subtract money. 3. then tap Pay.

Speak to Apple Pay

By the way, you can besides use Siri to pay person with Apple Cash. Simply trip Siri and say, “ Siri, Apple Pay 80 dollars to Eric Franklin. ”

Request Apple Cash from someone

You can besides use it to request money. For example, if you bought tickets to a movie for yourself and a friend, you can request the money they owe you. 1. From Messages tap the Apple Pay button. 2. Next, enter an sum and then tap Request. You do n’t have to, but it ‘s probably a good mind to add a message. 3. When you ‘re done hit Send .

Receive Apple Cash and transfer to bank

adjacent, comes the fun contribution : when person sends you money. When you receive apple Cash from person, it ‘s mechanically received and kept in Apple Cash by nonpayment. If you have your Apple Cash card setup you can use your balance to make purchases in apps, on-line and in stores. otherwise, you can transfer Apple Cash into your bank account .dscf1239-1 Patrick Holland/CNET 1. Open the Wallet app and tap on Apple Cash. 2. On the future screen, tap the black circle at the top of the screen. 3.  then locate and tap the Transfer to Bank button. 4. Enter the come you want to send and hit Next. 5. then choose 1-3 Business Days. If you do n’t have a trust account set up, follow the instructions on your screen to add one. 6. Next, you need to confirm with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. then, comes the worst part : expect for the money to transfer. If you have a Visa debit calling card tied to Apple Pay you can use instantaneous transfer to get the money into your bank account fast. After you tap Transfer to Bank, hit Instant Transfer. adjacent, select the Visa debit card you want to transfer money to and the bill information. Your funds should transfer within 30 minutes. You might be charged a 1 % tip to use instantaneous transfer .

Cancel an Apple Cash payment

There might be a clock when you need to cancel an Apple Cash payment. For model, if you sent person money who has n’t accepted, you might want to cancel it and pay them via a unlike method. 1. Open Messages and go to the payment or find the payment on the Latest Transactions screen underneath Apple Cash card in the Wallet app. 2. Tap the payment to see its details, then check the status field. 3. From there, tap Cancel Payment. The condition field should update to read Canceled. If you do n’t see the option to cancel, then the person has already accepted the requital. In which case you ‘ll need to ask the person to send money back to you.

Apple Cash is a in truth convenient albeit building complex arrangement. once you have the basics set up, you should be effective to go .

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