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Our web site is supported by our users. We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our web site Working with the world ’ s largest e-commerce pot doesn ’ t mean you need to give up the flexible schedule you want .
just like a rideshare driver, you can earn money from the ease of your cable car with your smartphone as your copilot .
Your opportunity to be your own boss, while getting paid by a trillion-dollar brand, starts when you apply for Amazon Flex.

Amazon didn ’ t become a massive, on-line market by opportunity .
In regulate to get there, it has recruited hundreds of thousands of employees over the years — angstrom well as many autonomous contractors on the Amazon Flex team .
As separate of this team, you can start making money while helping consumers get the authentic serve they need .
We ’ ll guidebook you through everything you need to know about becoming an Amazon Flex driver .

Benefits of Applying for Amazon Flex

The biggest benefit to applying for Amazon Flex will be conversant if you ’ ve worked in other gig-based jobs .
It ’ mho already in the list : tractability .

  • This isn’t an 8-5 job with a set schedule. Instead, it offers plenty of time off when you need it.
  • You have the opportunity to work when you want and for as long as you want.

You can besides make being an Amazon Flex delivery partner a half-time or full-time job if you want to put effort into it .

Make Your Own Hours

Becoming a delivery driver for Amazon Flex means you make your own hours and create your own schedule .
The flexibility makes it a great job opportunity for students who have to plan their prison term around classes or person who works another caper half-time .
Take as many or as few two, four, or six-hour delivery blocks depending on your sphere handiness as you want by claiming them through the Amazon Flex app either on the sidereal day or by reserving them in improvement .
Reserving them allows you to plan out your week to accommodate other valuable things in your life .

Good Pay

Amazon estimates that you ’ ll make between $ 18 and $ 25 per hour as a manner of speaking driver make deliveries for them .
Unlike other gig-based jobs, you don ’ t have to wait to cash out or pick up payment monthly .
With Amazon Flex, your earnings are processed either every Tuesday or Friday through steer deposit and go straight into your bank account .
Of course, receiving this estimated per hour wage is based on your location, tips, and how many pitch blocks you claim .
Like driving for a ride-sharing service, you much get back the attempt you put in .

Little Customer Interaction

however, unlike ride-sharing gigs, being an Amazon Flex pitch driver offers a perk up that others don ’ t : low customer interaction.
away from the few minutes that you may interact with the customer at the door pass over their box, you ’ ll by and large be driving entirely from manner of speaking to delivery and leaving packages on doorsteps .
The solo aspect of the caper makes it a great option to ride-sharing gigs for people who are possibly more introspective but hush want to be their own bos .

The Different Types of Amazon Flex Jobs Available

header graphic for apply for amazon flex blog post
Amazon Flex offers two main types of driver jobs to choose from across the United States .
These are offered in recruiting cities like New York City, the Greater Los Angeles area, San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago, and many more .
Amazon Flex driver jobs move items from location to placement, and Amazon Flex Warehouse jobs that kind, form and set up routes .
The four types of outlets Amazon Flex drivers can take are :

1. Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is a dear choice for big vehicle owners but offers little to no tips .
This type of shift encompasses regular, next-day and same-day transport of Amazon packages .
Reserving or claiming this type of caper will mean delivering chiefly boxes in rescue blocks or shifts of 3 – 6 hours .

  • A delivery partner can expect to deliver upwards of 50 packages, and a larger vehicle will make it easier to hold all the boxes.
  • This delivery type offers little customer interaction as most customers are away from home and often require a box to be left on a doorstep or in a safe and secure place.

If the pack can ’ thyroxine be left safely, the rescue driver brings it back to the distribution center, where delivery will be attempted again at another time .
In busy or clog cities making multiple stops can be catchy unless you secure blocks that focus on apartment complexes .

2. Prime Now

Prime now is an ultrafast Amazon delivery service only available for Amazon Prime members is besides an ultra-competitive block for Amazon Flex drivers .
It ’ s highly competitive because of tips .
Amazon Flex drivers can claim 100 % of the tips given to them, and Prime now offers customers the chance to add a tip directly to the pitch driver .
It ’ randomness besides because of the delivery routes, which are great for herd and congested cities since they ’ rhenium quick and time-sensitive .
Deliveries for Prime now are delivered in isolate bags containing perishables and alcohol from grocery stores like Whole Foods gathered by a shop shopper and then delivered by a delivery partner .

3. Amazon Fresh

Amazon created their Amazon Fresh grocery store delivery avail to compete with other services like PeaPod and Instacart .
Unlike Logistics, Amazon Fresh is one of the more customer-oriented types of Flex driver jobs requiring regular interaction with customers, which extroverted drivers may enjoy .
The distribution center fills the decree, which can be very large or entirely a few items, and then the Flex driver brings the groceries to the customer or a pickup location .
Whether you bring the groceries in paper bags to a waiting customer called an “ attended ” delivery or leave them in an insulate lug for an “ unattended ” manner of speaking .
As part of this delivery, you ’ ll have to liaison on the call or through the app with the customer to get them their groceries quickly and securely .

4. Amazon Restaurants

Update: Amazon Fresh is no longer available. For this type of delivery, check out the Amazon Fresh is no longer available. For this type of manner of speaking, check out the Amazon Whole Foods Shopper subcontract. Amazon Restaurants was the Amazon manner of speaking option created to compete with democratic food manner of speaking services like DoorDash, UberEats and Postmates by bringing hot and fresh food from the restaurant directly to the customer ’ randomness door .
This is the most customer service-oriented Flex job, and all deliveries must be handed directly to the customer .
It besides qualifies for tips .
delivery blocks are approximately 2-hours in length and frequently assigned based on where you already are in the city, making it great for half-time drivers who only deliver for a short measure of time per day .
The non-driver option for Amazon Flex is Amazon Flex Warehouse Jobs which include sorting packages and organizing deliveries for local routes .
Shifts at local anesthetic stations are between 4-10 hours but can be completed late at nox and early good morning .

Things to Note Before Applying

Working as an Amazon Flex driver can be fun and rewarding, but there are few things to note before you apply .
Apply for Amazon Flex: the back of an SUV, filled with packages

1. You Are a 1099 Contractor

1099 refers to the form you ’ ll fill out for the IRS each tax season to report your income as an freelancer contractor for the rescue service .

2. You Are Self-Employed

Being freelance can be rewarding but comes with specific responsibilities .
traditional employees receive a paycheck with taxes already taken off and aren ’ triiodothyronine responsible for their daily expenses .
You will be creditworthy for your own expenses, including fuel, car policy, maintenance costs and repairs .
You will besides have to deduct enough to cover taxes from each paycheck .
not taking out taxes will mean a big surprise when tax season rolls around and you suddenly could owe thousands of dollars to the IRS .

Amazon Flex Requirements

Before you apply to be an Amazon Flex pitch partner, make certain you can meet their requirements .
While anyone can apply to the delivery program, your ability to meet Amazon Flex driver requirements is the deciding factor in whether or not you ’ ll be approved .
documents scattered about with a magnifying glass looking at a driver for an Amazon Flex background check

Minimum Driver Requirements

In order to become a rescue driver, you must :

  • You must be 21 or older to make deliveries for Amazon Flex and live in a city where Flex operates.
  • Have a valid driver’s license in the US and a social security number.
  • You don’t need to have any special fitness requirements except those necessary to move a package from your vehicle to the customer’s door.
  • Previous experience in ride-sharing or delivery experience is helpful but not necessary. Having a clean, safe driving history is far more important and will make you stand out.
  • Drive a mid-sized or larger vehicle. Most deliveries will need a 4-door, midsize or larger sedan. Other options are an SUV, van or a truck with a covered bed.
  • An iPhone or Android smartphone is required for deliveries.
  • Your vehicle has to have valid auto insurance and proof of registration.
  • Successfully passed an Amazon Flex Background Check.

While smaller sedans may not be eligible for the Flex platform, these requirements overall are army for the liberation of rwanda easier to meet than those of Uber and Lyft since you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be driving any passengers around .

Things You ’ ll Need to Apply for Amazon Flex

once you know you meet all of these driver requirements, applying for Amazon Flex is a breeze .
To apply for Amazon Flex, you ’ ll need these documents on hand :

  • Social security number
  • Valid driver’s license
  • A bank statement
  • Vehicle insurance and registration

You ’ ll use all this data to prove you are meeting the Amazon Flex requirements .

How to Apply for Amazon Flex [ Tutorial ]

screenshot showing the screen you'll see when you apply for amazon flex
once you have all the information required, you can begin the serve of applying for Amazon Flex .

1.Download the App

Download the Amazon Flex app on your smartphone .
You can find the app on the Apple shop for io devices or Google Play for Android phones .
Android users, on the other hand, must head to this download page from their smartphones and tap “ Download Android App ” ( you must provide permissions to complete the download ) .
Create a newly account or sign of the zodiac in with your existing Amazon account and chink “ Get Started ” to begin the application .
From hera, you fair have to follow the onscreen prompts .

2. Tap “Create an Account” at the bottom of the screen.

voyage to the segment that says “ CREATE AN ACCOUNT ”

3. Enter Details

Fill in your name, e-mail address, and prefer password, then tap “ Create your Amazon account. ”
alternatively, if you have an existing Amazon account, you can tap “ Sign-in now ” and log in with your electronic mail or call number and password .

4. Grant Access

Provide the placement permissions, camera access, and earphone country permissions requested by the Amazon Flex app .

5. Tap “Get Started”

Tap “ Get Started ” to answer some qualify questions .
You ’ ll be asked to provide your zip code code, handiness, and fomite type .

6. Complete the Application

complete the written application and provide your documentation .
Amazon asks distinctive job application questions such as educational background and study history, and Amazon will use all the information on your application to conduct a backdrop check .
From here, you may be able to move on and provide required documents, tax data, and payment details .
otherwise, you ’ ll be asked to join an Amazon Flex waiting list if no opportunities are available in your city .
If you were able to continue and complete all prompts for sign-up, the adjacent steps will be waiting for your background check to be approved and watching some helpful prepare videos .

What to Expect After Applying for Amazon Flex

vector graphic showing people waiting to get approved after being on the Amazon Flex waiting list
once you ’ ve applied to become an Amazon Flex driver, you will need to wait to be approved or denied by the system .
The main time-consuming part of the blessing process is the background determine, which isn ’ t automatic pistol, and the length of time it takes can vary from person to person .
On average, setting checks normally take between 2-5 business days, although sometimes, depending on the city, it can take up to 10 days to complete the lotion .

Contact Amazon Flex defend to check on the condition of your application if you ’ ve listen nothing after five business days. After completing the background check, the Flex app will notify you of the results, and the app will tell you whether your application is approved or denied .
If your application is denied, Amazon will normally give a reason why, such as :

  • Insufficient documentation
  • A failed background check
  • A vehicle or smartphone that doesn’t meet their requirements.

Make sure you review the background discipline if it fails, and any inaccurate information should be reported to a lawyer and removed from your record .
After termination, whether you requested it or Amazon initiated it, you must wait 12 months before reapplying to become an Amazon Flex delivery partner again .

frequently Asked Questions

The work to apply for Amazon Flex is fair deoxyadenosine monophosphate easy as qualifying for the gig .
Read these frequently asked questions for more insight into opportunities with the delivery course of study .
vector graphic showing man holding box and wondering about how to apply for amazon flex

Is being an Amazon Flex driver easy?

Working for Amazon Flex is much like early gig economy jobs like driving for Uber or Lyft or delivering for Postmates .
It ’ s flexible, can be a good source of quick cash, and the knead international relations and security network ’ metric ton that demanding .

When can I find the most Amazon Flex job openings?

The vacation season tends to be the best time to apply for Amazon Flex gigs .
During this busy time for package deliveries, Amazon — much like UPS with their personal Vehicle drivers — ramps up its lease across the area to keep up with rising demand .

Can I work for Amazon Flex full-time?

absolutely .
If you want to apply for Amazon Flex and turn it into more than a side bustle, you ’ rhenium not alone .
many drivers have successfully worked 40-hour weeks on a consistent basis since opportunities are available every single day of the week .
however, because you ’ re not a traditional employee and other drivers can pick up available blocks before you, you ’ re not guaranteed any total of hours .

Can a passenger be in my vehicle with me when I’m delivering?

Amazon advises against it, but if you choose to have a passenger in your vehicle with all your deliveries, they have rules that you must follow .
Some of the rules include :
1 ) The passenger must remain in the cable car at all times
2 ) can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate drive between deliveries
3 ) Can ’ t accompany the amazon manner of speaking driver to the customer ’ south door
All deliveries and the driver must fit in the vehicle along with the passenger

Does Amazon Flex offer a debit card for driver payouts?

Yes .
In 2020, Amazon released the Flex Debit Card for shrink pitch drivers in partnership with the trust Green Dot and connected to a no-fee bank account .
The card offers cashback on purchases when using the poster for fuel and groceries, which can help when using your own fomite for deliveries .

Will Amazon Flex deactivate you for inactivity?

The terms of the Amazon Flex delivery partner agreement state of matter that after 180 days without claiming or scheduling a chemise, Amazon may deactivate your report for inactiveness .

What will happen if you report late for your block when working for Amazon Flex?

If you ’ rhenium more than five minutes late after the begin of your delivery block, you ’ ll be marked recently, and after five late reports, you could have your score deactivated .
however, the delivery stations you report to for deliveries have the free will to waive or ignore former reports .
Unlike driving for Lyft or Uber, applying for Amazon Flex international relations and security network ’ t complicated and only requires a handful of documents, your own vehicle, a valid driver ’ mho license, and that posse a good drive record.

Earn Cash With Package Delivery

If you ’ ra looking for a way to earn on the road without inviting passengers into your car, Amazon Flex offers plenty of gigs with capital give, all across the country .
Whether you want to deliver traditional packages or aid fulfill grocery pitch requests, this program makes earning easy with undertake payments for every delivery block you accept .
fat the same clock, you ’ ll hush have the flexible agenda you ’ ve constantly wanted .

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