How To Track a Money Order and See If It’s Been Cashed

When you make a purchase with a money order, you may want to know if your requital has been received and cashed by the person it was intended for. It is potential to track money orders, but it may take some effort and a bit of money .

How Money Order Tracking Works

Unlike personal checks, money orders aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate immediately linked to your personal bank account—you often buy them with cash ( though some places will accept a debit circuit board ). If you pay with cash, you wo n’t see any testify of the money order clearing in your bank transaction history. however, you can track money order payments by placing a request with the money order issuer.

Tracking Money Orders

There are unlike ways to track different money orders .

  • United States Postal Service (USPS): Submit an online form and pay a modest fee if lost or stolen. You can also visit a post office near you.
  • MoneyGram: Fill out the online form, call MoneyGram’s Customer Care Center at 1-800-926-9400, or visit a MoneyGram location near you.
  • Western Union: Call 1-800-999-9660 or fill out an online form and pay up to $15 in administrative fees.

We dive into more information on each of these options below.

Making Your request

After about 30 days, the issuer typically sends a copy of the endorse money regulate ( showing who cashed or deposited it, and when ) or a notice that the money order has not so far been cashed. If the money club is still outstanding, you may have the option to cancel it and get a refund. The accurate action varies from issuer to issuer.

Gather Needed data

When you buy a money order, you should receive a acknowledge with the order details. To track the transaction, you ’ ll need to provide the money order number and the order measure. You can likely use the service ‘s web site to see the status of the money orderliness. Just type in the serial issue and issue amount. For money orders issued by a U.S. post position, you ‘ll besides need the office number .

Take a photograph or make a imitate of the money order so you can have the information available if you need to track it .

Pay Service Fees

Tracking a money order may be time-consuming, and it can be expensive if you believe the money order is lost or stolen. The USPS charges a $ 6.95 processing fee to replace a suffer or stolen money order. other issuers charge improving to $ 15 or more to research potentially lost or stolen payments and issue refunds ( if needed ). You may besides have to fill out forms, sometimes in person, and you might not get an answer ( much less a refund ) for 30 days or more .

Contact the recipient role

If possible, communicate with the person to who you sent the money order. sometimes people and businesses don ’ triiodothyronine process money orders immediately, and it may take even longer to deposit the funds once they are received. Getting information directly from your payee may be easier than filling out forms .

Consider Waiting

It may be worth waiting at least two weeks after you send a payment before giving up and canceling a money decree. Most letters arrive at their destination within a few days, but for some cause payments seem to move slower. During holidays and weekends, that process can take even longer. What ’ s more, your recipient role may have been busy or out of town when the payment arrived. That said, if anything seems fishy, it ‘s smart to seek answers cursorily .

USPS Money Orders

If you used a USPS money rate, you need to visit a post office and fill out a money Order Inquiry. You can besides check the status of the money order on-line. To complete either form, you need the receipt from your original purchase showing the money holy order number, come, and information about the post office you purchased from .

USPS charges $ 6.95 for researching a money order. The work can take 30 to 60 days, and if the money order has been cashed or deposited, you ’ ll receive a copy of the front and back of the document. With that information, you can learn where the money ultimately went .

If you can ’ t wait that long, there may be some unofficial “ workarounds ” that might help you determine whether or not the money order was cashed or deposited. For example, you can try the military post function inquiry line or use the Money Order Status imprint and see if the token “ does not match. ”

however, the information you get might not be reliable because the system was not designed to do what you ’ re trying to do. The only manner to know for indisputable is to use Form 6401 and wait .

MoneyGram Money Orders

Tracking a MoneyGram money order is a morsel easy. Call MoneyGram ’ s Customer Care Center at 1-800-926-9400 or use MoneyGram ‘s on-line form. You ’ ll need to provide your money order number and the exact dollar sum ; the arrangement should then tell you whether the item has been cashed or not. If you do n’t have the transaction ‘s phone number you will need to complete a form and visit a MoneyGram localization near you .

If the money order has been cashed and you want a copy of the back money rate, or if you need to file a claim, you can do so by filling out a Claim Card, paying $ 18, and waiting 15 to 30 days for a mail-clad answer .

If you don ’ t have your money orderliness number, you may need to pay an extra fee and fill out a different mannequin to dig up the information you need. You may besides be able to request these services in person to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Western Union Money Orders

Western Union ’ s process is alike to MoneyGram ’ randomness. Before filling out forms and paying fees, verify that the money order was cashed by calling 1-800-999-9660 .

If you need a transcript of the paid money ordering and you do n’t have your reception, you can fill out and mail in the Money Order Research Request shape. You ‘ll pay a $ 30 administrative fee for the copy. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate submit your request for a transcript until your money decree has been processed by the recipient—unless you want to cancel the money decree. It could take six to eight weeks to hear back from Western Union. At that time, depending on the status of your money order, you ‘ll either get a photocopy, a refund, or Western Union will tell you that it could n’t locate the money order .

The Money Order Customer Request on-line form may besides help you if you believe the money decree has been lost, stolen, not used, not received, or destroyed.

early Money Order Issuers

many money orders issued at grocery stores, appliance stores, and check cash stores are Western Union or MoneyGram money orders. If your money order was issued by an arrangement not already covered here ( such as your bank or credit union ), there ’ sulfur placid a good chance that you can track it. It might even be easier—especially if you bank at a small institution. rather of filling out forms, a simple call call might be all that ’ south needed .

Tracking and Cashing Money Orders You ‘ve Received

If you receive a requital by money decree, your bank handles the logistics of processing the payment. You can deposit the requital into your savings bank account precisely like you would deposit a check, or cash the money order .

If you ’ re concerned that a money ordering you received may be deceitful, contact the money order issuer and discuss your concerns. It may be possible to verify funds on the requital or at least find out if it ’ s a know forge. Don ’ t spend the money until you ’ re certain that the funds have cleared. The clear procedure can take a few weeks, even if your bank ’ second funds handiness policy allows you to use the money immediately. If you use the funds and the money order turns out to be juke, the bank will require you to repay the measure .

ideally, you know who you ‘re dealing with when you accept payment by money ordering. But money orders make anonymous payments possible, for better or worse. You may need to involve law enforcement officials if you need help researching criminal natural process ( and they might not be able to help ) .

frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

How do you cash a money order?

many of the places that cash checks besides cash money orders, such as banks, credit unions, and grocery store stores. You ‘ll have to endorse the money order and read ID, and you may have to pay a tip .

How much is a money order?

money rate fees vary by company and by the size of the order, but they ‘re typically less than $ 2 per $ 1,000 being sent. For example, in January 2022, USPS charged $ 1.45 for money orders of up to $ 500 and $ 1.95 for orders between $ 500 and $ 1,000.

How long is a money order good for?

money orders do n’t typically have an passing date, so they ‘re technically good constantly, but there may be fees imposed if a money order is n’t cashed within a certain time frame .

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