How to ditch cable and still watch your favorite TV shows

How to Ditch Cable and Still Watch Your Favorite TV Shows -- Learn which streaming services and devices will work best for you. Get rid of cable or satellite and save some serious money!
I am a television winnow. I ’ m certain you ’ re not supposed to admit that outside of therapy, but I know I ’ molarity not alone. While I enjoy my television shows, our syndicate budget just doesn ’ triiodothyronine like the $ 100+ monthly cable or satellite poster .
so, what ’ s a TV-lovin ’ girl to do ?

Like you, I ’ ve seen all the people who proclaim “ Netflix replaced our cable television and we haven ’ thymine looked back ! ” People who say that intelligibly didn ’ thyroxine watch much ( good ) television when they had cable. And those people are the ones who use the library to rent movies. I can ’ t handle that type of province. Our seven library cards filled with fines prove that .
I ’ thousand hera to tell you that you absolutely can watch most of your darling network television shows for about $ 15 a month plus the cost of a stream device. And, if you need live television receiver to watch sports, you can do that for no more than $ 50 a calendar month .
Take that, [ insert your local expensive cable television provider ] .
Here’s the non-techy guide to ditching your cable or satellite and still watch your favorite television shows and live sporting events :
In order to watch television receiver and movies without cable or satellite, you need three things :

  1. An internet connection
  2. A streaming device
  3. A streaming service

Let ’ s dive into each one .
Get internet.
You need internet service in your home or a data plan through your cell caller. Either will work, but it ’ s most commodious to have internet at home if you want to watch on your actual television .
Get a streaming device.
In order to watch streamed stuff, it’s best to have a streaming device. The device connects to your television and is the thing that talks to the internet to get your shows to play. All the needed cords and/or attachments will be included in the device ’ sulfur box .
You can use your smartphone, tablet, or calculator to watch shows and movies but if you want to watch stuff on your television, it ’ second beneficial to have one of these streaming devices. Before you purchase any of these devices, check if your television is “ smart ” meaning it has the streaming military service apps already loaded. If it does, then you don ’ t need a cyclosis device .
Here are your streaming device options:
Amazon Fire TV Stick
The Fire television receiver Stick connects to your television receiver ’ south HDMI port and allows you to use any of the steamer services. The new Fire television receiver Sticks have Alexa, so you can tell your distant what show you want to watch and “ she ” should be able to pull it up on your television for you. This sport is by and large fun for kids and useful for folks who have a difficult time maneuvering a remote control with their fingers .
The summation is that it ’ s not a box, so you don ’ t need extra shelf space. You can besides take the adhere with you when you travel and plug it into other TVs to use your streaming accounts .
If you use amazon ’ second Instant Video frequently ( and have Amazon Prime ), this choice is going to work specially well for you .
Roku Box or Stick
basically the same thing as the Amazon Fire Stick, but Roku has a box choice. There are basically three Roku models :
Roku Express — The most low-cost choice and will work well for everyone ; this is a stick like the Amazon Fire TV Stick .
Roku Streaming Stick  — About $ 20 more than the Express. It ’ sulfur besides a pin and comes with voice distant and a volume + power choice so you don ’ t need to use your television ’ randomness remote control for basic functions .
Roku Ultra — Double the price of the Streaming Stick. It ’ s a box so you can plug your home ’ south Ethernet cable directly into the box so you don ’ t have WiFi problems. It can stream 4K .
Apple TV
same thing. It streams stuff. I used the Apple television receiver once at a lease house and closely smashed the matter with a hammer. The outback has a exorbitant learning swerve, particularly if you ’ re used to the Fire television Stick or the Roku remotes .
The only reason I see to get Apple television receiver over the Fire television receiver Stick or Roku is if your family is already primarily Apple and you purchase movies and shows through your iTunes account .
lapp matter, but supported by Google .
A streaming-capable Blu-ray player
Depending on the player, it should have the large stream services like Netflix and Hulu Plus upload out-of-the-box but you may have to download some less popular services. The plus is that it plays Blu-rays and DVDs .
A streaming-capable gaming device ( PS4, Wii, Xbox )
The streaming devices, careless of the matchless you use, do not charge any fees ( annually or monthly ), though if you stream through your bet on device, you may have to pay a monthly or annual fee .
My favorite cyclosis device is the Roku. I like the search function a small more than the Amazon Fire TV Stick and I like the splashboard better. But you very can ’ metric ton go ill-timed with Amazon ’ sulfur device .
If you are deciding veracious now, equitable choose the one that is cheaper ( Fire TV Stick or Roku Express ). If you are addicted to Alexa, get the Fire television Stick. If your WiFi stinks and you have an Ethernet cord coming out near your television, get the Roku box. If you ’ ra buying for an older person or person with disabilities that can ’ t do remotes well, I would get them the Roku Streaming Stick with voice + some television receiver distant functions .

Subscribe to a streaming service.
Once you have your streaming device figured out, you need to subscribe to one or more streaming services. These services give you the ability to actually watch movies and shows and all charge a monthly fee. You can cancel your membership at any distributor point without penalty with all of these services .
Here are the most popular streaming options:
Netflix ( $ 9 – $ 16/month )
You can ’ metric ton go incorrect with a Netflix report. There are tons of bet on seasons of television shows, lots of movies, and actually good original series. You can access Netflix through your stream device, your call or tablet ( just download the app ), and you can download certain shows for a time period of fourth dimension so you can watch offline ( like when you ’ re on an airplane ). Netflix has no commercials and you can upgrade to be able to stream to more than one device at the lapp time .
You can set up discriminate profiles inside your Netflix account then people can watch shows at their own pace and your kids don ’ metric ton have access to pornographic shows. It ’ sulfur pretty slick .
Netflix offers a exempt one-month trial for newly accounts. See the three unlike plans HERE .
Hulu ( $ 6- $ 12/month )
Hulu is different from Netflix in that they specialize in current network and cable television shows. The raw sequence normally comes out a day after the original air date and you can typically watch all the current temper ’ s episodes and sometimes past seasons ( you ’ ll most likely have to catch up on longer-running seasons on Netflix ). Hulu besides has movies and original serial .
You can get the no-commercials plan for $ 12 per month or the restrict commercials plan for $ 6. Some people have fussed at me over having to watch commercials even though they are paying. I wonder if those lapp people fussed when the cable party was charging them $ 100+ a month to watch commercials…
Hulu besides has a live television option. See more about Hulu with Live television receiver below .
If you enjoy your shows and don ’ t want to wait for the off-chance that Netflix will pick them up in the next decade, you need Hulu .
Amazon Prime Video ( $ 119/year + get FREE two-day ship on most items Amazon sells OR $ 12.99/month good for Prime Video )
Like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime video carries diverse television shows and movies and besides has their own original series. There are no commercials with Prime Video. You can download choose shows and movies to your earphone, tablet, or computer to watch when you ’ re offline. You besides have the ability to rent just about any movie out there through your Amazon score .
HBO Now ( $ 15/month )
Watch anything presently or previously on HBO without a cable or satellite subscription. HBO now works on your calculator, pill, or smartphone and all of the streaming devices outlined above. You can get a FREE one-week trial here .
Showtime ( $ 10.99/month )
Get entire access to Showtime, including their populate sporting events, through your calculator, pill, or smartphone or about every pour device. You can get a FREE one-week trial here .
Disney+  ( $ 6.99/month )

This is brand new ! Watch ALL Disney and Pixar shows and movies, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and more. You can besides bundle Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN for just $ 12.99/month. This would cover a LOT of bases .
Here’s what you will end up paying:

  1. The monthly fee for the streaming service you choose (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime, etc.)
  2. The actual streaming device purchase (one time fee)

If you have no matter to in watching sports or cable news exist, you can easily watch all the movies, television shows, and original programming you could ever want with Netflix + Hulu for no more than $25 a month. If you ’ re already an Amazon Prime member, you ’ ll get Prime Video as a bonus .
How to watch the Olympics without cable or satellite
How to watch live TV without cable.
I know the following question — how do I watch live sports or the news without cable or satellite?
You have two options :

  1. Watch live network TV with an indoor antenna.
  2. Watch live cable TV with a live streaming service.

Get a HDTV Indoor Antenna.
Go previous school and get television for release with an indoor antenna. ampere farseeing as you live relatively close to where the signal goes out ( the suburb should work fine ), you can watch network television live for free. The networks all broadcast in HD so your mental picture will be amazing .
We have been using the FlatWave Amplified Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna to get live network television receiver without cable or satellite for well over five years and have been fabulously pleased .
My husband installed it in the loft and wired it so both our TVs get FREE live network eminent definition television. We get ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and respective religious and re-run channels. We chiefly use it for live sport events, like watching NFL games on CBS and FOX or the Olympics .
You don ’ t need to do the attic thing. Just slap the antenna on the wall following to your television, attach the cord to your television, and you ’ re good to go .
Subscribe to a live TV streaming service.
These options are different than the pour services listed above because you ’ re not watching “ recorded ” shows, you ’ ra watching the shows live .
be streaming has come a hanker way in the last couple of years. You can immediately watch most cable television programming populate or recorded for importantly less than cable and satellite. This is the means you can watch sports and cable newsworthiness in very time .
( Some of you may be paying less than what ’ second listed below from your cable caller because you ’ re on a forwarding pace. Once your promotional menstruation is over, your monthly beak is going to get jacked. The benefits of using a live streaming service over cable or satellite is systematically fair pricing and no contracts. You can cancel at any time. )
Here are your live streaming options:
YouTube TV ( $ 49.99/month )
YouTube has changed everything with their new cyclosis service. It works with your existing streaming device, on your telephone, or tablet. You can stream up to three screens at once with one history and it has unlimited DVR storage so you can “ record ” as much stuff as you want .
And here ’ s the best separate — YouTube television has about every impart known to man, including your local anesthetic stations and your front-runner cable channels. The selection is so adept that I can ’ metric ton intend of a reason to NOT get YouTube television receiver .
Except if you need to watch the Hallmark channel — they don ’ triiodothyronine carry that one .
Get a FREE 5-day trial of YouTube television here .
Sling TV  ( starts at $ 30/month )
Sling is the big guy in the know pour service business. Just like the other stream services listed above, it works with your existing streaming device ( Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, or your ache television system ), on your Apple or Android call ( just download the app ), the XBOX One, or your computer .
There are three box options with Sling. Choose the plan that has the channels you want to watch ( I ’ ve listed the channels sports and newsworthiness junkies — there are tons of extra cable channels in all three packages ) :
Sling Orange ( $ 30/month ) — Includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and CNN
Sling Blue ( $ 30/month ) — Includes FoxSports, FS1, FS2, NBCSports, NBCSN, TNT, CNN
Sling Blue + Orange ( $ 45/month ) — Includes all of the channels in both Orange and Blue
once you ’ ve selected the root software you want, you can add extra channels for extra money .
Sports Extra ( $ 10/month ) — RedZone, NBA TV, NHL Networks, Golf Channel + more
News Extra ( $ 5/month ) — MSNBC, CNBC, BBC World News, The Blaze, HLN ( no packages have FOX News )
Cloud DVR ( $ 5/month ) — You get up to 50 hours of recording and you can record multiple shows at once .
authoritative : If you want to watch your local professional sports team without cable television, make sure you ’ ra not living in a black-out area. For case, NBA TV gives you all NBA games BUT I can not watch Portland Trailblazer games because I live in the Blazer black-out area. If I lived outside the geographic area I could get them .
Get your first base calendar month for $ 10 off HERE ( or check out the free Amazon Fire Stick offer w/ two months pre-paid serve ) .
Fubo ( $ 55/month w/ 7-day loose test )
Fubo is a live pour servicing that specializes in sports. If you are paying for cable or satellite primarily because you watch an enormous come of live sports, Fubo is going to rock your world. here are the sports channels that come with the basic box ( there are tons of other cable channels included american samoa well ) :
FS1, FS2, NBCSN, NFL Network, NFL TV, Pac12 Networks, Unision, CBS Sports Network, Big Ten Network, NBC Golf, the Olympic Channel, Eleven Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, a long ton of Bein Sports, Big Ten Network, Football Report television receiver
You can pay an extra $ 10.99 per month to get the Red Zone, a bunch of Pac12 channels ( including Oregon and Washington ), FOX College Sports ( Atlantic, Central, Pacific ), and the Fight Network
Fubo gives you up to 30 hours of DVR recording with the basic box. You can besides replay closely any game, show or movie that aired in the last 3 days if you forget to record .
Get a FREE 7-day trial of Fubo HERE .
Hulu with Live TV ( starts at $ 54.99/month )
Hulu offers a live television receiver streaming option bundled with it ’ sulfur regular Hulu Plus service. Like Sling, it works on any stream device, your call, tablet, or calculator. You can stream live television on up to two devices at a time. The $ 54.99 per calendar month design besides gives you 50 hours of cloud DVR repositing sol you can record shows and watch them late .
available channels vary by placement ( that will affect by and large your local network stations ), but everyone should get the comply sports and news channels :
Sports : CBS Sports Network, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNNews, ESPN U, FS1, FS2, NBC Golf, NBC Sports Northwest, NBCSN, the Olympic Channel
News : CNBC, CNN, FOX Business, FOX News, HLN, MSNBC
You can add more cloud DVR storage or unlimited screens at home ( up to three streaming at once “ on the go ” ) ampere well as the premium channels to your monthly subscription .
Get a FREE 7-day trial of Hulu with Live television receiver HERE .
So, if you want to watch live sports, cable news, and cable channels, here’s my quick analysis:
Get YouTube TV. As the kids say these days, PERIOD .
Of course, if you have an addiction to a particular cable impart, check with YouTube television receiver to see if they carry it in your area. The lone duct I noticed they don ’ t carry is the Hallmark channel .
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