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I ’ ve painted houses for 11 years now and I still run into situations that are difficult to bid, but over time one ’ ve developed a simple process that can teach anyone to bid a paint job ; exterior or inside .
There are in truth only 5 expenses to consider when estimating a paint job :

  • Paint
  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Marketing
  • Your Mark-up

That ’ s why I love painting businesses ; they ’ ra simple. I ’ ll break down each of these categories in detail .
>>>How to Bid a Paint Job – Get Your Free Guide<<<

1. How Much is Paint?

A gallon of rouge can be anywhere from $ 15-80. It very depends on the stigmatize, the choice and the contractor discount you ’ re getting .
A homeowner might be paying $ 30 for a gallon of key, when a season contractor can get the lapp gallon for $ 15. This depends on the relationship the contractor has with the paint shop, and how many gallons they ’ rhenium buy each month .
A personal example : When I first started, I was paying $ 37 per gallon of Sherwin Williams “ Super Paint ”. Over clock, I developed a kinship with the memory and proved that I was buying hundreds of gallons each month. After a couple years I negotiated my superintendent Paint price down to $ 25 per gallon .
From $ 37 to $ 25 ! That ’ s a boastful deal for my paint business : That ’ randomness 33 % off my paint outgo category .
The cost of paint besides depends on the quality. A lower quality key typically has less resin ( the resin is what actually holds the paint together ), whereas high quality rouge has more resin and holds up well over clock .
Cost of Paint (Avg. Per Gallon)

Quality: Low Medium High
Homeowner Price $20 $40 $80
Contractor Price $15 $25 $45

How much paint do I need per house?

Size of House Body Color Trim Color Total Gallons Total Cost (@$25 per gallon)
1500 sq ft. 8 2 10 $250
2500 sq ft. 12 3 15 $375
4000 sq ft. 20 5 25 $625

2. How Much are Materials?

These are the most common painting materials you ’ ll need on each problem and how much you ’ ll need for a 2,500 square metrical foot exterior paint job with average homework influence :
-Masking Plastic ( 2 rolls ) $25
-Masking Paper ( 3 rolls ) $15
-Tape ( 10 rolls ) $35
-Caulking ( 6 tubes ) $15
-Primer ( 1 gallon ) $25
Total Cost: $115
How many materials you need besides depends heavily upon :

  • Amount of prep-work needed
  • How many windows
  • How much brick
  • How much roof line

This checklist is pretty distinctive, but can vary greatly depending on the house .
If there is a LOT of homework needed, you might go through 3 gallons of flat coat, and 12 tubes of caulk .
If there is a LOT of brick + roof wrinkle that needs to be masked off, you might go through 5 rolls of newspaper and 3 rolls of credit card .
>>>How to Bid a Paint Job – Get Your Free Guide<<<

3. How Much is Labor?

This is by far the hardest price to estimate when bidding a house, chiefly because there are indeed many factors .
The short answer is this ; A good gang of 2-3 painters can finish the outside of a 2,500 square foundation house in 1-2 wax days. And a effective crew normally costs about $ 800 per fully ferment day .
however, the following obstacles on a house can TRIPLE the time + labor it takes to paint a house :

  • Heavy Prep-work (peeling, wood damage, failed caulking)
  • House access (difficult ladder placements, steep roof etc.)
  • Type of windows (embedded windows, vinyl windows)
  • Vegetation coverage (trees in the way, lots of ivy, nice gardens)
  • Radically different colors (applying 2 or 3 coats before the paint covers)

The safest/best way to get a good price on department of labor is to actually bring your experience crew to the house with you. They can alert you of certain aspects of the house that are very time-consuming, so you can factor in the excess employment.

If you are inexperienced at painting or calculate, it is better to charge MORE in order to protect your profit margin. Making mistakes at the get down is inevitable so charging more protects you against an underbid job or a miss expense .
here ’ s a promptly table to help you with labor movement cost :

Size of House Full Work Days Total Labor Cost
1500 sq ft. 1 $800
2500 sq ft. 1.5 $1200
4000 sq ft. 3 $1800

4. How Much is Marketing?

You can market your painting business a variety of ways, we have 7 proven methods here
No matter what you use for marketing, whether it ’ south lead providers, lawn signs or door-knocking, you should track the overall cost. It ’ randomness authoritative to isolate the market that gives you the best return on invested capital ( return on investment ) and spend all your time/money there .
Keeping your marketing share below 10 % is a full rule-of-thumb. Let ’ s say you sell a $ 3,000 key job. Spending $ 300 or less on market to obtain the job will still leave you plenty of profit.
here are some typical commercialize costs for our paint business :

  • Lead Providers – $30-$60 per lead
  • Lawn Signs – $10 per sign
  • Door-to-door leads – $10 per lead
  • Flyer Drops – $1,000-$4,000 per drop
  • Referrals – FREE
  • Lead Groups – FREE

>>>How to Bid a Paint Job – Get Your Free Guide<<<

5. Mark-up: How to factor in your profit.

You ’ re in business to make money correct ? And to provide the best dang paint job out there, so it ’ south important to add mark-up into your invite .
Let ’ s use our 2,500 square infantry firm as an example :
Paint – $ 375
Materials – $ 115
Labor – $ 1,200
Marketing – $ 100
Mark-up – ?
Let ’ s say I want to make 35 % profit on this key speculate. I ’ meter spend $ 1,790 on paint, materials, parturiency and market .
thus I should charge around $ 2800 entire, which would make my mark-up $ 980 .

6. Bidding Interior Jobs.

Interior jobs will about constantly be more expensive. sometimes they will be 2 or 3x the price of an outside problem. This is because :

  1. There are more walls (and surface area)
  2. More doors, windows, baseboards (don’t forget about closets)
  3. Usually more than 1 coat is needed to cover (especially for ceilings)
  4. More paint is needed
  5. It is more of a detailed process for masking/cleanup etc. (more labor hours)

Some painters merely charge per room ; I ’ ve listen anywhere from $ 200 to $ 600 per board – which besides depends on the size of the room .
>>>How to Bid a Paint Job – Get Your Free Guide<<<


I ’ ve used this basic convention for many years with success. Please keep in mind that it takes a life to truly master paint, and there are an infinite number of obstacles and situations that sign of the zodiac paint can create .
Some painters keep it simple and good consign by square foot ; If you charge $ 1.25 per square foot, 2500 sq ft. would cost $ 3,125 for the homeowner etc. ( for outside ). For home you ’ ll want to charge $ 2 per square foot minimum .
thankfully, about every paint job will fall within the postdate pricing :
Exterior Paint Jobs:
1500 sq ft – $ 1,500- $ 2,500
3000 sq ft – $ 3,000- $ 5,000
5000 sq ft – $ 6,000- $ 8,000
Interior Paint Jobs:
1500 sq ft – $ 2,500- $ 3,500
3000 sq ft – $ 5,000- $ 8,000
5000 sq ft – $ 9,000- $ 12,000

Find a method that works best for you and keep it reproducible. Let us know about estimating tips that you like. Thanks for understand !
-Chandler Zieg

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