Everything You Need to Know About TSA PreCheck

If you ’ re still on the fence about applying for TSA PreCheck, here is everything you need to know. The expedite screening plan is designed to get you in and out of the airport security line a promptly as potential. It ’ randomness now available at more than 200 airports and growing quickly. share this article

flipboard few people would say they love the summons of traveling. Getting to your finish can be a series of hassles or a downright pain, so anything that streamlines your journey is a welcome relief. TSA PreCheck was designed to do merely that .
originally launched in 2013, the program nowadays has over 10 million members and more than 200 participating airports in the United States and 80 participating airlines. even sol, 96 percentage of TSA PreCheck passengers waited less than five minutes in the expedite security lane in September 2021, according to the TSA. If you don ’ triiodothyronine yet have TSA PreCheck, here ’ s how the plan works and what you can expect once you ’ re enrolled .

What exactly is the TSA PreCheck program?

TSA PreCheck is a trust traveler plan that allows travelers to participate in an expedite security screening for domestic and some international flights. At participating airports, TSA PreCheck will have a give security line that is faster and simpler than standard lines. In these lines, you can expect to keep your shoes, belts, and light jackets on, and you will not have to remove your laptops or liquids from your carry-ons .

How to apply for TSA PreCheck

You can apply for TSA PreCheck on-line in about five minutes, and then you ’ ll indigence to schedule an in-person interview at an registration center field, many of which are located at airports. Expect to spend about 10 minutes at the consultation, which will include fingerprinting and a background check. Once you ’ re approved for TSA PreCheck, you ’ ll get a Known Traveler Number .

There are respective ways to get TSA Precheck : You can apply for it on your own ( if you ’ re chiefly traveling domestically ), or you can opt for Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI—all programs that include TSA PreCheck membership .
Children under the historic period of 12 don ’ triiodothyronine require their own membership if they are accompanied by a parent or defender with a TSA PreCheck. Children older than 13 will need their own Known Traveler Number—or will have to go through the even security occupation .

How much does TSA PreCheck cost?

The first-time, nonrefundable, application fee for TSA PreCheck is $ 85 and membership lasts for five years. As of October 1, 2021, the monetary value to renew your TSA PreCheck membership on-line dropped from $ 85 to $ 70. ( The lower monetary value only applies to online renewals ; if you ’ re regenerate in person or signing up for the expedite security screening plan for the beginning time, PreCheck still costs $ 85. )

How to get TSA PreCheck for free

The best way to get TSA PreCheck for free is through one of several travel credit cards, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Platinum Card from American Express. arsenic long as you use the credit card to pay for your tip, these citation cards will reimburse you for the membership tip for TSA PreCheck .

How long does it take to get TSA PreCheck?

After the interview, most applicants are approved within three to five days, though some can take up to 60 days. The same timeline is true for renewals .
once you are approved, you will receive a Known Traveler Number, or KTN .

How to add TSA PreCheck to your boarding pass


Before you can enter the TSA PreCheck lane, you ’ ll need to flash your boarding pass with the PreCheck logo, which shows you ’ re a preapproved traveler. Daniel Gillaspia, godhead of the travel web log UponArriving.com, points out a couple of must-knows : “ You have to add your Known Traveler Number to your frequent flier profile and/or path, ” he says. “ sometimes your Known Traveler Number may ‘ disappear ’ from your travel guidebook and you ’ ll indigence to re-add it ; you can do this at check-in. ” If you don ’ t see the TSA PreCheck logo on your boarding pass and you ’ re flying with an approved carrier, head to the airline antagonistic to have it re-add your Known Traveler Number or re-add it from within the airline app .
Be mindful that your information with the TSA has to match your ticket and loyalty information precisely or it doesn ’ t get down added. “ If your TSA PreCheck is Michael Thomas Smith, but Delta has you in their system as Michael Smith, your TSA PreCheck may not translate and you won ’ thymine catch to use it, ” says Shelby Byrnes, a change of location expert with Lola.com, a former business travel management platform .

Even if you’re approved, there are times when you can’t go through PreCheck


Because not all airlines participate in the course of study, if you script on a non-TSA PreCheck mailman, you will hush have to go through the regular security line. The antonym scenario can happen, excessively. “ When lines become excessively farseeing, security system will sometimes move non–TSA PreCheck passengers into the TSA PreCheck pipeline, ” says Stephanie Miller, collapse of the Scenic Suitcase. “ This can create longer waits for members, particularly when the people being moved into the PreCheck line may not be frequent travelers and frankincense [ are ] not as ace at the security process. ”

It ’ second besides worth noting that not every airport has PreCheck and not every terminal within an airport has it. And PreCheck lines may have their own hours and are not constantly open when the standard security line is open, such as early in the dawn. At these times, if you show security system agents that you ’ re approved for PreCheck, they may let you skip some of the security steps, like keeping electronics and liquids in your bag or backpack or keeping your shoes on .
This article was primitively published on January 31, 2019 ; it was updated on October 5, 2021, with stream information .
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