How to Use Expedia to Find Cheap Flights

What is Expedia? 

Founded in 1996, Expedia is one of the oldest on-line locomotion agents. is part of the Expedia Group, an umbrella company that includes other on-line travel agents ( OTAs ) like Orbitz, Travelocity, trivago, and a handful of travel book platforms. This is why you ’ ll often find that the prices and features found between these websites are alike.
You can use Expedia to find flights, hotels, cable car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages. Since it ’ south been in the travel search business therefore hanker, Expedia has many features that make it a top choice for travelers, though it lags behind other, newer search sites in some respects.
In this template, we ’ ll break down the pros and cons of using Expedia and show you how to use Expedia to find bum flights and score great deals through the Expedia Rewards program .

What Expedia is good at

This is where Expedia excels when it comes to finding brassy flights :

  • Upgraded price at checkout: It’s easy to compare the difference between basic economy, premium economy, and other cabin classes at checkout. You can quickly compare the perks and cost of upgrading to see whether it’s worth it for you.
  • A clear cancellation policy: Expedia clearly outline the cancellation information for each flight before you check out.
  • Flight scores highlight the quality of the flight: Expedia factors in things like flight length, amenities, and aircraft type, and provides a flight score for each flight so you have an idea of the overall quality of a flight.
  • Easy to use rewards program: Expedia rewards repeat customers with a points program.
  • Save on car and hotel packages: You can drive down the overall cost of your trip by combining flights, accommodation, and car rentals.
  • Offers an Expedia credit card: Frequent flyers can maximize their spending with Expedia’s special credit card program, partnered with Citi.
  • Customer service: Expedia is a larger, more reputable OTA and part of the larger Expedia group, and they generally have better customer service and reliability than the smaller OTAs.

What Expedia is bad at

here are the features we think Expedia could improve :

  • Limited multiple city search: Expedia only shows results for airports within one city, rather than a larger region.
  • Flexible date search isn’t very flexible: You can only search within three days on either side of your original search dates, making it a poor option for travelers with an open travel schedule.
  • No option to book directly with the airline: Flights are booked directly with Expedia instead of offering the option to book directly with the airline.
  • Occasionally misses the lowest price: Expedia doesn’t show flight search results from all online travel agents. You might be able to find a cheaper price elsewhere.  
  • No map functionality: While many online travel search engines like Kayak and Google Flights offer a map that shows the cheapest city to fly to in a region, Expedia does not.

How to Use: Expedia Step by Step Tutorial

We ’ ll share precisely how to book a flight on Expedia with these childlike steps .

How to choose your route type on Expedia flights

first, go to Expedia ’ mho home page at The home page will open to a search box where you can choose between searching for entirely flights, hotels, car hire, cruises, things to do, and vacation rentals. You can besides select an the “ Bundle and Save ” option to package these search options together.
To look for cheap flights on Expedia, click on the “ Flights ” icon.
On the second base row of the search corner, you can choose between roundtrip, one-way, and multi-city options. Select the route type that you ’ d like to search.
selecting trip type on Expedia

How to set flight departure and arrival locations on Expedia

type in the city or airport you are flying from adenine well as the city or airport you plan to fly to. If the city you ’ re traveling from or two has more than one airport, it ’ south wise to type in the city quite than a specific airport to search for the most options .inputting location on Expedia
For case, if you plan to fly from Los Angeles to New York, you ’ ll see search results that feature all of New York ’ mho airports of JFK, LGA, and EWR. unfortunately, unlike Google Flights, Expedia does not offer a feature where you can type in multiple cities or airports at once .selecting airports on Expedia

How to set your flight dates on Expedia

type in the dates you ’ d like to travel in the “ Departing ” and “ Returning ” sections of the search box. then, select how many travelers will be going on the travel.
setting dates on Expedia

How to make the most of the advanced options on Expedia flights

To refine your search even further, click on the “ Advanced options ” connect. This will create a drop-down menu where you can customize your flight. Since this yoke international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine bolded and in a convention baptismal font size, it can be easy to miss.
advanced options on Expedia
here, you can choose between a nonstop flight, refundable flight, escape course, and prefer airline. note that if an airline is featured in the drop-down menu of choose airlines, this doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean that the airline services the road you ’ rhenium looking for. For exercise, you can select Uzbekistan Airways as your prefer airline on an LAX to JFK road, even though Uzbekistan Airways doesn ’ t fly this route in the United States.
One of the identify concealed features of the prefer airlines menu is that you can search for budget airlines with and without baggage. If you have a preferable airline and know you ’ ll be needing extra baggage, this is a great feature.
once you have the trajectory details you want, click the jaundiced “ Search ” button.

Understanding Expedia’s flight search results

once you search for the flight you want, you ’ ll be taken to a page that shows all of Expedia ’ south available flights for the road you ’ ve chosen. As a default, these results will merely show the outbound flight and will be sorted from cheapest to most expensive.
Before going further, confirm that the route type, road, and dates are correct at the acme of the page.
flight results on Expedia
You can adjust the passing and arrival airports by clicking on the aristocratic “ Nearby airports ” link. This will show a drop-down menu of the closest airports and the distances between your initial airports and other airports nearby.
searching nearby airports on Expedia

Tips for setting flexible flight dates on Expedia

Expedia allows travelers to search for flexible dates. To do this, pawl on the “ Show compromising dates ” link at the top of your search results. After a few seconds, a calendar will pop up. With flexible dates search activated, Expedia will compare the flights three days on either side of your initial search and highlight the cheapest fare of these dates in green. Be patient as it can take a few seconds for these results to appear.
Your initial search will be highlighted in dark blue amobarbital sodium, where it ’ s easy to compare against the others.
viewing flexible dates on Expedia

How to filter Expedia flight results for more advanced results

On the exit side of the screen, you can tailor your research to suit your travel style, budget, and schedule.
In the first drop-down menu, you can toggle between sorting your results by price, fledge duration, arrival time, and deviation time.
filterin on Expedia
You can then check the airlines you ’ d like to be featured and uncheck any that you ’ d like to be excluded from the results .filtering results on Expedia
ultimately, you can customize your passing and arrival times to leave/depart in the early morning, dawn, good afternoon, or evening. This is ideal if you want to avoid red-eye flights or have to be somewhere at a certain time .

What do Expedia’s flight scores mean?

Under each search result, Expedia will assign a flight score on a scale from 1 to 10. Expedia calculates this by factoring the distance of the flight, the cause and model of the aircraft, and the amenities offered on the trajectory. This doesn ’ thymine always mean that a 10/10 flight is the best value, but if you see a high score flight on the cheaper end of the search results, you can trust that you ’ re getting a dependable deal.
flight scores on Expedia
In addition to Expedia ’ s fledge seduce, you can besides see whether the escape comes with wireless local area network, entertainment, and charging capabilities .

How to make the most of Expedia’s bargain fares

At the top of the search results, Expedia may feature a bargain fare. sometimes, this fare is a bang-up deal—though it much comes with extra restrictions.
bargain fares on Expedia

One caveat of Expedia ’ mho bargain fares is that you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know the accurate details of the flight until after booking, similar to Priceline ’ s Express Deals. alternatively, you ’ ll get a general overview of when the escape will depart and arrive. You will besides get a range of stopovers rather than a set come.
bargain fare details on Expedia
bargain fares tend to work well if you ’ re planning a last-minute flight. otherwise, they may not be much cheaper than a escape planned months in advance where you can fine-tune the details. sometimes the stress of the unknown international relations and security network ’ metric ton deserving it .

How to see extra fees on Expedia flights

Under each search list, you ’ ll be able to click on a connect that says “ Details & baggage fees. ” This will show flight details like the accurate path, departure and arrival time, aircraft, flight number, cabin class, entire distance traveled, and estimated baggage fees.
viewing extra fees on Expedia Extra fees may besides appear when you click “ Select this menu ” and are taken to a page where you ’ ll choose your return flight. Expedia will sort the retort flight from lowest to highest as a default.
creating an itinerary on Expedia When you select the render flight you ’ d like, you ’ ll be taken to a page that features an overview of your book. On the mighty of the screen, you can look through a tilt of what is and international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine included in your flight. sometimes, you can add features for an extra cost .trip summary page on Expedia

How to upgrade your cabin class on Expedia flights

During your search, you can choose between basic economy, premium economy, business, and foremost class. While you tend to get more features and priorities as you move astir in cabin class, there is a miss of standardization among the airlines.
At checkout, Expedia will show you options to upgrade your flight a well as flight perks you can purchase.
upgrading on Expedia
Select the “ Show more ” menu to see precisely what you ’ d get for the price of each upgrade. If you were planning to purchase extra baggage and seat selection anyways, it may be more economical to upgrade your cabin class alternatively of tacking on extras .

Completing your flight booking with Expedia

once you ’ ve found your perfect fledge with Expedia, you ’ ll be taken to a page where you can enter your engagement details, buy travel policy, add your TSA PreCheck data, and patronize circular count. You ’ ll then be asked to enter your payment information and an e-mail address for Expedia to send the book confirmation .adding personal info on Expedia

How to see your Expedia itinerary

find your expedia itinerary To see an travel plan for a trip you have booked on Expedia, click on “ Trips ” in the menu stripe. You can login to be taken to all of your itineraries. Or, you can use the travel plan to access your book without signing in. If you ‘re using the app, you can access your itineraries there by clicking on “ Trips ” and then selecting the travel guidebook you ‘d like to view .

Adding a car rental to your Expedia flight

Every time you book a flight, once you have selected your specific flights, Expedia will prompt you to add extra services, including a rental car. You can select one of the options show or select “ View more cars ” to see all options available .expedia option to add a car to a flight booking.

Adding a hotel to your Expedia flight

There are three ways you can add a hotel to your flight. The first is to select “ Stays ” to start with and then click the release to “ add a flight. ”adding a flight and hotel The second way is to start booking your fledge as normal. once you select your flight, Expedia will show a popup asking if you want to add a hotelexpedia popup to add hotel.

Booking a vacation package on Expedia

ultimately, you can select car, hotel, and flight ( or just two of the three ) by selecting the “ Vacation box ” choice on the Expedia home page. Select the elements you want to add, and input your address and dates. You can even opt to record a hotel only for separate of your stay ( helpful if you ‘re traveling to multiple cities ; you can then book the lie of your hotels individually ) .creating your own vacation package on Expedia.

How to cancel an Expedia flight

One of the perks of booking a cheap fledge with Expedia is its clear cancellation policy. Expedia ‘s cancellation policy allows customers to cancel their flights free of charge within 24 hours of booking—and makes it slowly to do so.
After 24 hours, some airlines may charge supernumerary for canceling or changing flights. Some budget flights are nonrefundable. Before you complete your book, Expedia will parcel the terms of your booking and cover any details you may have missed .Expedia cancellation policy

Expedia customer service

Expedia offers customer service via earphone, self-service, through its app, and via old world chat .

How to contact Expedia

Log in to the app or mind to Expedia ‘s support page to chat with a congressman .

Expedia’s phone number

Expedia ‘s customer service telephone total is (877) 227-7481 .

Expedia points

When you ledger with Expedia, you can double-up on charge perks by earning both Expedia Rewards points angstrom well as points towards any frequent flier broadcast you belong to—a win-win. note, though, that while this applied to flights, it often doesn ’ t practice for hotels ; many don ’ t allow bookings from third parties to accrue points .

How to earn Expedia Rewards and points

Expedia Rewards is a dislodge commitment program that offers discounted rates and benefits to its members. You can earn Expedia points by booking flights, hotels, packages, cable car hire, activities, and package vacations.
The Expedia Rewards program is divided into three tiers :

  • Blue tier: The status you get when joining Expedia Rewards.
  • Silver tier: Earned after spending $5,000 USD on bookings or staying in a hotel 7 nights per year. You get wifi, free breakfast, and spa credits.
  • Gold tier: Earned after spending $10,000 USD on bookings or staying in a hotel 15 nights per year. You get all of the same perks as silver members, plus unlimited free room upgrades upon check-in.

How to redeem Expedia Rewards points

Redeeming your Expedia Rewards points is slowly. Once you find a flight, rental car, hotel, activity, or vacation box you like, continue the book process as if you were paying in dollars. At checkout, select “ Use my points ” in the requital section .

Expedia Rewards Points: What they’re worth

One hundred and forty Expedia Rewards points are equivalent to $ 1 USD. For flights, you must have adequate points to cover the stallion cost of the flight—you can not use separate points, separate dollars for flights like you can with other bookings. If you don ’ thymine see the “ Use my points ” option when booking a flight, it means you have not earned adequate points.

Expedia Rewards Credit Card

Expedia besides offers an Expedia Rewards Credit Card that ’ s partnered with Citi that allows cardholders to earn excess points, automatically upgrade to silver status, and earn 1 Expedia Rewards point per $ 1 USD exhausted on other purchases .

Alternatives to Expedia

respective OTAS, including those in the same family as Expedia, offer similar features and tools as Expedia. hera are a few of the main players with tips on how to use them : ‍
Bottom line: While Expedia lacks some utilitarian search features—like flexible date search and multi-city search—this OG OTA hush attracts loyal users with its rewards policy and and easy-to-use interface .

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