Reali: The 2022 Review (Everything You Need to Know)

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Editor’s note: Reali’s home buying and selling services have changed significantly since we published this review. We’re updating the page to reflect Reali’s changing business model, but it’s still a work in progress.

If you’re interested in Reali’s Cash Offer or Buy Before You Sell programs, we recommend comparing them with other

Unfortunately, Reali no longer advertises 1% listing fees for sellers or commission rebates for buyers. If you’re looking to sell your house and save, compare other

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Reali ‘s home bribe and sell services have changed significantly since we published this review. We ‘re updating the page to reflect Reali ‘s changing clientele exemplar, but it ‘s placid a work in progress.If you ‘re interest in Reali ‘s Cash offer or Buy Before You Sell programs, we recommend comparing them with other home trade-in services. Although Reali might be a capital match for your situation, it always pays to shop around ! unfortunately, Reali no longer advertises 1 % list fees for sellers or commission rebates for buyers. If you ‘re looking to sell your house and save, compare early 1 % commission real estate of the realm brokerages to find the crown options in your area. We ‘ve besides compiled an in-depth guide to home plate buyer rebates, so you can keep flush more cash in your pocket when you buy your new house .

Reali is a real number estate of the realm brokerage and engineering ship’s company that operates in choice markets throughout California. Reali ‘s primary offer is discounted real estate of the realm agentive role services. If you ’ rhenium selling a dwelling, you can list with a Reali Agent and get the like cosmopolitan range of services you ’ five hundred expect from a traditional realtor — but pay about 30 % less overall. however, there ‘s a catch : Reali Agents handle a higher volume of transactions than most realtors. This limits their ability to provide individualized support to each customer. » MORE: Save on perpetration without sacrificing avail

Reali, at a glance
Price 1 % ( $ 5,000 minimal )
Avg seller savings $ 6,375*
Customer rating 4.6 ( 615 reviews )
Locations Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Ventura County

What is Reali?

Reali is a tech-driven actual estate of the realm brokerage house with license real number estate agents who can help you buy or sell a dwelling in most major California metro. Unlike most big-name brokerages like Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker, Reali is a rebate brokerage house. Simply put, this means :

  • Reali offers potential commission savings for home sellers and buyers
  • Those savings may come at the expense of service quality and personal support

When you buy or sell with Reali, most of the summons will be managed remotely via the Reali App. While Reali seems to consider this a huge value-add, its customer reviews suggest users are less than convinced. Reviews of the Reali App are mix at best. If you ’ re tech-averse — or, judging by the reviews, even if you ’ re not — managing a high-stakes, complicated summons through a mobile app could prove nerve-racking or debatable. In addition, Reali offers a variety show of other services, including an in-house lend operation, a cash offer program, and a “ trade-in ” program .

How much can you save with Reali?

If you opt for Reali ’ s criterion list box, you ’ ll likely wage about 3.5-4 % in total commission fees. That ‘s up to 30 % less than selling with an agent from a traditional real estate brokerage. » MORE: How much does Reali cost ? home buyers can save by using a Reali Agent, excessively. Reali refunds buyers up to 1 % of the purchase price at closing — $ 12,000, on modal — although numerous terms and restrictions apply. » MORE: How does the Reali rebate work ?

Who should use Reali?

Reali is worth considering if…

  • You value a tech-driven process over hands-on customer service
  • You have a relatively straightforward selling or buying situation
  • You qualify for and lock in a good rate with Reali Loans
You may want to avoid Reali if…

  • You’re technologically averse
  • You value highly personalized, hands-on service
  • Your situation is complicated and requires more expertise / support
  • You’re selling a home worth less than $500,000

» COMPARE: Reali vs. top alternatives » MORE: Somewhere else ? Find rebate brokers near you

Is Reali legitimate?

Yes, Reali is a in full license very estate brokerage house in the state of California. Reali Loans, once known as Lenda, is licensed in 12 U.S. States. That said, Reali ’ s marketing tends to gloss over or bury significant terms of service, which could potentially mislead consumers. Reali has an modal customer rat of 4.6 based on 615 reviews. It has 1.5 rate with the BBB and has been accredited since 2018. [ 1 ] Since launching in 2015, Reali has raised upwards of $ 42.2 million in investor fund. [ 2 ] It acquired Lenda, a San Francisco-based mortgage startup, in April 2019 to further its finish of becoming an “ end-to-end actual estate experience. ” [ 3 ]

Watch out for misleading marketing tactics

Although Reali ’ s services and savings are legitimate, authoritative details — such as minimal fees, terms, and restrictions for specific products and services — are frequently buried or misrepresented on its web site. For model : Reali advertises 1 % and 2 % fees for its Essential and Concierge list services, respectively. But a closer read of the footnote reveals $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 minimums. Reali besides makes it unmanageable to find crucial information about its Trade-In serve. The web site states that minimal fees apply, but does n’t list those fees. Nor does Reali make well-defined that Trade-In customers will pay close costs for three different transactions — which could easily amount to 5-10 % of a home ’ s total rate ! [ 4 ] If you ’ rhenium considering Reali, wear ’ t take its selling at face respect. Speak to a customer servicing rep or specialist and make sure you amply understand all of the fine print before moving forth .

How does Reali make money?

So how can Reali offer the same range of services as a traditional brokerage for less without going out of clientele ? Reali finds ways to lower its operating costs and boost its margins. It does this primarily by :

  • Handling a higher volume of customers with a smaller team
  • Upselling existing customers on premium or additional Reali services

Reali Agents outsource day-to-day tasks to a back-office team

Like many discount rate brokers, Reali relies on a team-based approach to handle the higher volume of customers per agent. lead Agents oversee the sale and handle some of the customer interfacing, but much of the daily and non-customer-facing tasks are managed by Associate Agents and a back-office team. » MORE: How good are Reali Agents ?

Reali manages much of the sales process remotely

Reali besides relies on engineering — namely its mobile app — to manage much of the procedure remotely and free up its lead Agents to handle more customers at once. » MORE: Read customer reviews of the Reali App

Reali pushes customers toward its in-house loan service

Reali ’ mho ultimate goal, however, is to provide an “ throughout ” real estate of the realm service. That means it wants to be a one-stop-shop, offering in-house options for every expression of the base sell or buying process. many of Reali ’ randomness products and services are specifically designed to push customers toward its in-house lend operation. For example, you have to use a Reali Loan if you want to use its Trade-In or Cash Offer services. » MORE: Learn more about Reali ‘s other services

Reali collects referral fees by sending customers to its partners

Reali besides makes money off of affiliate relationships with tangential services like championship and policy companies. For model, Reali may collect a referral tip when one of its customers buys a policy through Hippo, its insurance partner .

How much does Reali cost?

Service Fee
Reali “ Essential ” box 1 % ( $ 5,000 minute ) *
Buyer ‘s agent commission 2.5-3 %
full 3.5-4 %

Reali ’ s “ Essential ” box has a 1 % listing tip. It ‘s exchangeable to the typical range of services you ’ d expect to receive from a traditional realtor — and comparable to offerings from alike discount brokerages. That translates to an average $ 6,375 in listing fee savings across four price points, with higher dollar savings for higher home plate prices .

Price Point Fee Savings*
$ 100,000 $ 5,000 – $ 2,000
$ 250,000 $ 5,000 $ 2,500
$ 500,000 $ 5,000 $ 10,000
$ 750,000 $ 7,500 $ 15,000
average $ 5,625 $ 6,375

importantly, when you sell with Reali — as with any real estate agent — there are a few early costs you ’ ll probable have to cover. We recommend budgeting for an extra 4.5-7 % on clear of the advertise listing tip. here ’ s how that total breaks down :

Buyer’s agent commission (2.5-3% of sale price)

In real estate transactions, the commission for the buyer ‘s agent typically comes out of the sale proceeds. note : this international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine singular to Reali. You ’ ll probably meet this fee regardless of who you choose to sell with .

Closing costs (2-4% of sale price)

When you sell with Reali ( or any real estate agent ), you ’ ll be on the hook for some close costs. These may include things like transmit taxes, title insurance, escrow fees, or more, depending on what you negotiate with the buyer .

✍️ Editor’s note

Before listing with Reali, compare your expected savings against the

Hire the agent you believe will get you the best price for your home — not just charge the lowest commission. Saving 2% on realtor fees is great, but if the agent sells your home for 10% less than its fair market value, you’re losing a lot more than you’re gaining.
Before listing with Reali, compare your have a bun in the oven savings against the median commission pace in your area. Take the time to shop around to make surely you ‘re getting the best value.Hire the agent you believe will get you the best price for your home — not barely charge the lowest commission. Saving 2 % on realtor fees is great, but if the agent sells your home for 10 % less than its clean market respect, you ‘re losing a bunch more than you ‘re gaining .

How good are Reali Agents?

All Reali Agents are fully accredited real estate of the realm agents and provide the same general range of services and corroborate as traditional realtors. But there are a few differences that could affect your experience or consequence .

Reali Agent experience varies — and selection is VERY limited

Reali ’ sulfur Team international relations and security network ’ thymine very adult. If you ’ rhenium interest in taking advantage of Reali ’ s savings — or any of its other services — your choices will be limited. That means potentially settling for whoever is available, quite than picking the best paroxysm from a range of options. Reali ’ s web site presently features only 15 lead Agents, who are presumably servicing all of its markets across California. Zillow tells a similar fib, showing 23 Reali Agents in total — a concoction of Leads and Associates. only six of those Reali Agents on Zillow have more than 10 customer reviews. And 11 have no reviews at all. Reali ’ sulfur Lead Agents are typically required to have a minimum of three years ’ know, but that ’ s not inevitably the subject for Associates and back-office team members who may handle certain aspects of your sale .

Reali Agents may not be able to provide hands-on service

The size of the Reali Team besides raises questions about bandwidth. When there ’ s only one Lead Agent creditworthy for the stallion San Francisco market, it ’ sulfur going to limit the sum of attention each individual customer receives — flush with serve from a back-office team .Screenshot of Reali's Agent Finder Tool persona : Reali

Salaried agents have less direct incentive than traditional realtors

Unlike many traditional realtors, Reali Agents are full-time employees who receive salaries and benefits. Reali ’ s job postings besides call out 401ks, stock options, and monthly bonuses. however, late data from indeed suggests that Reali ’ s distinctive basal yield for lead Agents is slightly below the annual modal income for California agents — and significantly lower than the typical income for the top perform agents in the state. This income opening is worth calling out as it could impact Reali ’ s ability to attract and retain talented agents .

Reali Agents earn a lot less than top California realtors

Reali Lead Agents* $ 72,053
All CA Agents** $ 74,140
top 10 % CA Agents** $ 127,800+

When interviewing agents — from Reali or any brokerage house — consider their :

  • Experience in your specific neighborhood and price range
  • Past customer reviews and testimonials
  • Communication style and responsiveness
  • Estimate of your home’s value
  • And finally, the fees they charge, too!

Remember, you ’ re looking for the agent who is going to sell your house for the most money possible — not good charge you the lowest mission. Saving $ 5,000 on commission sounds big, but if the deduction agent or overhaul you hire ends up selling your home for $ 20,000 below its fair-market rate, you ’ re going to lose a lot more than you gain. » SAVE: Sell with a top local anesthetic realtor for equitable $ 3k or 1 %

How does Reali compare to similar services?

Reali Clever Redfin REX Real Estate
Avg customer rating 4.6 ( 615 reviews ) 4.9 ( 1,512 reviews ) 3.9 ( 416 reviews ) 4.7 ( 956 reviews )
Dedicated item of reach ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
in-person support ? partial Full partial partial
Regions covered California National National Southwest, West, Southeast, Mid-atlantic, Northeast
Listing fee 1 % or $ 5,000 1 % or $ 3,000 1.5 % ( min fees vary by market ) 2.5 % or $ 9,000
Avg Savings* $ 6,375 $ 7,375 $ 6,000 – $ 313
Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more

overall, Reali offers becoming savings and value compared to similar services — but only at particular price points. due to its relatively goodly $ 5,000 minimum tip for its Essential service ( its base, “ full-service ” software ), if you ’ re selling a home home plate at or below the $ 500,000 grade, you can decidedly find better rates and service elsewhere. Clever, for exercise, is not a discount agent. It ’ s a release agent-matching service that pre-negotiates 1 % or $ 3,000 flat rates with top local anesthetic agents from major brands like Keller Williams, RE/MAX, and Century 21. With Clever, you get more realtors to choose from, plus all the benefits of listing with a top-rated, traditional agentive role for a fraction of the price. » MORE: How can Clever help me save on realtor fees ?

Watch out for Reali’s minimum fees

When comparing options, do your due application and factor in minimum fees and your home ’ s value to see which service is mighty for your specific situation. For case, while the advertised fee for Reali ’ s Essential service ( 1 % ) is lower than Redfin ’ s most exchangeable offer ( 1.5 % ), the minimums are actually reasonably alike :

Market Redfin minimum Reali minimum
San Francisco $ 6,500 $ 5,000
San Diego $ 5,500 $ 5,000
Sacramento $ 4,250 $ 5,000
Orange County $ 6,500 $ 5,000
Los Angeles $ 6,250 $ 5,000
Inland Empire $ 6,250 $ 5,000

Of class, hard savings shouldn ’ t be your merely consideration. Sticking with the Redfin model, although Reali may offer a lower rate at certain price points, Redfin has more agents, is available in more markets, and is a bigger company with a more raise chase commemorate of success. Your family is likely one of the most valuable things you ’ ll ever have to sell. Deciding who to hire to represent your interests should never be angstrom bare as asking, “ who has the lowest price tag ? ”

💰 Compare 1% commission agents and save thousands

Try our release, no-obligation agent-matching service ! Clever will get proposals from the top agents in your area — and negotiate discounted rates of good $ 3K or 1 % .

Selling with Reali

Biggest benefits of selling with Reali…

  • Considerable savings compared to listing with a traditional realtor
  • Process is very tech-driven, if that’s something you value
  • Virtual home tours and two open houses with every listing
Biggest risks of selling with Reali…

  • May get less dedicated service and support throughout
  • Your agent will likely not attend inspections, final walkthrough, and closing
  • Limited selection of agents and mixed experience across the team
  • Team- / app-based approach could lead to problems or poor customer experience

When you sell with Reali, you ’ ll get the same basic services you ’ d expect from a traditional realtor, including : pricing recommendations ; professional photos ; your list on the MLS and other popular veridical estate sites ; assistant with offers, contracts, negotiations ; and more. There are a few specific benefits and drawbacks worth calling out :

  • Benefits: Essential package includes a virtual home tour and two open houses
  • Drawbacks: Your Reali Agent will typically NOT be present for inspections, the final walkthrough, escrow, or signing the documents

The actual experience of selling with Reali will be quite different, however, than selling with a traditional realtor .

Tech-driven customer experience isn’t for everyone

Reali relies on its mobile app and a team-based approach to manage the higher volume of deals. That means much of your communication will be handled via the app and you ’ ll batch with many different people during your sale, preferably than a individual dedicated agent throughout. Why does this matter ? actual estate transactions are nerve-racking and complicated. Communicating and managing the action through an app — peculiarly one with a lot of room for improvement, according to customer reviews — won ’ t make for everyone .

Team-based approach may increase the risk of problems

furthermore, when more people are involved in your sale, there ’ s an increased risk of miscommunications, mistakes, and delays that could jeopardize the result. This overture international relations and security network ’ t a deal circuit breaker — and it ’ second surely not unique to Reali — but it ’ sulfur something you should consider as you weigh your options against your own needs and preferences .

Buying with Reali

You can besides buy a home with a Reali Agent. But, as with betray, expect less hands-on attention and support than you ‘d get from a traditional realtor. Buying with Reali won ’ metric ton monetary value you anything out of scoop — in real estate, the fee for the buyer ’ sulfur agent is typically taken from the seller ’ s proceeds from the sale. There are a few benefits and extra military service options worth mentioning, though :

What is Reali Cash Back?

Some Reali buyers may be eligible for Reali ’ second Cash Back offer — what ’ s more normally known as a home plate buyer rebate or commission rebate. This is when your agent or brokerage house refunds you a parcel of the commission it collects on your home buy .

Average rebate for *eligible* buyers is $12,000

Reali offers up to 1 % of the home ’ second leverage price back at close. The company says the average buyer who qualifies for a rebate saves $ 12,000. That ‘s a distribute of cash, but 1 % back is a reasonably typical rate among dismiss brokerages and services that offer rebates .

An important note about home buyer rebates

There are a TON of rules and restrictions surrounding commission rebates. This is why you’ll almost always see conditional language in advertisements — i.e., “Get up to X%” or “$X on average.”

Make sure to read the fine print up front so you don’t encounter any unwelcome surprises later on.

Everything you should know about home buyer rebates
There are a TON of rules and restrictions surrounding committee rebates. This is why you ’ ll about constantly see conditional speech in advertisements — i, “ Get up to X % ” or “ $ X on average. ” Make certain to read the fine print up battlefront so you do n’t encounter any unwelcome surprises later on .

In many states, rebates are highly regulated and can lone be spent in certain ways ( some states don ’ triiodothyronine allow them at all ). The good news program is that in California, you can receive your rebate as cash .

How to qualify for Reali Cash Back

For your purchase to qualify for Reali Cash Back, Reali must receive at least 1.5 % of the home plate ‘s list price or $ 5,000 ( whichever is greater ) in buyer ‘s agent commission. additionally, the property must be located within Reali ‘s service area, which is much smaller than the scope of many other dismiss brokers. merely remember, many agents and brands offer mission rebates and, as a buyer, you don ’ t have to pay your agent ’ second fee. Aim for the stars ! shop class around to see how Reali stacks up against the very best of the best in your area to find the right match .

Compare top buyer’s agents near you

Clever matches you with top agents in your sphere and helps you find the perfect fit. Qualifying buyers can even get up to 0.5 % back after close .

Additional Reali services

One of the ways Reali seeks to turn a profit while offering dismiss rates is by upselling existing customers on early Reali services, including : Be aware that although these “ add-ons ” may be convenient, they may not offer the best value or service choice .

Reali Concierge

Reali Concierge is basically the substantive software with some extra home homework services, like clean and stage, for double over the price. When you sign up for Concierge, you ’ ll get everything included in the essential package plus :

  • A professional home cleaning
  • Home staging (up to 2,000 sq ft)
  • Four open houses (two more than with the Essential package)
  • An “Advanced Marketing Package,” which includes a video tour, drone footage, and a featured listing on Zillow

Reali ’ s Concierge service doesn ’ t come bum. The $ 10,000 minimum fee means you ’ ll be paying more than the advertise 2 % rate if your family is worth less than $ 500,000 .

Is Reali Concierge worth it?

Reali Concierge could be worth a look if you have a more expensive home — but chances are you can get the same services for less by finding local contractors and providers yourself.

» SAVE: Compare quotes from local home improvement pros
Reali Concierge could be worth a expect if you have a more expensive home — but chances are you can get the same services for less by finding local contractors and providers yourself .

According to HomeAdvisor, in California, professional family cleanings average $ 167, while base staging averages between $ 514 to $ 2,000. actual rates will vary by home and market, of course. But even on the higher end, chances are your sum cost international relations and security network ’ metric ton going to make up for that extra $ 5,000 or 1 % premium over the substantive software .

Reali Loans

Min Credit Score
  • 620 (conventional)
  • 500 (FHA)
Min Down Payment
  • 5% (< $453,100)
  • 10% (>$453,100)
Loan Types purchase, refinance, elephantine, fixed, FHA, VA

Reali Loans has been around since 2019, when Reali acquired Lenda, an on-line mortgage startup founded a little over six years earlier. Reali Loans offers fixed- or variable-rate newfangled purchase and refinance loans for home buyers and current homeowners, respectively. It underwrites FHA- and VA-backed mortgages, and qualify buyers can get elephantine loans up to $ 3 million. note : Reali Loans does not offer loans for investing, commercial, fabricate, or mobile properties — besides, no adjustable-rate or home equity loanword offerings

What makes Reali Loans different

A few things set Reali Loans apart from other mortgage services :

  • It doesn’t charge any lender fees — that means when it comes to common mortgage-related costs like origination, application, and credit fees, you pay $0.
  • Its loan product feeds into other value-add service offerings, including its Cash Offer and Trade-In programs, which are detailed in the next two sections.
  • Note: you will have to pay typical third-party fees, such as title and home appraisal, as well as interest, insurance, and taxes.

While Reali ’ randomness real estate broker services are only available in California, Reali Loans presently operates in 11 U.S. States. See the table below .

Reali Loans locations

Arizona Oregon
California Pennsylvania
Colorado Texas
Georgia Virginia
Illinois Washington

» MORE: Learn about Reali Loans

Reali Trade-In

If you qualify for and use a Reali Loan, you can use Reali ’ s Trade-In service, touted as a low-stress option to the traditional dwelling sell process. It offers some legit benefits — no double mortgage, flexible close, a cash-backed offer on your new home — but the associated ( and semi-hidden ) costs may make it not worth it .

How Reali Trade-In works

here ’ s how Reali trade-in works in a nutshell : Reali buys your new home for you with cash, lists and sells your old home, then you buy your new home back from Reali with the proceeds from your honest-to-god home ’ second sale ( minus the associate fees, of naturally ). In exchange for this service, you can expect to pay :

  • A 2.5% fee to Reali
  • Buyer’s agent commission (typically 2.5-3%)
  • Three sets of closing costs (that’s one more than usual, so assume an extra 3-5% on top of typical closing costs)
  • Deferred “rent” to Reali on your new home until you buy it back (roughly equivalent to a typical monthly mortgage payment with 20% down, 4% interest)
  • Note: this rent does not go towards paying down your Reali Loan

Most of these costs will not be due astir front ( aside from a 3 % deposit if your offer gets accepted ). They ’ ll be taken out of the proceeds from the sale of your previous family. But if those proceeds come up short, you will have to cover the difference out of pocket. » MORE: Learn about Reali Trade-In

Reali Cash Offer

Reali Loan customers can take advantage of Reali ’ sulfur Cash Offer program, which seems like a legitimately well value-add service with few ( dare we say no ? ) hidden strings attached. If you qualify for and secure a Reali Loan, Reali will front the cash so you can make a cash-backed offer on your new dwelling, which :

  • Helps you move faster
  • Increases your offer’s appeal
  • Could potentially save you money (cash offers may help you negotiate a lower price)

Unlike Reali ’ s Trade-In overhaul, you won ’ thymine have to pay an extra fee to use the Cash Offer program. This could give you an edge over other buyers in a highly competitive market and/or even save you money. Just make sure you ’ ra shopping around for different mortgage options and rates to make sure you ’ re getting a legitimately beneficial deal. » MORE: Learn about Reali Cash offer

Reali customer reviews

Note: The pursuit inspection data is up-to-date as of 11/9/2021. We will update this section as newfangled information becomes available .

Rating # of reviews
Weighted avg 4.6 615
Trustpilot 4.7 353
Zillow 4.9 207
Google 3.4 53

overall, Reali ’ s ratings across third-party sites are fair, with an average customer rat of 4.6 across 615 entire reviews. It ’ sulfur worth noting that the above reviews — particularly on Trustpilot and Google — represent a mix of Reali Real Estate and Reali Loans customers .

What customers like about Reali

so what do customers have to say about their experiences working with Reali ? The most common themes among convinced Reali reviews are :

  • Legit savings
  • Honest, professional, and knowledgeable agents
  • Good communication from the team
  • Paperless, tech-driven process

My Reali Agent was ‘phenomenal’

This seller had a big experience with Reali. She specifically called out how her Reali Agent and team made the feel cocksure and comfortable, despite the challenges of selling during the COVID-19 pandemic .Ilana and Reali are phenomenal! Our family expected the sale of our home to be stressful and awkward - particularly during the pandemic. Ilana and her team made
the experience positive and easy. She worked to get the best price for our home and ensured that we were part of that process - that we were comfortable with decisions made during the negotiation process. We highly recommend Reali and their superstar,

Reali’s tech-driven process helped deliver a ‘fast closing’

This Reali buyer had a smooth and easy experience purchasing their home with Reali spinal column in August 2020. He said the tech-driven procedure made for an exceptionally fast close .James is a top notch Realtor. Working on this transaction with James was smooth and easy. Everything was done electronically which helped out tremendously for
a fast closing. James and his staff are very professional and friendly. Thank you!

The savings are ‘great’ — but Reali’s customer service was sloppy

This Reali buyer had a mix experience with Reali back in July. On the one hand, they love the refund and Reali ’ s tech-driven process — specially in lighter of COVID-19. On the early, they said the Reali Team was not only slow to communicate and act, but besides made some sloppy mistakes .This was my second time purchasing a property through Reali.</p>
<p>1) Money back. You can save some money in agent fees, which is great. In my case the buyer agent fee was 2.5% (which was also not explicit in the listing) and after paying the fixed fee I could still save ~1.1%.</p>
<p>2) Good electronic system. It worked perfectly when there is a pandemic. Almost everything is set up in a way that you can conveniently sign electronically.</p>
<p>Here are some of the problems we encountered:</p>
<p>1) Sometimes agents were not responsive at all. We missed a bunch of good opportunities to make an offer due to their slow and non-responsiveness. In both cases we purchased properties through Reali, we ended up making an offer for slightly less desired<br />
properties. I think that dynamically matching agents might be helpful in some cases.</p>
<p>2) There were some errors. A house insurance was added without asking/telling me so I ended up getting two insurances. Also, the escrow package was not received by the property management and there wasn’t enough follow-ups.” class=”lazyload blur-up” height=”741″ src=”″ width=”684″/></p>
<h3>What customers DON’T like about Reali</h3>
<p> The most common themes among negative Reali reviews are :</p>
<li>Lacking when it comes to negotiations</li>
<li>Slow moving, nonresponsive</li>
<li>Mistakes and errors</li>
<h4>Reali fired our agent — and didn’t tell us</h4>
<p> This Reali seller had the unpleasant have of their agent being fired by Reali in the in-between of their transaction, then learning about it from their Title ship’s company — not Reali. When they tried to contact Reali, they couldn ’ thymine get in touch, which led to a rough close .<img alt=

My Reali Agents were inexperienced and made ‘too many’ mistakes

This seller was frustrated by Reali Agents ’ miss of experience when it came to impactful aspects of the sale like negotiations. He besides felt that because other agents knew the Reali Team is inexperienced and makes mistakes, they were less probably to push their clients toward Reali listings .This company only knows how to use data gathering, which is what all efficient real estate agents already know how to do with the tools they have. When it gets
down to real life situations during a transactions like negotiations with the buyer or seller, these agents are not experienced to get the best results that turn into losing opportunities and lost money for sellers. This company is like Walmart: very
low prices but the employees don't know much.</p>
<p>Also, buyer agents will not bring their qualified buyers to these new companies listings because they know the agents are not experienced and make too many missteps like getting time sensitive required contingencies done.” class=”lazyload blur-up” height=”650″ src=”″ width=”1740″/></p>
<h4>Working with Reali was NOT a fun experience</h4>
<p> This buyer signed up with Reali because of the promise of cash back at close. But they felt the team ’ south inexperience, disorganization, and lack of communication lead to a very nerve-racking experience that about resulted in them losing their dream house .<img alt=

Unfortunately the staff is very inexperienced, at one point we almost lost the house because they were not responsive and not preparing the documents on time.

On inspection day, our inspector was waiting in front of the house for couple of hours. We tried to call and email the person who supposed to meet with him. After two hours of calls and no response she finally was like, ohhhhh i am sorry I got double
booked and I was in another property…Are you kidding me? don’t you have a calendar and can’t see what is in your schedule?

I was really on the edge to change the agent but I didn’t want to loose the house so ended up staying with them.

Not a fun experience at all!!!!” class=”lazyload blur-up” height=”684″ src=”″ width=”1748″/>

Reali App reviews

Rating # of reviews
Weighted Avg 4.1 673
Apple App Store 4.1 310
Google Play 4.1 363

The Reali App has a average median rat of 4.1 out of 673 entire reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Just to put that in perspective, the Redfin App has an average evaluation of 4.8 out of 950,187 total reviews … Most users feel the app has potential, but there are hush a huge number of kinks that need working out. furthermore, some complained that in arrange to evening try out the app, you have to supply your contact information, which will result in a inundate of calls from salesperson within a matter of hours .Only services California so it is useless to me. You have to provide a phone number to sign up, after you do you will get a text asking if you want to be called.
Even if you reply no someone will call. Props to their call center I suppose though, I did not expect a call a few hours after installing the app. I politely told them no thank you and we hung up. Now I'm getting phone calls at 3 and 4 am from a private
number. Can't help but feel like the random phone calls are related.I hate that it forces you to verify a phone number and email before even seeing what the app has to offer. You will get calls and emails even if you decline
them at startup. They only service 5 areas in California so the hassle and harrassment doesn't seem worth it.

Conclusion: Is Reali a good option for you?

Reali is a legit service that has a proved track record of helping people successfully sell or buy homes and save thousands. Whether it ’ s a dear choice for you in truth comes down to :

  • Your personal preferences
  • How much risk you’re willing to take on for the potential savings on offer
  • The circumstances surrounding your sale or purchase
  • The quality of the Reali Agents and Team in your area

Remember, there is never an obligation to move forward when you interview deduction brokerages, agents, or any other real number estate military service. If you feel blackmail or uncomfortable at any point during the interview process, that ’ s a major red flag. You have absolutely nothing to lose — and everything to gain — by shopping around and comparing rates, experience, and personalities to find the perfect equip. Reali may well end up being your best count, but you ’ ll never know for sure unless you get out there and explore all of your options .

👋 Next Steps: Talk to an expert!

If you ‘re weighing your options for buying or selling a sign of the zodiac, Clever can help !

Our fully-licensed concierge team is standing by to answer questions and provide spare, objective advice on getting the best result with your sale or purchase.

Ready to get started ?

Give us a call at 1-833-2-CLEVER or enter your information below. Our concierge team will be in touch shortly to help.

Remember, this military service is 100 % free and there ’ s never any duty .

Reali business hours and contact information

business hours 9am-6pm PST, 7 days a workweek
Phone phone number 844-HI-REALI
Email information @

Reali locations

As of 11/9/2021, Reali is available in the following metropolitan areas in California :

Inland Empire
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
San Francisco
Ventura County

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