Verizon adds free Apple Music to Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans

Verizon adds free Apple Music to Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans

Depending on your Verizon unlimited plan, you may soon get a new fringe benefit : free Apple Music. On Tuesday even, Verizon announced that starting on Jan. 17, it will be included Apple ‘s music stream serve for detached for subscribers of its “ Beyond Unlimited ” and “ Above Unlimited ” plans. Verizon previously offered six-month subscriptions to Apple Music with its unlimited plans, which it will hush do for its cheaper “ Go Unlimited ” plans. As Verizon allows for each line to have a different version of its inexhaustible plan, it is not one Apple Music subscription per account but rather one for each line that has either the “ Beyond ” or “ Above ” outright plans.

If, for case, you have a kin design with four lines — two of its priciest “ Above ” outright plans, one with “ Beyond ” and one with the cheapest “ Go ” — the three lines with either “ Above ” or “ beyond ” would be able to sign up for their own Apple Music subscriptions while the “ Go ” plan would be able to get a six-month trial but would then need to pay $ 9.99 per calendar month. You can set up your Apple Music subscription through Verizon’s My Verizon app or web site. If you already have an Apple Music subscription, you will need to first natural it through Apple and then re-sign up through My Verizon. More: Apple is selling a new battery case for its latest iPhones … for $ 129 More: Netflix raises monthly prices on all of its US plans ; here ’ s how much you ’ ll pay More: Sprint adds modern rewards program in latest bid to rival AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile

Verizon says you wo n’t lose your playlists during this process so long as you re-sign up for Apple Music using the like Apple ID your previous subscription was tied to. By partnering with Apple Music, Verizon finally has an answer to rival ‘s AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint, each of whom already offers a stream service for some of their unlimited plans. T-Mobile includes a standard Netflix subscription with plans that have two or more lines of its “ T-Mobile One ” overhaul, Sprint bundles Hulu starting with its “ Unlimited Basic ” plan ( and adds Tidal for its “ Plus ” arsenic well as Amazon Prime for its “ Premium ” offerings ), while AT & T offers 30 channels of live television receiver for its basis inexhaustible design and adds the option of either HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, Pandora, Vrv and Amazon Music for its premium design. Verizon ‘s plans start at $ 75 per calendar month for a unmarried line of “ Go Unlimited, ” $ 85 for a single line of “ Beyond ” and $ 95 for “ Above. ” For a family of four, a argumentation of “ Go ” is $ 40 per month, “ beyond ” is $ 50 per calendar month and “ Above ” is $ 60 per calendar month. Each plan includes inexhaustible talk, text and data with differences between them largely on the come of high-speed mobile WiFi hot spot data and the quality of video streams over the company ‘s 4G LTE network.

The pricier “ Above ” plan besides includes 500GB of repositing in the caller ‘s Verizon Cloud platform and five “ locomotion passes ” per calendar month for using your telephone in over 130 countries abroad. Unlike T-Mobile, which allows for those who want Netflix ‘s premium 4K plan to pay the remainder between it and the standard HD plan that it bundles, Verizon will not be subsidizing a subscription to Apple ‘s $ 14.99 per month syndicate plan for Apple Music — which could’ve been useful for families who have kids on the cheaper “ Go ” plan but a rear cable with “ Beyond ” or “ Above ”. Follow Eli Blumenthal on Twitter @ eliblumenthal

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