Elephant Auto Insurance Review

Elephant auto insurance coverages

Despite being a small and reasonably young insurance company, Elephant offers drivers an exceeding issue of unusual coverages. It peculiarly stands out for its automatic pet injury protection and its diminishing deductible add-on, which allows drivers to reduce their collision deductible to $0 with safe driving .

Diminishing deductible

Elephant ‘s diminishing deductible enables safe drivers to eliminate their deductible wholly. Pay $ 60 per year ( $ 30 for a six-month policy ) and your collision deductible will go down by $ 100 ( $ 50 for a six-month policy ). For every policy term that you remain accident-free, your deductible will go down by $ 100 ( $ 50 for six months ) — up to a maximum of $ 500 full .
If you do get into an accident, Elephant does not penalize you by resetting your deductible to its original measure. rather, the company locks it in for the duration of one policy terminus. After that policy term ends, you can pick up where you ‘ve left off and continue working to reduce it by avoiding accidents .

Roadside assistance

elephant Insurance offers roadside aid coverage via Urgent.ly to help drivers in an hand brake. When users call the give Elephant wayside aid number, they ‘ll be connected with a local service supplier and receive real-time updates as the supplier makes its way toward the drug user ‘s localization.

Providers can help with the follow wayside emergencies :

  • Towing
  • Battery jump
  • Flat tire replacement
  • Fuel delivery
  • Lockout services

Pet injury coverage

Elephant mechanically includes $ 1,000 of pet injury auspices in your collision coverage, making it a big choice for drivers who often travel with their pets .
While many other insurers make you pay extra to protect your pets, Elephant does not. Up to $ 1,000 of coverage can be applied to two pets, provided these pets are dogs or cats that were inside the car with you during the cover accident.

Accident forgiveness: standard and upgraded

Drivers who manage to stay accident-free for three years earn a degree of accident forgiveness. This means that should you get into an accident after the three-year cross off, your bounty will stay the lapp and you wo n’t receive an accident overcharge .
Accident forgiveness can be upgraded by drivers with a clean criminal record who have not so far hit the three-year scar but silent want to protect their current rate.


All Elephant policyholders have access to a service called YourMechanic, which allows you to script a animate serve at your home or office at a reduce price. This eliminates the hassle of taking your car to a servicing center. Services from YourMechanic have a year-long, 12,000-mile guarantee .

Legal resources plan

Policyholders will to pay an extra $ 6 per calendar month receive full coverage of lawyer fees for one minor dealings misdemeanor each year and a 25 % rebate off other lawyer services, such as will preparation, family law and actual estate transactions .

Other add-on coverages from Elephant Insurance

In summation to the standard coverages you ‘d expect to see from any major car insurance company, Elephant Insurance besides offers the trace addition coverages to enhance your car ‘s protection on the road :

  • Loan/lease: covers up to 25% of your car’s actual cash value if you get in an accident or your car is stolen and you still owe money on it.
  • Rental reimbursement: covers the cost of a rental car while your own car receives covered repairs.
  • Non-owner car insurance: covers liability claims for those who frequently drive cars they don’t own.
  • Custom parts and equipment: covers enhancements to your car, such as custom rims, tires or a wheelchair lift.
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