How to Raise Your Credit Score by 100 Points in a Few Months has an advertise relationship with the companies included on this foliate. All of our content is based on objective psychoanalysis, and the opinions are our own. For more information, please check out our full disavowal and dispatch list of partners Raising your credit score 100 points is easier than many people might think, specially if you presently have badly credit .
Keep read for a recommendation from one of my interns, Kevin, whose method for boosting his credit score over 100 points might surprise you .

How To Improve Your Credit Score

1. Check Your Credit Score

Most people don ’ t know their credit score until a time comes when they need it.

Don ’ thyroxine be one of these people !
good recognition scores are your recommendation to competitive interest rates for mortgages, cars, credit card offers, insurance premiums, and more. Maintaining a high credit score is worth it because it will save you from the money you ’ five hundred wage in higher concern rates .
fortunately, it ’ south simple to learn your credit score. I recommend the stick to companies :

Company Data Source Price
Experian FICO FREE
MyFICO Experian, Transunion, Equifax $15.95
Credit Sesame Transunion FREE
Credit Karma Transunion & Equifax FREE

Learn more about each of these companies :

2. Fix Credit Problems

After you know your credit sexual conquest, step two is : how can we improve it ?
The best way to improve your credit score is to review your citation report card. The score itself is not personal, every american falls within the lapp range. however, the credit reputation, is your unique fiscal history .
A credit report breaks down the take after by weighted importance :

  • Payment History (30%)
    • Paying your credit card, student loan bills, etc. on time? 
  • Credit Utilization (30%)
    • The ratio between credit available to you and how much of it you use
  • Credit Age (15%)
    • How long have credit lines been opened? Mortgage, credit cards, etc. 
  • Account Mix (10%)
    • Variety of credit lines
  • Credit Inquiries (10%)
    • Too many hard inquiries don’t look good, i.e., applying for a bunch of credit cards at once

Where you get your credit report matters, which is why I powerfully recommend Experian. You ’ re not only getting it directly from the reservoir ( Experian is one of the three credit reporting companies in America ), but it ’ south unblock when you create an report !


3. Run Up the Score

now it ’ south time to tackle the two factors in your recognition report which impact your score the most .

Payment History

Did you know that missing fair ONE bill can lower your citation score by 100 points ? Ouch. If you ’ re unable to pay your bills each month, I recommend setting up a budget. This is your path to a higher credit score .
A budget entails writing down all expenses in a given calendar month, and all your sources of income. If the mathematics doesn ’ metric ton work, then you know what you need to do .

Resource How It Can Help  
YNAB Get’s you on track with a Budget Try YNAB Free
Tally Organize & Pay off Credit Cards Sign-up For Tally

Credit Utilization

Credit use refers to how much of your total credit calling card limit you use. If you have a $ 10,000 line of citation with one poster, you should never spend more than $ 3,000. If your limit is humble, or if you can ’ thyroxine serve but spend the whole restrict, I recommend getting another credit batting order .
It seems counterintuitive, but the goal is to increase your credit limit, without outgo more, and this will improve your credit use score on your credit report .

Kevin’s Story

As a junior and senior in college, I was always told that applying for a accredit tease could be my beginning step in the wrong direction. With a credit card in hand, my parents worried I would spend money I couldn ’ metric ton give off and build a life style I couldn ’ triiodothyronine in truth afford, rather than learning to save money .
While these are legalize concerns, I had to let them know I felt as if I had some see over my spend. My reply was always the same : “ How would I know until I was able to try for myself ? ”

What I Learned from Being Denied for Credit Cards

When I was finally prepared to get a accredit circuit board on my own, none of the banks I applied to would give me a casual .
It went like this : “ I am unemployed people, have no credit history, and have a couple of thousand dollars in college debt that I will have to start paying on in the adjacent year or two. ”
not precisely a winning pitch to convince person to give you a line of citation ! Two banks denied me, but one banker was kind and shared some information that has helped me raise my credit grade over 100 points in the past five months .
first base, I should stop trying to apply for recognition cards that would get denied. His reasoning was dim-witted : when you apply, they do a hard recognition check which, in turn, can lower your credit score even more .
His second slice of advice was to get a secured credit calling card .

How a Secured Credit Card Works

He told me that no major deposit was going to accept my credit application, but there was actually an alternative option available – one which was specially perfect for those in my demand position : to sign up for what is called a secured credit card .
While the terms for these are dreadfully nonreversible in favor of the lender, I assure you it is a small price to pay for the result you receive after lone a few months .

With secured recognition cards, you give the lender a cash deposit up movement, and that cash deposition is typically equal to your credit limit .

This process in truth confused me at foremost, since I thought the deposition was money I could actually spend. What I learned, however, is that the sediment is there in case I default .
I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate spend the situate itself, but I would get it back if I kept my report in good stand until I closed the circuit board .
After you make your down payment, secured cards are besides treated barely like traditional credit cards. Your batten batting order will typically look and act barely like a even accredit card, so no matchless will know it is secured .
There is besides an annual tip associated with most secured credit cards, but I felt it was a belittled monetary value to pay for the opportunity to build some accredit history .

How To Maximize the Benefits of Your Secured Credit Card

When I first checked my accredit grade with MyFICO in March of 2011, it was sitting at 621 .
I set up my new secured credit wag with a credit limit of $ 1,100. The credit restrict should be a affair of what cash you have, and besides what you plan on using the credit card for .
According to many bankers and friends I talked to, you should try to run a 75 % use rate on your credit calling card to maximize your likely to raise your credit grade .
indeed, if you only spend about $ 300 a calendar month, you should give your secured accredit card a $ 500 down requital so that you are utilizing your credit rather than having a $ 1,000 dollar limit and only spending $ 300.

My expenditures were approximately $ 700 dollars a calendar month so the $ 1,100 dollar limit fit my needs .


How I Raised My Credit Score Over 100 Points

Raising my credit score with a procure tease took some disciplined, conscientious outgo .
here are the rules I followed to maximize the benefits of my secured accredit card .

  • Spend what you have: After I received my secured card and started spending, I made sure that I would only spend money I already had or would receive, before the next pay period.
  • Pay often: I ended up paying off my credit card roughly four times a month to ensure I never carried a balance from one month to the next.
  • Know your limits: I would never let my credit limit exceed $800, and I would never pay it off if the card balance was under $300 unless the pay period was coming to an end.
  • Make purchases: I would put every penny of my spending on the credit card – from the smallest expenses such as a drink from the gas station to major purchases such as airline tickets or hotel rooms.
  • Be consistent: I repeated this process for 5 months to establish a credit history of regular use and always paying on time.

What My Improved Credit Score Allowed Me To Do

In August of 2011, I had to purchase a cable car indeed I could switch jobs .
When I filled out the credit rating application to see if I qualified for lower financing rates, my credit score came back as 731 .
In other words, I raised my recognition sexual conquest from 621 to 731 in just five months !
This is a very big deal because, at 621, I would have been denied a loanword for the car, or would have had an interest rate that exceeded 9 % on the car loan .
Since I chose to get a secured credit card, I was able to take the car loan on my own and qualify for the low rate of 3.99% financing.
The remainder in the loan between the two concern rates would be $ 750 over the life sentence of the loanword, far surpassing the circuit board ’ s annual tip, and the opportunity cost of my secured credit circuit board holding my $ 1,100 for five months .

Why You Should Let Your Kids Get a Secured Credit Card

To all of the parents out there who worry about letting their college kid put on for a accredit batting order, I can tell you it worked for me in five months and will change my fiscal future for many years to come .

Secured citation cards offer a goofproof way to raise your accredit score when it is not possible through a regular bank credit card .
It ’ s a condom way to earn accredit if you do not trust your pull the leg of to spend responsibly .
The worst that can happen with a batten card is that you can not pay your bill, your company closes out the explanation, and they pay off your recognition with the money you already have on down payment .
My batten batting order worked perfectly for me and I have now been accepted for a credit wag with a major trust .

How to Make a Secured Credit Card Work For You

here ’ s the truth : If you have a low credit score and can not qualify for traditional credit, a secured accredit calling card is the best way to build a credit profile that will final .
Below are the steps to moving your credit score in the good commission using a secured credit card :

Step 1. Learn Your Current Credit Score

just as was emphasized above, knowing your citation score is key. Any one of these places listed below will get you either your claim credit mark ( if you pay ) or close enough ( the free versions ) .

Step 2. Research secured credit cards

Getting a secured credit card is one of the best and fastest ways to improve your recognition score. Petal Visa Credit Card is one of the merely credit cards you can get without credit history or an upfront deposit and the current APR is overall pretty good for a secured citation tease ranging from 14.49 % – 25.49 % .
With responsible spending and on-time payments, you can grow your credit score. petal reports to all three major bureaus–TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax .

Step 3. Read the terms and conditions, then sign up for the right card 

once you find a batting order that meets your needs, you need to read through all the fine print to make certain you understand all fees involved with your new secured card .
When you feel comfortable with the details, plainly click on the “ enforce now ” sign and fill out all of the compulsory information .

Step 4. Put down a cash deposit you can afford

One of the reasons I love the Petal Visa Credit Card ( and no, I don ’ thyroxine work for them ! ) is because they don ’ metric ton require a cash sediment .
Most secured citation cards do. If you find a calling card you love that requires a cash deposit, my advice is to put down only what you can afford. Don ’ t overextend yourself .

Step 5. Use your secured credit card sparingly at first

As you get used to using credit, you ’ ll want to use your batting order meagerly at first .
Don ’ t rush in and begin charging items until you get a clasp on what you can truly pay back .
You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to end up with a revolving balance you can ’ t afford to pay off every month, and you decidedly don ’ metric ton want to pay pastime on your purchases !

Step 6. Monitor your bill closely, and pay your secured card off frequently

To make sure you ’ rhenium utilizing your new secured credit circuit board, you ’ ll want to keep close tabs on your growing bill .
If your card offers online bill management, this task should be reasonably easily. If it doesn ’ metric ton, you may need to keep track of your purchases and charges manually .
Either way, this mistreat is crucial since staying debt-free is the best direction to keep your credit in tip-top shape .


In Summary: Tips To Improve Your Credit Score

  1. Signup for Credit Karma, an easy-to-use and transparent one-stop shop: get your credit score, credit report, and credit monitoring.
  2. Download Tally, a credit card consolidation app that makes it easy to stay on top of your credit cards. Scan your cards and get a line of credit as well as manage payments.
  3. Signup for Experian Boost to include your cell phone and utility payments into the calculation of your credit score. This is huge because Experian won’t count missed bills, only positive history payments. 
  4. Get a Petal Visa Credit Card. All the perks and rewards of a credit card, except no fees and catered towards improving your credit score. 

The Bottom Line

While Kevin ’ sulfur narrative is absolutely amazing, it isn ’ t all that singular. In the real populace, secured credit cards are a valuable instrument that can be used to build your credit when you otherwise couldn ’ triiodothyronine .
Whether you like it or not, your credit score is important.

If you ever hope to take out a mortgage, borrow money for a car as Kevin did, or borrow funds to start a raw business, you ’ ll need a beneficial or properly credit score to qualify for the best rates .
While fallible, secured credit cards offer the opportunity to improve your recognition and your biography .
If you are ready to improve your credit and think a fasten card could help, don ’ triiodothyronine delay. Research your options and sign up nowadays .

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