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Our web site is supported by our users. We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our web site Becoming a rideshare driver is one of the most popular ways to make excess money with your car .
Being an Uber driver or a Lyft driver gives you the flexibility to make money on your own agenda .
In a major city with high requirement, driving for Uber can be a full-time occupation or a half-time gig that saves some excess money each calendar month.

many people use Uber to help cover their modern fomite expenses .
Others use Uber to save for a vacation or other expense .
Whatever your reasons are for being concern in Uber, you will need to know the requirements for becoming a driver .
so observe read to learn all the hows and why of becoming an Uber driver .

Reasons to Become an Uber Driver

There are many reasons to become an Uber driver, and ultimately you will have to weigh the benefits for yourself .
The comply benefits are the most common reasons people enjoy using Uber to make money .

1. Flexible Schedule

Having the exemption to make your schedule is one of the independent reasons people choose to drive with Uber .
You decide both how many hours a week you will work and when you will work them .
You can be the boss of yourself .
You will need discipline, but for many people, it is worth it for freedom .
Did your supporter invite you to something fun at the last minute ?
As an Uber driver, you can drive or not drive whenever you want .
specially if it is a half-time gig to bring in some extra money, you can always make up your hours on a unlike day .

2.Meeting Diverse People Is Fun

As an Uber driver, you will meet modern and matter to people every fourth dimension you drive .
specially in a major city like New York City or Los Angeles, passengers will be from around the world and will probably love talking about their travels .
While some riders will prefer to make the trip quietly, many will love having a conversation with you and sharing some of their life sentence stories .
These conversations take some of the boredom out of ferment and allow you to meet diverse people on the occupation

3. Signup Process Is Easy

by and large speaking, the lotion process to become an Uber driver is bare and only takes a few minutes .
You can sign up on the web or through the Uber driver app on io and Android .
After making an account, you will submit some documents like your license and vehicle registration .
And once Uber approves these documents, you are full to go .
You will get entire access to the Uber driver app and can start accepting rides .

What Should I Know Before I Become an Uber Driver ?

Like any job, you should know the basics of being a rideshare driver before you decide to invest your clock and energy into it .
indeed let us now cover some of the details of what being an Uber driver entails .
vector graphic showing man driving for uber

1. You’ll Be Picking Up And Dropping People Off

It might be obvious, but the main natural process of an Uber driver is picking up and dropping off people .
a soon as you put yourself on-line in the Uber driver app, ride requests will start coming in .
The application itself coordinates everything and will decide which ride requests to send you based on your localization and the pickup localization .
Slower nights can be frustrating—you will have minimal requests and lower earnings .
But on a interfering nox, you can get completely consumed with back-to-back requests constantly coming in .
Uber can even offer you the upcoming drive request before you have dropped off your current passenger .

2. You Will Be a 1099 Contractor

As an Uber driver, you are considered a 1099 contractile organ .
This categorization refers to the 1099 tax document, and it means that you are a freelance and mugwump contractor .
You will not get a wage because you will not be an employee of Uber .
Your earnings will wholly depend on the rides that you make .
And as a 1099 contractor, you are entirely responsible for setting aside a part of your income to pay taxes .

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3. You Will Get Out of Uber What You Put into It

Uber can be a big way to make money if you do it right, but it is not easy to earn money .
The time you put into Uber, along with a willingness to work the extremum hours, will be a decide divisor .
You will get out of Uber what you put into it .
And if you make Uber your full-time occupation, you will make money for sure .
But for part-time sour, you might have to learn the best hours to work in your area and then put the attempt in during those times .
Certain extremum hours will correlate with promotions and other bonuses from Uber american samoa well .
Uber wants to keep both their drivers and riders happy .

How profitable Is It to Be an Uber Driver ?

How much you will earn as an Uber driver will depend on a few obvious factors, like where you live and how many hours you can work .

In a high-demand city like San Francisco, tied half-time drive can be profitable .
But in less popular areas ( and at less popular hours ), you might find yourself waiting round besides much .
According to one study of New York City Uber drivers, the median crying income was $ 21.85 per hour .
But this gross income dropped to an actual hourly rate of $ 13.56 after taking expenses into account .
You have to factor in the cost of boast and other vehicle expenses if you want an accurate estimate of profits .
Some of the main factors that affect Uber profits include :

  • The location you will be driving in
  • The number of hours you work
  • Which hours you work (peak times equals more money)
  • Gas and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Car rental costs if you do not own a car
  • The cost of auto insurance in your area

Some people besides work as a Lyft driver and an Uber driver at the like tim vitamin e to help increase their profits .
ultimately, you will have to calculate your situation and decide whether or not it is worth it to drive for Uber .
hopefully, these factors will help you to calculate your potential earnings .

Requirements Every Uber Driver Must Meet

Despite the easy signup procedure, Uber is rigid about drivers ( and their cars ) meet specific minimum requirements .
It is worth reviewing some of these requirements before going forward with the application summons .
vector graphic showing a clipboard and a man trying to meet Uber driver requirements

Uber Driver Requirements

To be an Uber driver, you must meet certain criteria, such as their minimum long time requirements and criminal background discipline .
These restrictions are put in set to protect passengers .
There are besides the more obvious requirements like having a valid driver ’ randomness license and proof of indemnity .
For safety, Uber requires that you have at least a year of driving have, or 3 years if you are under the age of 23 .
You will besides have to prove that you are a resident and can legally work by providing your social security total .
There are besides technical requirements that you will need to meet .
You need to own a smartphone, preferably a newer model, that can smoothly run the Uber software .
Older iPhones, for example, could cause you problems and make you miss out on profits .
For a more detailed front into what you will need to become an Uber driver, read our wax article on Uber driver requirements .

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Uber Background Check Requirements

During the application process to drive with Uber, you will have to agree to a setting check .
Uber does this to keep their riders safe .
vector graphic of a magnifying glass sitting on laptop keyboard on Uber background check post
Uber will do a drive record check adenine well as a criminal history check .
They want to know if you have any felonies, convictions, violent crimes, or sexual offenses in your by .
But aside from major offenses, Uber besides needs to know your driving condom .
If you have driving violations like heedless drive or a DUI in your late history, they will automatically disqualify you .

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Uber Vehicle Requirements

Besides doing a drive record check and other background checks, you besides need a vehicle in full condition that meets Uber ’ randomness minimum requirements .
And if you want to drive for Uber ’ s luxury services like Uber Black or Uber Select, you will need to meet nonindulgent requirements.

Types of Vehicles Allowed

Uber has limits on what vehicle types are allowed to keep a coherent and safe experience for their passengers .
Vehicle restrictions are taut for the higher-tiered services like Uber Black and Uber SUV, but some basic examples of vehicle types include :

  • A standard sedan like a Toyota Camry or a Ford Focus for UberX
  • Bigger models such as a Dodge Caravan or Ford Explorer for UberXL
  • Higher-end luxury cars such as a Lexus GS or a BMW X3 for Uber Select
  • A Full-size SUV such as a Lexus LX or an Audi A6 for Uber Black

The luxury categories, Uber Select and Uber Black, besides require a leather interior, and they have even stricter requirements on the vehicle class .

Vehicle Requirements for Uber

aside from the specific requirements of those unlike types of Uber categories, there are some general requirements that all Uber vehicles must meet :

  • Must be a four-door car
  • Must have enough seatbelts for everyone (including the driver)
  • Be in good general condition without any obvious cosmetic damage on the exterior
  • Pass a yearly vehicle inspection
  • Must be new enough (generally not more than 10-15 years old)
  • Taxis and cars with commercial branding are not allowed

You can besides learn more by reading our full moon article devoted to fomite requirements for Uber .

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Example Uber Vehicles

specific Uber vehicles will get more expensive and have tighter requirements depending on the class .

For the base class of UberX or Uber Pool, common vehicles include :

  • Honda Civic
  • Toyota Prius
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Ford Focus
  • Honda Accord
  • Toyota Camry

Uber XL is the future class improving and it requires a larger vehicle .
Some common forty vehicles are :

  • Honda Odyssey
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Dodge Caravan
  • Ford Expedition

The more luxury-focused Uber categories — Uber Select and Uber Black— have much rigorous requirements .
park vehicles in this category admit :

  • Cadillac CTS
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Chrysler 300
  • Lexus GS
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Tesla Model S
  • BMW 5 Series

Uber Insurance Requirements

Each express will have a different minimum on the compulsory insurance coverage to drive for Uber, but any the amount is you have to prove that you have a personal car insurance policy .
Whether you have policy extras like collision is up to you, but basic indemnity coverage is a must .
And if you want to drive for Uber Black, you besides need to have commercial insurance .
It is worth noting that Uber does provide you with rideshare policy anytime you are logged into the app and carrying a passenger .

How to Become an Uber Driver

nowadays that you have a basic mind of the requirements for driving with Uber, let ’ s get into some of the detailed steps for how to sign up .
Understanding these steps and having the right documents quick to go will make it arsenic smooth as possible .

Documents You’ll Need

Uber will need proof that you meet the fomite and personal requirements to become a driver .
so be sure to have these required documents scanned before starting the signup process :

  • Driver’s license
  • Your vehicle’s registration
  • Your vehicle’s insurance with your name on the policy
  • A passed background check (performed in the process with Checkr)
  • Profile photo
  • Licensing certificate (if your city/region requires it)

Be certain that you are uploading original documents and that they are visible and easy to read .
Rejected documents will lone slow down the procedure .

The Application Process

If you meet the requirements for being an Uber driver, the signup process is pretty simple and takes just a few minutes .
The more comfortable you are with using your computer and smartphone—downloading apps, upload documents, etc—the easier the process will be .

But the basic application process is as follows :

  • Create an account and give details about yourself and your car
  • Provide Uber with the required documents
  • Download the app and wait for your final approval

Some of those steps can take a long time, depending on your specific circumstances .
For model, having the wrong kind of offense pop up on your background check will disqualify you .
And having an expired document will besides delay the process .
But generally speak, the application action is that simple .

What to Expect After Applying for Uber

now that you ’ ve gone through the application process, let ’ s go over the details of what you can expect subsequently .
vector graphic showing uber lease program driver getting a car

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved?

The approval process will depend on a few factors, including your specific circumstances and the specific city you are trying to drive in .
Uber besides requires proof of residency to drive, so you will have to apply in your region .
While drivers can sometimes get approved in a little as 1 day, you should allow up to 7 days to get amply approved .
In rare cases, it can take even longer than 7 days .

What Does the Approval Process Entail?

The approval process for becoming an Uber driver by and large involves them verifying the data that you told them .
Uber will review your documents to verify their authenticity .
They will besides use your license to make indisputable that you have the ask drive history for your age .
The longest part of the approval march is the setting check .
A discriminate company will check your history of crimes and driving violations over the by 7 years to make sure that you meet the requirements .
This region of the process can take longer than 7 days, and Uber will alert you if such a situation applies to you .

How Will I Know if I Am Approved or Denied?

Uber will alert you with a text and an electronic mail when you are approved .
You can besides see the status of your lotion on your profile page on-line or within the Uber driver app .
ampere soon as you are approved, Uber will let you know and you will be able to start accepting rides .
And if you are denied, Uber will tell you precisely why .
If it ’ s a argue that you can well fix, like an expired document, then you can expect to wait 24-48 hours for the text file to be approved .

What if I Get Waitlisted by Uber?

During the signup summons, you will normally be accepted or rejected, and the reasons will be given .
But in rare cases, you can besides get waitlisted by Uber .
If you are waitlisted, it means that your score was put on prevail for an indefinite period .
In the application march, this waitlisting most much happens when you have an exhale document or an incomplete application .
And current drivers can get waitlisted for failing to follow the rules .
Having the wrong driver, driving the wrong car, or having extra passengers in the car are common ways that drivers get waitlisted .

Don ’ thyroxine panic if you get waitlisted. When necessitate for a position gets high, waitlists are a room to manage the driver applications. For example, the Instacart waitlist has grown by the day, with more drivers getting approved as clock time goes on .

What Happens if I Get Denied by Uber?

If you get denied by Uber, the most crucial factor is the reason that they denied you .
If a document was invalid, you can have that fixed .
And if your car is excessively old, you can consider buying a newer one .
But if you were denied for other more serious reasons, like having besides many driving citations or a criminal conviction in your history, then getting around those is more difficult .
You either have to wait long enough for those problems to pass from your record or try applying to a different rideshare party like Lyft .

frequently Asked Questions

With the details of the requirements and application process out of the way, let ’ s get into some of the most common questions people have when considering driving with Uber .

Can you become an Uber driver with a criminal record?
Besides a Motor Vehicle Report, the background check for Uber besides checks you for a criminal record .
Most offenses will at least prevent you from driving for some clock time, and other offenses last your integral life .
reasonably a lot any serious criminal conviction—felonies, violent crimes, sexual offenses, etc—will disqualify you from becoming a driver no topic how long ago they happened .
Lesser offenses like speeding tickets can disqualify you for a while but will go away finally, at which time you can reapply .
Will scratches on my car prevent me from using it to become an Uber driver?
minor scratches on your car probably won ’ triiodothyronine prevent you from becoming an Uber driver, but it depends on the extent of the damage .
If the scratches are barely obtrusive and not yet rusted, you will probably pass the inspection .
But Uber distinctly states that vehicles can not have missing pieces or cosmetic damage, so to be condom you should fix any visible damage .
Besides preventing you from driving, it might besides cause riders to give you a lower evaluation .
Is it worth buying a car with the intention to become an Uber driver?
The answer to this wonder depends on a few details .
If you are only buying a cable car for Uber, then it is probably not the smartest decision .
Making $ 15 per hour credibly won ’ triiodothyronine justify purchasing a new car that you don ’ t otherwise need .
But if you need a car anyways, then becoming an Uber driver can be a great strategy for offsetting some of your vehicle expenses, particularly in the begin .
You can continue working your normal subcontract and drive for Uber whenever you have extra time .
It will help cover your new expenses such as indemnity, finance payments, and car care .
however, if you do need a car, check out our list of the best cars for Uber .

Wrapping Up

Driving for Uber can be a big way to make money on a elastic schedule.

As an mugwump contractile organ, you get to decide how many hours you work and when you work them .
The summons of signing up is relatively childlike, and hopefully, you now have a better idea about the requirements for signing up .
so if you want to add some rideshare income into your life, decidedly consider signing up to become an Uber driver !

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