How to Roll Over Your Fidelity 401k

Leaving a job or getting laid off normally prompts a menstruation fraught with hood choices and big changes. In the midst of everything else, managing your old 401k might be the last job you want to deal with .
The dear news program is, if your 401k is with Fidelity, the process for completing your rollover is actually simple and quite painless. You can convert your employer-sponsored 401k to an IRA or even move it into the 401k account of your newfangled employer rather seamlessly if you know the compensate steps to take .
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here ’ s a promptly spirit at how to roll over your Fidelity 401k .

Step 1: Decide What’s Best for You

The beginning step is deciding if you want to roll over your 401k and, if so, what kind of account you want to move your nest egg to .
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You have five basic options for what to do with your old Fidelity 401k account : leave it with Fidelity, axial rotation it over into the 401k account of a new employer, coil it over into a traditional IRA, roll it over into a Roth IRA or cash it out .
Leaving your account in station is one of the simplest options, but keeping chase of your finances across multiple retirement accounts might prove to be difficult. What ’ s more, you ’ ll no long be able to make contributions or, in most cases, take out a 401k loan .
Moving it to a new 401k will consolidate your accounts, but the newly company might charge higher fees or not have the same investment options. And, if your new employer doesn ’ metric ton offer a 401k, this won ’ thymine be potential .
Rolling your 401k over into an IRA doesn ’ t require your new employer to have a 401k design, but an IRA won ’ t inevitably offer the same protections under federal law as a 401k. Some states, however, offer certain creditor security for IRAs .
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ultimately, you can opt to cash out your score. Unless you have a critical indigence for cash, you should avoid doing so since this could result in consequences that vary depending on your age and tax situation.

Step 2: Set Up Your New Account

According to the IRS, most pre-retirement payments that you receive from a retirement design can be rolled over to another retirement plan within 60 days. If you don ’ metric ton roll over your payment, it will be taxable, so it ’ randomness well to have the new account set up and in target well before you close out your old one .
Be certain to take advantage of the resources offered by your modern score director. They should be felicitous to have your business and should offer up enough of aid — and possibly even some perks — to entice you to use their services .
Of course, if you ’ ve been happy with Fidelity, you can consider using them for your new account ampere well by opening a Fidelity rollover IRA .
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Step 3: Contact Fidelity and Ask for a Direct Rollover

Reach out to a Fidelity congressman about beginning your rollover. The company has a set procedure to follow for rollovers .
Be identical sure, though, to emphasize that you want a “ direct rollover, ” mean you ’ re moving the funds immediately from one retirement account to another. No taxes will be withheld from the transportation total, according to the IRS .
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Step 4: Report the Rollover on Your Taxes

In a mastermind rollover, you shouldn ’ metric ton owe any extra taxes, but you need to report the transaction on your taxes. If you roll over a 401k to an IRA, you should expect a 1099-R shape from your 401k plan provider. This is the form you ’ ll consumption to report a direct rollover to the IRS. Fidelity will besides send you a 5498 kind if your rollover was a direct one. Simply add that data to your tax tax return at the end of the year .
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