How Long Do International Money Transfers Take?

When you ’ re working in another state, sending money back home can be a great way to help your kin. But how long does it take to send money afield ?
There are respective factors that determine how quickly your funds will reach the recipient role. These factors include :

  • How you are sending the money
  • Where you are sending the money
  • How you want the money to be received

There are three main ways to send money : digitally, through a deposit transfer, or through the mail .
How Long Do International Money Transfers Take

Digital Transfers

Digital money transfers, which include money transfer services or apps and fluid wallets, are much a flying way to send money to another country.

With a avail like Remitly, for model, pitch can be fast. Select a area to see Remitly ’ sulfur available delivery speeds and pricing for your address .

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers can be a fast direction to send money internationally. however, the action times of your bank and the bank afield may add more time to the transfer and retrieval of funds. What ’ s more, you may encounter higher fees than with a money transmit app .

Mail Service

Mailing funds — using a money order, for example — is typically the slowest method to complete an international transportation. You ’ ll need to factor in the ship clock time vitamin a good as how the postal service can be affected by the weather, weekends, and holidays .
safety is besides an emergence here. There ’ s a thoroughly cause that mailing cash or even money orders has become less coarse over the years. It ’ mho less impregnable, harder to track, and less commodious than early methods .

Which Is the Fastest ?

Sending money digitally much can be the quickest and most efficient method. This is because money transplant services and mobile wallets much have relatively quick process times .
Because the action is electronic, currentness can be converted automatically at competitive exchange rates and with low service fees. In sealed cases, it is potential for the recipient role to receive money in minutes .

4 Ways to Send Your Money

1. Money Transfer Service

Money transfer services are completed on-line or in the form of an app. You ’ ll need to make an report and from there, you can typically use a debit or recognition wag to pay to send your funds to another country .

2. Mobile Wallets

mobile wallets are another digital way to transfer money internationally. While some can not send money directly to early countries, you can use a money transmit app like Remitly to send funds to your recipient role ’ second mobile wallet. The recipient can use the funds straightaway from their e-wallet or transfer the money into their trust explanation .

3. Bank Transfers

There are a few ways that you can complete a bank transportation.

One method acting is to use a money transfer app to send funds to your recipient role ’ s bank report. The app will prompt you for specific data and then funds will be directly placed in their account .
You can besides transfer money from your savings bank account to theirs through an international wire transfer, which is handled through the bank whether it is through their web site or in person .
For this method acting, you ’ ll need to go through a bank where you have an report. You will need to provide information about the recipient role and their depository financial institution report before the transfer can be completed .
The fees for this serve will vary from bank to trust. The timeframe of a bank transfer depends on the bank itself and the way that it handles international transfers .

4. International Money Orders

International money orders are not electronic and are sent out by mail. You can purchase them through postal services or sealed banks .
A money order is a document that can be exchanged for cash by its recipient role. You typically pay for it with cash, a traveler ’ sulfur check, or a debit card. Credit card payments are not accepted with this method .

Delivery Speed Varies by location

The sum of prison term for your money to be received can differ depending on the address country .
If you use a money remove app like Remitly, you can plainly select the state to which you are sending the money and see the timeframe for delivery .
If you are going through your bank, be certain to take into report different prison term zones, adenine well as weekends and national holidays.

For more information about transferring money, read up on common money transfer terms .
How Long Do International Money Transfers Take

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Remitly makes international money transfers faster, easier, more crystalline, and more low-cost. Our reliable and easy-to-use mobile app is trusted by over 5 million people around the populace. Visit the home page or download our app to learn more .

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