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How Fast Can I Form an LLC?

If you ’ re fix to get originate launching your inauguration, processing times can be a thwart obstacle. LLC filing times deviate by state, with processing times ranging from a few business days up to multiple weeks. however, depending on the department of state you ’ re located in, you may be able to expedite your filing for an supernumerary tip — sometimes making it possible to have your LLC file processed within the hour. hera are the states with the fastest process time to form an LLC :

Quickest States to Form an LLC


Standard process clock in Delaware for an LLC file can be up to two weeks. however, unlike many other states, Delaware offers the choice to expedite your filing for an extra fee .

  • One Hour Service – $1,000
  • Two Hour Service – $500
  • Same Day Service – ranges from $100 to $200 for filings.
  • Next Day Service – $50 to $100 for filings

Learn more about how to form an LLC in Delaware by reading our bit-by-bit steer .


Filings made through Nevada ’ s SilverFlume online portal site are typically processed between one and two clientele days with no extra tip. however, if you choose to submit your geological formation documents via mail, it can take up to two weeks in action time.

Learn more about how to form an LLC in Nevada by reading our bit-by-bit guidebook .


Massachusetts besides boasts a fast filing reversion time through the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth web site with a post-payment serve time of merely four hours. additionally, filings done by mail are typically processed in four to five business days .

Learn more about how to form an LLC in Massachusetts by reading our bit-by-bit guide.

New Jersey

Processing times for LLC filings in New Jersey typically take between one and three business days. however, the state of New Jersey allows you to expedite your filing ’ second process for an extra fee to allow for same-day processing of your formation documents .

Learn more about how to form an LLC in New Jersey by reading our bit-by-bit guide.

Tips to Start an LLC Faster

Whether you ’ re in a department of state that offers expedite processing or not, there are ways to speed up the time it takes to form your LLC. In most cases, this includes being prepared, organized, and exhaustive. here are some ways to start an LLC fast :

  • Double-check that your formation documents are complete and filed correctly. This is one of the most common hang-ups entrepreneurs face while forming their LLC. Ensuring you meet all requirements before filing your formation documents increases your chances of a quick and easy filing process.
  • Use an LLC filing service. LLC filing services ensure that your formation documents are complete, accurate, and meet all requirements set forth by the state you’re located in, which will decrease processing time.
  • Submit your filing online. If your state offers an online filing option, this can cut your processing time drastically compared to mail-in or in-person filing options.

How to Form an LLC

You can start an LLC on your own by following our simple, bit-by-bit guide :

  1. Select Your State
  2. Name Your LLC
  3. Choose a Registered Agent
  4. File LLC Formation Documents
  5. Create an LLC Operating Agreement
  6. Get an EIN

You can besides have a professional serve form an LLC for you. Read our review of the best LLC geological formation services.

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