How Long Is The Flight From LAX To Hawaii? – The Family Vacation Guide

If you ’ re planning a stumble to Hawaii or are considering planning a slip to Hawaii, you ’ ve probably wondered how hanker the escape out of California will be before you reach the cheery islands .
Some people hate flying, and it ’ s a dealbreaker if they have to be on a plane for more than a few hours. besides, families with small children just don ’ metric ton want to attempt a trajectory longer than two hours that will likely end in toddler meltdowns and cranky moods .
To give you an estimate of what you ’ re in for, this article discusses the outdistance between the locations, the flight ’ second duration, and more so you have the full lowdown on what flying to Hawaii from LAX is like .

How Far Is LA From Hawaii?

The distance between Hawaii and Los Angeles is about ​​2,470 miles, about the lapp outdistance from the East coast of the US to the West coast.

Ho Long Is the Flight?

The length of the flight from LA to Hawaii is usually between five and a half to six hours long . It takes about six hours to fly from the East coast to the West seashore, so this duration of time is about the same as that .

Hawaiian Airports

hawaii may have more airports than you think. Check out the main airports below and what they have to offer .

  1. The Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL)

The busiest external airport in Hawaii, the Daniel K. Inouye airport, is where most people fly in when they visit Hawaii. The island of Oahu is home to the bustle Waikiki beach that so many tourists flock to .
This is the largest airport Hawaii has, with loads of flights every day coming from all over the worldly concern .

  1. Hilo International Airport (ITO) 

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hilo is another international airport that caters to tourists from everywhere and anywhere. It ’ s located on the east side of the Big Island .

  1. Kona International Airport (KOA)

Kona airport is located on the West side of the Big Island, making it easy to access the airports. The two airports besides split their business, indeed Hawaii ’ s main island doesn ’ t have one overrun airport .

  1. Maui’s Kahului Airport (OGG)

The Kahului airport is on the island of Maui, one of the most quixotic places in the world. This airport entirely does local flights, by and large flying people back and forth from Honolulu to reach the international airports. But you can besides find flights directly from the US, normally LAX, to Kahului airport .

  1. Lihue Airport (LIH)

Lihue airport is on the island of Kauai and by and large fly interstate trips from one island to another. The airport is small but busy, as it ’ s the main hub for locals to travel. In addition, to interisland flights, they have some flights to the mainland and tied Canada .

  1. Molokai Airport (MKK)

Molokai is a humble and underdeveloped island, which many people love indeed they can truly get aside from the bunco and bustle you find on the more populate islands. The Molokai airport is small and only flies back and forth from Honolulu.

  1. Lanai Airport (LNY)

Lanai, much like Molokai, is small and rural, giving people a taste of the local life. But the airport besides lone flies to Honolulu and back .

How Long Is the Flight From Hawaii to LAX?

The flight out of Hawaii back to LAX is closer to five hours, possibly even less. The difference in time is because plains have less hoist resistance when flying West to East preferably than East to West .
Most people see this as a huge benefit, as the hour short flight is on the direction home when they ’ re fix for the stumble to be over so they can get home. This is besides beneficial if you have small children, as they ’ ll expect a longer flight and be pleasantly surprised, tied if they don ’ triiodothyronine realize .

Can I Take a Boat from California to Hawaii?

technically, yes, you wholly could. A oceangoing yacht or bombastic boat would make the trip from California shores to Hawaiin shores. These trips would be about 2,225 nautical miles and take roughly 11 days with an have captain .
We do not recommend doing this, but it is possible. There are no ferries that make this travel, although Americans, particularly Californians, would be over the moon if there were. But some cruises make this journey and pamper you the whole way there .
If you want to go to Hawaii but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to fly, there are options for you !

Airlines That Fly to Hawaii From LAX

If you ’ re flying from LAX to Honolulu, you have some options for what airline you want to use. Some small islands can be challenging to get to, but Hawaii has made it easy for tourists by being accessible via many major airlines .

  • Hawaiin Airlines
  • Southwest
  • American Airlines
  • United
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Delta
  • Jet Blue

The most popular airline people fly to go to Hawaii is, not surprisingly, Hawaiian Airlines. Their priority is flying people back and forth from Hawaii, so they have plenty of flights available, making it easy to plan your trip .

Is Hawaii Closer to Japan Than California?

many people ask this question, but it is a myth that Hawaii is closer to Japan than the US. As we mentioned, the distance from California to Hawaii is about 2,500 miles, depending on which island you ’ re going to.

But the distance between Japan and Hawaii is more than 4,000 miles, about doubly the distance .

Final Note

Most people don ’ metric ton love a hanker flight, but it is decidedly worth the hours in the air when the address is beautiful Hawaii. At least now you have an theme of what you ’ re in for before you record your ticket .
think of it this way : six hours is three or four of your favorite movies ! so don ’ thyroxine forget to download those flicks before heading to the airport or grab a new book on your way to the gate. possibly buy a neck pillow besides !

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