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original review : July 7, 2021 I had high hopes for SoFi as I chose to refinance my mortgage with them. I wish I had not chosen them. It started OK & they contacted me quite belated in the day to review my on-line application ( submitted May 26 ). It was the Thursday before Memorial ( May 27 ) and I thought OK – let ‘s merely get this done thus nothing is held over the long weekend. During the conversation the SoFi agent told me we should be able to close in about 2 weeks. I got everything they needed uploaded that nox. I signed the documents as request that nox in my account. I was provided retool docs on May 28 & those were signed the lapp day. I heard nothing more for 3+ weeks ( despite me reaching out to ask why nothing had changed and being told my account had been escalated it was silent over a workweek before I got a call from another SoFi agent to handle the close ). At this point, I was asked for four separate letters of explanation ( one was to explain distance of my property and my study address – I am in sales and have worked remotely for over 20 years and I have never had a mortgage party ask for such a letter of explanation ; one was regarding a property that I have n’t owned or lived in in over 20 years ). I provided all those and asked when the close would be ( we were at a month of waiting ). then I was asked to provide bank statements which I did but still was n’t given a close date. A week subsequently I was asked to provide extra pay up statements ( despite having provided pay up statements at the beginning of the serve ). I finally got pre-closing doctor to review and sign on June 24 but still was n’t given a close date ( despite being told through text and in my acct that my lend had been approved ). I besides asked about the increase in cash at near as it was DOUBLE what the original calculate was. I never got an explanation on how the estimate amount was so much lower than the preclosing documents but got side tracked by more items to provide. This time it was an explanation of a citation question made on May 27 … which was the original SoFi agent pulling my credit report for the application review. in truth ? ? I have to provide an explanation to the lender for the lender pulling my credit report ? Yes – I did. then I had to provide proof that my homeowner ‘s insurance was paid in fully ( part of the escrow on the stream mortgage ).

It was a constant parade of providing more and more documents with no think of consolidating the requests or making promote requests. The ridicule handling this separate constantly acted like they were waiting on me when in fact I was waiting on them. It was identical unorganized and not consumer friendly ( and I have had 5 base mortgages in my appoint and several refinances in the past ). I never got a conclude go steady until 2 days before the close and I was incorrectly told that my conserve would have to be present even though he is not on the lend or on the title for the home. They did not tell me I had to have a non-family witness on web site to witness the sign of some of the documents … the close lawyer told me 24 hours before the close. SoFi handily “ remembered ” to tell me hours after the conclusion lawyer already informed me — this was a major inconvenience as it was a holiday weekend and most of my neighbors were out of township for the weekend. I closed with the lawyer on July 1 and wired the money to the close lawyer as requested on July 2. BUT – it was NOT over … I was notified July 7 that they made a mistake and my first payment would be due Aug 1 alternatively of Sept 1. besides I was sent new close documents and I overpaid by over $ 1000 ( but this sum was still over $ 1000 than the original estimate ). The former mortgage had not been paid off yet ( and yes, the payment for July came out of my acct the day after closing on the new loanword ). so, more documents to sign, nowadays the championship ship’s company owes me a refund for what I overpaid and the the documents were signed and returned within 2-3 hours and the loan placid has n’t been disbursed. I do n’t know if they have a bunch of new people that are n’t experienced but this is the worst experience I ‘ve ever had with a mortgage. I ‘m thwart and banal of it all and it still is n’t wholly finalized. They have n’t been very apologetic and surely were not very accurate with the documentation. I wish I had never filled out that lotion — -I think any early company would have been better than SoFi. I will never use them for anything again and wo n’t even set up auto-drafts for the mortgage payments because of all the miscues. If you are looking at SoFi for a mortgage I would n’t recommend them. If you decide to use them anyhow, I hope it goes better than my refinance went .

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