VA Loan Prequalification: Basic Steps and What to Expect

Why Get Prequalified?

By going through prequalification, buyers can identify and start working on potential finance or VA eligibility roadblocks. Does your recognition score fall a spot short ? Is your income likely to be a problem ? Prequalification is the time to isolate and start addressing these issues. once you ’ ve been prequalified for a VA family loan, the next step is lend preapproval.

The Goals of Prequalification

You can think about lend prequalification as a “ first gear consultation ” of sorts. Prequalification helps lenders achieve three chief goals :

  • Assess a borrower’s service and credit eligibility
  • Estimate the loan amount a borrower may obtain
  • Begin gathering documentation needed for preapproval and loan underwriting

The prequalification march besides holds cardinal benefits for prospective borrowers. It ’ s a non-binding dance step you can take with multiple lenders, which will help you compare rates and terms. It ’ s typically a 10-minute conversation .

What to Expect

Along with checking your credit, lenders will besides seek to learn more about your use, your income and your overall fiscal and homebuying goals. different lenders may take different approaches to the prequalification conversation. But it ’ south coarse for lend originators to ask you about :

  • Your desired loan amount
  • Your current and previous employment
  • Your gross (pre-tax) monthly income
  • Your assets, like bank accounts and retirement funds
  • Your monthly liabilities, like day-care costs, child support or alimony
  • Any previous bankruptcies, foreclosures or judgments
  • Any delinquencies or default on federal debts, like student loans
  • Whether you’ve recently owned a home

The Credit Check

With your license, lenders conduct what ’ sulfur known as a “ hard question ” to obtain your current credit scores. A hard credit inquiry can ding your credit grade, although it ’ sulfur typically only a few points, if any. When you ’ rhenium shopping for a mortgage, the credit agency won ’ thymine count every hard inquiry against you. rather, they ’ ll typically consider all lender inquiries within a 45-day period as one unmarried confirmation, which minimizes any injury to your credit and allows you to comparison shop class. The VA doesn ’ triiodothyronine have a built-in credit rating score to be eligible for this program. But it ’ mho important to remember the VA doesn ’ triiodothyronine make dwelling loans. rather, it basically provides a imprint of indemnity on behalf of qualify borrowers. It ’ s ultimately up to lenders like Veterans United to decide whether to make a base loanword. Because lenders take on most of the risk with each loanword, they ’ rhenium allowed to introduce requirements and standards that go beyond what the VA wants to see. You ’ ll often hear these extra requirements called “ overlays. ” A credit score cutoff is among the most coarse. different lenders can have different credit score requirements. You may besides need a higher score if you ’ ve experienced a holocene bankruptcy or foreclosure or if you ’ re seeking a elephantine lend. Generally, a 620 FICO score is a pretty good barometer for VA lenders. In addition, any co-borrowers on the loanword would besides need to meet the lender ’ mho accredit sexual conquest prerequisite.

If you ’ ra buying in one of the nation ’ s nine community property states, lenders can consider your spouse ’ randomness citation and debts even if he or she won ’ thyroxine be on the loanword.

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What Else Are Lenders Looking For?

Lenders will besides get a estimable front at your major monthly debts from your credit reports. They ’ ll consumption those and the income information you provide to calculate an initial debt-to-income ( DTI ) proportion. For VA loans, this key mortgage diligence metric function looks at your monthly debts in relation to your overall monthly income. They ’ ll account this calculate based in part on the loan come you ’ re seeking. And that means flexibility can be important for prospective borrowers whose DTI ratio is on the edge. Depending on the lender ’ second requirements and your singular position, you may need to seek a lower lend come to get a feasible debt-to-income proportion. The VA typically wants to see a DTI ratio of 41 percentage or less. But it ’ s possible to go above that and still secure finance. Lenders will normally have their own maximum permissible DTI proportion. We ‘ll take a closer spirit at DTI proportion in the adjacent example. low credit and senior high school DTI ratio are two of the most coarse reasons why some prospective buyers are unable to get prequalified .

If Your Credit Scores Fall Short

sol what happens if you don ’ thyroxine meet a lender ’ s credit sexual conquest cutoff ? Some lenders may simply send you packing if you fail to meet their accredit score requirement. Veterans United takes a different set about. We created an entire department dedicated to helping avail members, veterans and military families improve their citation and get on the path to loan prequalification. If we ‘re not able to prequalify borrowers, they have the opportunity to work with the credit rating experts in our Lighthouse Program ®. Our Lighthouse Program® consultants :

  • Identify and help you correct errors on your credit report
  • Establish a plan to strengthen your overall financial profile
  • Develop personalized objectives to reduce debt

This is a dislodge military service afford only to veterans, service members and military families. The Lighthouse Program® has helped more than 30,000 veterans and service members overcome their credit challenges and go on to close on a home loan .
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