How the Common App Saves Time (and Money) When Applying to College

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Applying to a handful of colleges might seem like repetitive work, as each school calls for identical data, high school transcripts and early materials .
You could save time by using the Common Application. besides known as the Common App, it allows you to apply to vitamin a many as 20 schools by entering your details and documents just once.

Besides saving time, you might besides save money by discovering you qualify for application tip waivers. For more, let ’ s look…

What you should know about the Common App

Started in 1975, the Common App claims that more than 1 million students complete college applications on its platform each year. The nonprofit organization organization allows those students to choose from around 900 schools nationally, a well as in 20 foreign countries .
If you ’ re a high school or college transportation student, you can navigate the platform with or without the assistant of a rear, teacher or mentor. It provides application guides and checklists to plan, apply and pay for college, so you won ’ metric ton have to know everything about things like your expected class contribution before completing the application .
much of your work, such as building a college list and writing essays, will be done off the platform. Having those tasks done ahead of time limits how hanker it will take you to complete the Common App .
Despite the large number of colleges and universities using the Common Application ( 916 as of February 2021 ) to select their adjacent freshman class, not all schools use it. For case, while you can find Stanford University in the application, you won ’ metric ton find its populace school rival, University of California-Berkeley .
then, your first dance step to using the Common App is ensuring it ’ s worth using at all. You can explore the 900-plus public and private schools by area or search by a school ’ second list, state of matter or other characteristics .

3 steps to completing the Common Application

once you know that at least some of your condom, target or achieve schools accept the Common App, follow these three steps to complete the process .
1. Create your report and gather your documents
2. Add your schools and understand their requirements
3. Start the application and submit your Common App essay

1. Create your account and gather your documents

The easiest tax comes first. To create your Common App report, you ’ ll necessitate to enter basic information about yourself, including whether you ’ re a freshman or transfer scholar. This whole serve takes less than five minutes to complete .
When you ’ re done, you ’ ll be assigned a Common App ID ( CAID ) and land on your splashboard page. There, you can begin answering questions across these six categories :

  1. Profile: Much of this will be pulled in from the account creation process.
  2. Family: Basic information about your household, parents, and siblings.
  3. Education: Detail your high school record, including grades, as well as the degree and career you’re seeking.
  4. Testing: Report your scores for exams like the SAT and ACT.
  5. Activities: Add information about your extracurriculars to highlight outside interests.
  6. Writing: Input a personal essay or complete the Common App essay, a 650-word response to one of seven prompts.

The chopine recommends gathering your documents before filling in these six sections, but feel free to browse through them. data or documents you might need include :

  • High school transcripts
  • Details of your extracurricular activities
  • College entrance exam dates and scores
  • Information about your parent or legal guardian

Does the Common App save automatically?

As you answer the Common App questions that filter into each of your college applications, pressing “ Continue ” at the end of each section will save your work. As a resultant role, logging out and resuming your application at a late prison term won ’ triiodothyronine erase your build up .
unfortunately, it ’ s a unlike history for the essay fortune of the splashboard. If you elect to write your essay directly on the Common App chopine, save your workplace sporadically. That ’ mho because the Common App doesn ’ metric ton mechanically save what you ’ ve written ( until you hit the “ Continue ” release ), leaving you vulnerable if your calculator or internet connection is interrupted .
A safer workaround is to write your essay ahead of time using your preferable news processor, then upload that saved document when you ’ re ready to submit it .
Because the Common App doesn ’ thyroxine save automatically, the organization has besides recommended that you :

  • Keep a backup file of your essay saved on your computer
  • Avoid formatting issues by pasting your essay from a basic processor like Note Pad or Text Edit
  • Proofread your essay to ensure it uploaded correctly to the platform

2. Add your schools and understand their requirements

Before completing any character of the Common Application, particularly the write section, it ’ s best to add your prefer schools. Using the platform ’ s college search serve, you can find schools based on their application fees, essay requirements or other criteria. More probably, you ’ ll be coming to the Common App with your college list already in hand .
To add schools to your dashboard, you ’ ll click on a plus-sign. Afterward, each of these selected schools ’ application deadlines, fees, and requirements will appear on the “ My Colleges ” check of your splashboard .
Each school ’ s requirements will besides pop up at assorted times once you begin filling out the application. Before you reach the Common App essay, for case, you ’ ll be shown whether your college choices require a personal try .
The platform will besides alert you to upcoming lotion deadlines for each school .

3. Start the application and submit your Common App essay

once you ’ ve gathered your information and documents, along with your list of schools, you ’ ll be ready to work through the six sections of the application itself .
Some of the six categories will be easier to complete than others. You can work at your own pace, save and close out of in-progress sections .
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate polish over the basics of apparently easy sections. In the profile segment, for example, you ’ ll be asked whether you might qualify for an application fee release. During the 2016-2017 application year, the most recent data available, about 1 million students standard tip waivers to cut about $ 55 million in costs.

You might think the writing section will take the longest to finish. It should actually be the quickest — ampere long as you have your college application essay written ahead of clock time in Microsoft Word or another bible central processing unit. If you type your essay into the section ’ second text box, you might be wondering whether the Common App saves mechanically ( see above ), and you ’ ll risk losing your work .
Planning makes test writing less of a load. The Common App provides its essay prompts in advance, giving you time to brainstorm, delineate, write and proofread. And you can easily upload documents to the platform .
Given the width of the application, you might not complete it in one sitting. But your dashboard will keep you updated on your advancement, all the way to the finish line .

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