How Long Is Nursing School?

Earning a harbor degree is the first footstep any prospective harbor takes in the course of becoming a nanny. Nursing educate is where you learn all of the substantive skills needed to perform the duties of a harbor and includes classroom train and clinical experience. You ’ rhenium reading one of our “ Nursing Career Guide ” articles. motivation to practice for your upcoming examination ? Have a look at our absolve NCLEX practice questions — no registration required ! ✨ There are many educational pathways to becoming a harbor so the length of time it takes to complete nurse school depends on the degree or certificate that you are pursuing and how attached you are to completing your education in a seasonably manner .

How long does it take to become a nurse?

Becoming a nurse can take a likely candidate 2-4 years depending on the type of degree they choose to pursue. The Associate Degree in Nursing ( ADN ) is the most common path to become a register nurse, and normally takes about two years ( or even less, if you choose the accelerate degree plan ).

Assuming that you are taking classes full-time, this is how long nursing school takes to complete on average :

  • A nursing diploma or certificate takes 1-3 years to complete
  • An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) takes 2 years to complete
  • A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) takes 4-5 years to complete
  • A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) takes 5-6 years to complete

Below you ’ ll discover the different educational pathways that can lead you to become a nanny and the length of time each pathway takes. Of course, these are fair general guidelines, and assume that you will be enrolled in nursing school full-time. If you take half-time classes then the duration of time it takes you to complete the breastfeed school will be longer than if you were pursuing your department of education full-time .

Types of Nursing Degrees

Nursing Diploma or Certificate

nursing diploma and certificate programs are typically offered directly by hospitals or in technical foul and community colleges. The course of study of nursing diploma programs differs from nursing degree programs in that the courses are focused more on nursing areas of study quite than cosmopolitan education classes which you would take as contribution of a nursing degree. One benefit of harbor diploma over a nurse degree is that there tends to be much more time spent in a clinical set quite than the classroom which can help you gain relevant on-the-job experience promptly. A nurse diploma program will prepare you for the NCLEX-PN examination which will, in turn, allow you to become a accredited hardheaded harbor ( LPN ) or a license vocational breastfeed ( LVN ) depending on which express you reside in. however, nursing diplomas are becoming less common as nursing has become more demand and complex so employers are becoming more likely to hire candidates with at least an ADN degree. Another drawback is that nursing diploma programs can take merely vitamin a long as an ADN plan but rather of a degree upon graduation, you lone receive a certificate. How Long It Takes: 1- 3 Years

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

The Associate Degree in Nursing ( ADN ) is a 2-year nursing degree that prepares students to sit for their NCLEX-RN examination. similar to a nursing diploma program, the ADN coursework focuses on nursing-specific topics a well as general education courses and includes both classroom determine and practical have in a clinical set. One benefit of an ADN over a nurse diploma is that employers prefer candidates with an ADN as the coursework is seen as more rigorous and in-depth. Obtaining an ADN is a bang-up step toward a career in nurse and many people use this degree as a stepping stone toward a higher degree. Another common scheme is to use an ADN to land an entry-level breastfeed position then use their employer ’ mho tutelage reimbursement programs to pay for a higher degree. How Long It Takes: 2 Years

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing ( BSN ) is considered the gold standard for nursing education and many employers are now requiring a BSN degree for their entry-level positions. The reason for this is that a BSN degree course of study is seen as more in-depth and comprehensive than an ADN or nurse diploma. In addition to the kernel harbor coursework teach in the ADN, BSN programs besides incorporate advance harbor courses such as leadership, nursing informatics, research, community, and public health. Students that graduate with a BSN have more career choices, better starting pay, and more opportunity for career advancement. Most leadership positions in the nurse field require a BSN degree sol this is significant to consider before deciding which program to enroll in. How Long It Takes: 4-5 Years

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

The Masters of Science in Nursing ( MSN ) represents one of the highest levels of nursing education and qualifies RNs to become advance practice registered nurses ( APRNs ). To be accepted into an MSN degree program you must first have earned your BSN, met the minimum undergraduate GPA ( typically 3.0 or above ), and have both professional and academic letters of recommendation. The path course of study for an MSN degree program involves advanced courses in topics such as physiology/pathophysiology, pharmacology, health judgment, healthcare policy and ethics, and principles in nursing management. There are besides extra specialized courses depending on the nursing specialization that you are pursuing. An MSN degree opens up the opportunity to become a Nurse Practitioner and to pursue managerial, administrative, and managerial roles within nurse. How Long It Takes: 5-6 Years

Nursing Bridge Programs

In summation to the standard harbor school degree path, there are a variety show of nursing “ bridge ” programs that have been developed to help nurses that are already working in the field advance their careers by obtaining far department of education. These programs offer an accelerated way toward obtaining a nursing degree. Below you ’ ll find a list of common bridge programs and the average time they take to complete .


LPN-to-RN bridge programs are designed to help LPN ’ s become professional nurses by preparing them for the NCLEX-RN examination. These take the shape of either an LPN-to-ADN or LPN-to-BSN degree program. The finish of these programs is to “ bridge ” the break between the two career levels by providing the courses necessary to achieve the hope nursing degree and prepare students for the NCLEX-RN. How Long It Takes: 1-4 Years


The RN-to-BSN bridge program is designed for RN ’ s that hold an ADN degree and wish to enhance their career by obtaining a higher flush of education. These programs take into circumstance the experience that the ADNs already have so the program can be completed in adenine little as 1 year. Hospitals sometimes have tuition reimbursement programs so these bridge programs can be an attractive alternative for students that would rather start working as an ADN nurse before committing to a BSN degree program. How Long It Takes: 1 class


BSN-to-MSN bridge programs are designed for BSN nurses that are looking to level up their career and obtain an gain breastfeed degree. prospective students are required to hold a valid RN license, BSN degree, meet GPA requirements, and many programs require letters of recommendation. The course of study includes courses in evidence-based practice, patient wish, and advanced health assessment. After completing the program graduates have fulfilled the educational requirements needed to become breastfeed practitioners and other advance nursing drill roles. How Long It Takes: 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to become a registered nurse after high school?

On average it will take you 2 years to earn an ADN academic degree which will then allow you to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination. This timeline is based on attending class full-time but obtaining your ADN can take longer if you only take classes part-time.

How long does it take to become a nurse if you already have a bachelor’s?

There are two options when considering a nursing degree when you already hold an unrelated knight bachelor ’ s degree : an ADN degree or a BSN degree. An ADN will take you 2 years while a second degree/accelerated degree program will allow you to earn a BSN within 1.5 to 2 years. There are many advantages to receiving a BSN over an ADN degree then this presents an excellent room for a bachelor ’ s academic degree holder to earn a 4-year nursing academic degree in less than 2 years .

How long does it take to become an RN if you are already an LPN?

It depends on whether you want to obtain an ADN degree or a BSN degree. Both degrees offer bridge programs for LPNs to obtain their degree at an accelerate pace. The quickest and most common way to become an RN if you are already an LPN is to take an LPN-to-ADN bridge platform. In this sheath, you can earn your ADN degree in ampere little as 1 year which will allow you to sit for the NCLEX-RN .

How long are RN to BSN programs?

full-time students enrolled in RN-to-BSN programs can earn their BSN in equally short as 1 class. The length of time it takes depends on multiple factors including taking classes full-time vanadium part-time and whether the classes are taken on-line. on-line courses often require students to be working full time as an RN .

How much does a nurse make?

How much nurses make depends on which type of academic degree they have, the amount of feel they have and the type of nursing they are engaged in. If you look at the breastfeed occupation as a whole, the medial wage for a registered nanny in 2018 was $ 71,730 which works out to $ 34.48 per hour .

Final Thoughts

Like anything worthwhile, harbor school is a long-run commitment that requires sacrifice and commitment to complete. For most people, nursing school is a great investment that leads to a career in an exciting field with a bright employment lookout. No matter which educational pathway you take, all prospective nurses must pass the NCLEX-RN examination to become a license RN. The preferably you prepare for the examination, the better, as this is considered a unmanageable examination to pass. fortunately, Nurse.Plus offers a comprehensive study program that can help you pass on the first attempt. Check out Nurse.Plus Premium today !Suzanne Ball

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