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LendingTree is compensated by companies on this site and this compensation may impact how and where offers appear on this web site ( such as the order ). LendingTree does not include all lenders, savings products, or loan options available in the marketplace. LendingTree is compensated by companies on this site and this recompense may impact how and where offers appears on this site ( such as the order ). LendingTree does not include all lenders, savings products, or loan options available in the marketplace. editorial notice : The contented of this article is based on the writer ’ sulfur opinions and recommendations alone. It may not have been reviewed, commissioned or differently endorsed by any of our network partners. Getting an clamant car loan may seem unmanageable. You may find yourself in a position where you need to get approved for a car loan fast. possibly your cable car broke down and needs to be replaced immediately, or possibly you ’ ve just accepted a job offer where public exile is not an option. possibly you have come across your dream car and can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate delay for it to become yours.

Whatever the rationality, you could get an instantaneous car loan and expedite the car finance serve, which typically can take hours, or even days. hera ’ s how to get an moment car loan with less hassle .

What is a same-day or instant auto loan?

A same-day or clamant car loan is a loan that can be approved in less than an hour, adenine long as you meet certain criteria. Since clamant car loan companies come with different requirements and interest rates, it ’ s significant to comparison shop class before deciding which company to go with for your blink of an eye car loan .
Bank Of America and U.S. Bank are two national banks that offer moment car loans directly to consumers. Navy Federal Credit Union advertises that its clamant car lend decisions are made “ in seconds. ” If you bank at a credit rating union or low rates from an on-line lender catch your center, you can besides check there to find out whether same-day car loans are available .
In some cases, instant car lend companies will want to know precisely which car you ’ ra concern in. In other cases, you ’ ll just get approved for a certain amount. It will depend on the company you decide to go with for your blink of an eye car loanword. If you ’ ra patronize for a use vehicle, you ’ ll likely be required to provide the lender with the cable car ’ sulfur VIN. If you ’ ra diffident of how a lot money you need, the lender may provide you with a blank check that has an amphetamine limit. The amount you write on the confirmation after negotiating at the franchise will be the measure financed. This could include any taxes and fees but it should not include your down requital. The sum financed is your loan principal — it ’ s what you ’ ll need to pay back along with matter to .

Why would you want to get an instant auto loan?

As with all fiscal products, instantaneous car loans come with several benefits and drawbacks. Let ’ s dive deep into what they are .


Negotiating power: If you get an instant car loanword, you ’ ll have more leverage to negotiate an even better pace with the dealer ’ sulfur preferred lenders. You ’ ll know the car loanword rate for which you qualify, so it ’ ll be easier to determine if a dealer is offering you a dirty APR .
Saving time: By getting an moment car loanword, you can shorten the car financing process and drive away in your new ( or used ) car cursorily .
An affordable car loan: An instant car lend can give you the find to find out what you can comfortably yield before going to the franchise, reducing the risk of the principal upselling you a more expensive fomite .
Confidence. You ’ ll already know you ’ re approved for a car loan, so you ’ ll be confident at the franchise .


Can be difficult to obtain with bad credit: If you have less-than-stellar accredit, an instantaneous car loanword may be more challenging to get. You may need to provide more documentation than person with good credit, which could slow down the process .
Some instant car loan companies are scams: Unfortunately, there are some companies out there that claim to be legitimate and offer quick car loans but are actually deceitful. Be surely to check the authenticity of a company before giving out your personal data. Upfront fees, an insecure web site and no credit check are all crimson flags indicating a company is trying to scam you .
A hard credit check is run: Every time you apply for an instant car loanword, the lender will run a hard credit check, which has the potential to lower your credit score. however, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hurt your credit to apply to multiple lenders any more than it does to apply to one if you do so within 14 days .

How to get a same-day auto loan if you have good credit

Getting a same-day car loan should be easy if you have a FICO Score of 660 or above. This range is considered to be good-to-very estimable accredit .
If you have good credit, you ’ ll need to provide an ID like your driver ’ randomness license or recommendation, proofread of income, proof of residence and vehicle information including year, make, model and mileage. In the consequence you ’ rhenium deal in a vehicle, loan data or a deed will be required arsenic well .
Keep in mind that if you have good accredit, you have the power to find competitive offers from multiple lenders. Don ’ thyroxine be afraid to let lenders know you ’ re shopping about and on a mission to find the best share .

How to get a same-day auto loan if you have bad credit

Although getting a same-day car loan with bad credit can be unmanageable, it is possible. If you have a FICO Score of less than 660, you may have to deal with high interest rates. But there are several ways you can increase your chances of getting approved for a same-day car loanword. You can consider a less expensive vehicle, pay down a hefty down requital, and/or provide extra software documentation like your utility bills or cellular telephone bills that display your name and testify you have a history of making payments on clock .
You ’ ll need to bring along the lapp documentation that you would if you had good credit in holy order to apply for the instant car loanword. You ’ ll need to provide an ID, proof of income, proof of residency and vehicle information. Details on your loanword or your title will besides be necessary if you ’ re plan on trade in a fomite .

5 steps to get a good deal on an instant auto loan

here are five tips that can help you get a good deal on an instantaneous car loanword.

1. Review your credit report

Before applying for an instant car loanword, review your citation report. If you find any errors or imposter, go through the process of correcting them. While this may take time, it can help you land more golden terms on an moment car loan .

2. Get the fair market price of the vehicle and your trade-in

Get an idea of what the going price is for your vehicle of option. Edmunds offers a tool that lets you configure a cable car and find its average market price in your area through its True Market Value or TMV joyride. alternatively, you can check out a locate like Kelley Blue Book to find out what a fair monetary value might be for your chosen car and discover what a trade-in might be deserving .

3. Aim for an APR below 5%

If you have a credit seduce of 720 or higher, aim for a cable car lend APR below 5 %. In the consequence you don ’ t have the best accredit, you may have to settle for a higher APR .

APRs for closed auto loans by credit score on the LendingTree loan platform (2020)
Credit score Average APR
720 or higher 5.49%
680-719 7.21%
660-679 10.07%
640-659 13.39%
620-639 14.71%
580-619 17.65%
560-579 17.44%
Less than 560 18.36%
Credit unknown/invisible 22.66%
All borrowers 9.46%

Source: customer data

4. Compare offers

rather than going with the first instantaneous car lend company you find, take the prison term to compare offers. once you ’ ve received responses from multiple lenders, review them and determine the best deal. Consider extra charges and fees rather of merely paying attention to the interest rate. Compare them to dealership and manufacturer offers adenine well .

5. Visit the manufacturer’s website

many manufacturers offer rebates and incentives on new car models that can be worth thousands. There may besides be depleted interest rates and special deals to customers who have adept recognition .

Shop around

Think you got a less-than-stellar cope from an blink of an eye car loanword ? If thus, you have a few options. If you have bad credit, focus on improving your credit history and refinance your loanword in a class or two to land a lower matter to rate and more favorable terms .
If you have adept credit, keep shopping around. Get a price quote from versatile blink of an eye car lend providers and dealerships. You don ’ t need to sign the inaugural lend offer you receive. There are deals out there to suit all types of life style and budget. You could fill out a single on-line form on LendingTree and be matched with up to five potential car loan offers from lenders, depending on your creditworthiness .

Alternatives to instant auto loans

A few alternatives to instantaneous car loans include :

Dealership loans

If you ’ re unable to get an clamant car loan, you may still get an car lend fairly cursorily through a franchise. Dealerships have their own network of banks and you may get approved with one of them .
Keep in mind, however, that there are a few disadvantages of going this path. Dealership financing international relations and security network ’ thyroxine always transparent as dealerships frequently inflate consumer car loanword APRs and take the remainder as profit .

Personal loans

personal loans can be used for virtually anything, including buying a car. If you are unable to get a adept consider on an clamant car loanword, you may want to find a personal lend through a bank, credit union or on-line lender. Keep in mind, however, that a personal loanword may come with origin fees and prepayment penalties .

Instant auto loan FAQs

How can I get a car loanword fast ?

You could get a cable car lend fast if you apply on-line to a lender of your choice, such as a bank, credit coupling or on-line lender. Most lenders that offer car loans directly to consumers give firm credit decisions .

Can I get an car loanword wholly on-line ?

Yes, many lenders offer wholly on-line car loans .

How cursorily can I get an car lend ?

Depending on your creditworthiness, you may get an car loan extend within one infinitesimal after filling out the paperwork .

How can I get a car lend with bad credit ?

A cosigner and a bombastic down requital may help you to get a bad credit car lend .

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