How To Become An Uber Driver | 2021 Step-by-Step Guide

FAQs About Driving for Uber

Q: Safety: How Does Uber Manage Safety Concerns for Both Drivers and Riders?

A: Due to the nature of Uber ’ randomness model, there can be some hesitation when it comes to using the platform, for both drivers and riders. Some of the safety features available for drivers include :

  • Easy access to emergency assistance through the app
  • “Follow My Ride” which allows you to share your whereabouts with your friends and family so they can track your trips in real-time.
  • GPS tracking of all your trips, making it easy to pull up information should anything happen while you’re on the road
  • Driver and rider ratings. If a rider displays unacceptable behavior that you feel you should warn fellow drivers about, you’re always able to report your experience through ratings and through Uber’s easy customer service functionalities.
  • Trusted insurance providers allow you to confidently insure your vehicle for your business uses.

Q: What are the best practices for picking up a rider?

A: Once you ’ ve accepted the trip, a passenger ’ sulfur specific localization will be indicated with an arrow. If you anticipate that your rider will be unmanageable to find, you may want to contact your rider and request that they use the Spotlight sport, which allows you to well see an illuminate color that is specific to your ride .
early tips to ensure a big rider have is to pick them up on the side of the road on which they are waiting, making it a seamless experience correct from the get down. once the rider approaches your vehicle, it is best practice to greet them by name to confirm that they are the compensate driver. Once inside your vehicle, allow them to get settled and buckled in earlier starting to drive. From there, start a friendly conversation and make the customer experience arsenic commodity as possible !

Q: I can’t find my rider, what do I do?

A: The standard expect time for a rider to meet you at the bespeak destination is 5 minutes ( less for UberPOOL rides ). If you are unable to find or communicate with your passenger, you can cancel the trip. At this point, the passenger will be charged a cancellation fee which is then paid out to you to accommodate for your fourth dimension spent waiting.

Q: Can I bring someone else along with me while I’m online and accepting Uber trip requests?

A: As part of Uber ’ s commitment to rider and driver base hit, drivers are not allowed to have early passengers in the fomite besides the official Uber rider ( second ).

Q: I feel much safer when I have a video camera or dash camera installed. Is this allowed while driving for Uber?

A: a long as your city ’ sulfur laws allow this, you are permitted to install and actively use a video recording device in your vehicle while on-line and driving with Uber .

Q: I’ve gotten in an accident while on a trip with a rider. What should I do?

A: There are three basic steps to follow if you ’ ve been in an accident while completing a stumble with an Uber passenger :

  1. Check the safety and wellbeing of yourself and your passenger(s)
  2. If the situation calls for it, contact the police and ambulance.
  3. Notify Uber when an accident has occurred. You can do this through the Trip Issues tab in the Uber app.

Q: I’ve moved and want to drive in a different city. Is this possible?

A: Since your Uber driver application is approved based on the city that you indicated during your application, your new city means that you will have to make some adjustments and reapply under the new circumstances. fortunately, though, you don ’ t have to go through the integral process all over again. alternatively, forefront to Uber here and request a change to your account and take for review .

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