THIS is how long to wait before applying for another credit card [2022]

Updated on May 3, 2022

Most credit card companies have partnerships with travel companies and grocery stores to provide cashback on different transactions you make. Of run, it ’ s not possible to claim besides many of these rewards with good a single credit rating card. So you might be thinking about applying for another credit calling card to increase your chances of getting that barren meal or discounted flight .
however, you might wonder whether you can apply for multiple credit rating cards without affecting your accredit score. Let ’ s explore this in more contingent so you know precisely what to do before you apply for another credit card .

How Often Should You Apply for a New Credit Card?

Credit card companies normally do not place limits on the number of credit cards you can apply for. however, applying for a accredit card besides often might affect your credit score, and you might even run into problems with accredit companies. This is why it is advisable to wait at least 90 days to apply for a second credit batting order. If possible, letting a six-month period go by between accredit cards would be ideal .
Some citation card companies besides place restrictions on the waiting time period. For exemplify, Capital One requires applicants to wait at least six months before applying for a second credit card.

Ethan Steinberg, a credit wag adept for The Points Guy, suggests basing your timing of applying for a newfangled credit poster based on the ship’s company :
“ If you ’ re one of those people who likes to apply for accredit cards in batches of two to three at a time, you should try and do your Citi and Capital One applications first to minimize the issue of recent inquiries on your report. ”

Credit Card Application Process Length

even if you have to wait before you can begin the application march for a irregular recognition card, the good news program is that the application process itself lone takes a few minutes to be completed. You will besides know whether your application has been rejected or approved in a matter of minutes .
If your credit card lotion has been approved, then it should take about ten days for your credit menu to arrive in the mail. If you have applied for an Uber Visa card, an Apple Card, or any other instantaneous use credit card, then you will be able to use these credit cards arsenic soon as you get the blessing .
If the lender has rejected your application, then the lender is required to submit an explanation for the rejection. This explanation, normally known as an “ adverse action notice, ” will take about ten days to arrive in your mail. You can use the adverse legal action comment to understand why your application was denied and build up your credit score before applying again .

Why You Should Consider Waiting

Waiting between credit tease applications is always a chic move. Why ? well, there are two main reasons why you should consider waiting before your following credit poster application .

Keep Your Credit Score in Check

Every time you apply for a new accredit poster, your credit card lender will conduct a accredit inquiry into your report. And each time a citation inquiry is performed, your credit score is going to take a hit .
however, if you wait between credit rating menu applications, you will allow adequate time to pass by for your credit rating score to bounce back again. But if you continue to apply for credit cards within a short time period, then your credit grudge is decidedly going to be affected. Lenders will take this as a sign that you might be planning on taking on a set of debt, and as a result, your credit poster application might be rejected .
Credit card issuers may besides limit the count of credit cards you can open within a short period. If you have already opened multiple recognition cards within a certain period, then your credit wag lender might mechanically reject your application .

Credit Card Companies With Application Restrictions

As we have already mentioned, Capital One is one party that requires cardholders to wait at least six months before putting in an application for a second credit card. But Capital One is no exception for citation card companies and their restrictions on multiple credit tease applications. Let ’ s take a look at some early credit wag companies that have restrictions on applications .


One of the most long-familiar restrictions on credit calling card applications is Chase ’ s 5/24 rule. This rule restricts you to only five new credit cards within 24 months .


You need to wait at least eight days before you can apply for a second credit card at Citi, and you can not apply for more than two credit cards within 65 days. You are besides required to wait at least 90 days for a second business credit calling card .


Discover cardholders can only apply for one credit card every year. You besides can not apply for more than two credit cards at a given meter .

American Express

Cardholders can not apply for more than two credit cards within a 90-day window at American Express. They besides can not have more than four credit cards and ten Amex charge cards .

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo besides requires cardholders to wait at least six months before applying for a second base one .

Bank of America

Bank of America enforces a 2/3/4 principle on credit cards. What does this mean ? Well, these numbers refer to the number of credit cards you can apply for within periods of 30 days, 12 months, and 24 months. specifically, you can apply for two citation cards within 30 days, three credit cards within 12 months, and four credit cards within 24 months, respectively.

Considerations When Thinking About Another Credit Card

While obtaining multiple credit cards might increase your chances of getting cashback and rewards, they might besides increase your chances of getting into trouble with credit card companies .

Too Many Applications Suggest Risk

Credit wag companies normally flag multiple applications in a short period as a signal for fiscal distress. If you apply for excessively many citation cards within a short-circuit period, most credit card companies assume you are either buried in debt or will soon declare bankruptcy .
Certified Fund Specialist, Marion G. Cuff, explained that “ excessively many inquiries on your credit rating composition in a short clock can besides make lenders leery. Loan officers may assume that you ’ re being turned down repeatedly for credit or that you ’ re up to something—going on a denounce spree, financing a bad substance abuse, or borrowing to pay off early debts. ”

Why You Should Be Overly Cautious

There are a few times when you need to be extra cautious when it comes to the clock of your credit card applications. For case, if you ’ ra think of taking out a home plate loanword, you should ideally wait at least six months between credit card applications so your credit sexual conquest is optimum .
It is besides a good estimate to wait at least six months between multiple credit circuit board applications, specially if you have bad recognition or limited credit on your report. The same goes for situations where you are trying to rebuild your credit score after a spotlight of fuss .

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now that you know all of the restrictions and limitations placed on applying for multiple credit cards within a short period, you will hopefully be able to make a more inform decision before you send in that second or third base recognition card application. good luck !

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