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A standard Amazon Prime membership presently costs $ 119 per year — possibly a steep price to pay for complimentary 2-day shipping. But if you ’ re a bookworm, a television yellowish brown or good person who much shops on-line, the benefits might well outweigh the costs. To help you decide whether it ’ s a good softwood for you, we ‘ve broken down the basics on what Amazon Prime actually offers.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription servicing from Amazon. It gives members access to exclusive shop and entertainment services, discounts and more.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime ’ s key benefit is its release two-day embark on millions of eligible items. In some cities, you can even get same-day pitch on eligible orders. While Amazon does offer free standard transport on qualifying orders of $ 25 or more to non-Prime customers, it takes five to eight clientele days for those orders to arrive. But just as the party has expanded from a simple bookshop to a finger-in-every-pie conglomerate, so has Prime extended its benefits to include :

Prime Now shopping

Prime now narrows the unblock same-day rescue window on sealed items — including Whole Foods groceries — to equally little as two hours, but it ’ s only available in choice metro areas.

Whole Foods deals

Prime members get an supernumerary 10 % deduction on eligible sale items at Whole Foods Market, in stores and on-line.

Unlimited movie and TV streaming

You can stream thousands of television receiver shows and movies for free using Prime Video. Members can besides subscribe to channels like HBO and Showtime for an extra price.

Unlimited reading

Members can choose from over a thousand books, comics and magazines to read for absolve. The military service is available on Kindle and Fire tablets, equally well any io or Android device with the Kindle app.

Unlimited music streaming

You can listen to over 2 million songs and crop Prime Playlists, all ad-free with Amazon Music Prime. Prime members can besides get a discounted subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, which has over 70 million songs.

Free games

With Prime Gaming, you get access to free personal computer games and in-game content, plus a monthly Twitch impart subscription.

Prime Day and Prime Early Access

Prime members get the single perk up of shopping annual Prime Day deals. During the rest of the class, you ’ ll get access to Lightning Deals with a 30-minute headway start on non-Prime members.

Free unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photos

A Prime membership gives you outright, full-resolution photograph storage and 5 GB video memory. Your photos will be added to the cloud through the Amazon Photos app, which you can access from both your computer and mobile device.

Amazon Elements

As an Amazon Prime member, you have access to Amazon ‘s own consumer-first trace of everyday items, like baby wipes.

Amazon Family

free for all Prime members, Amazon Family offers family-oriented coupons and deals, including up to 20 % off diapers when you set up five Subscribe and Save subscriptions per month, and a 15 % baby register completion discount.

Before you build a budget

NerdWallet breaks down your spending and shows you ways to save.


How much does an Amazon Prime membership cost?

The cost of an Amazon Prime membership depends on the plan you choose, but you can try it for free for 30 days. here ’ s a dislocation of the requital plans and what they include :

  • Prime Video : $ 8.99 per calendar month. This membership restricts your perks to unlimited television show and movie streaming. It ’ ll cost you around $ 108 per class .
  • Prime : $ 12.99 per calendar month. If you want wide Prime benefits but prefer to spread out your payments, you ’ ll yield about $ 155 a year. If you receive qualifying government aid, you can get a Prime membership for $ 5.99 per calendar month .
  • Prime : $ 119 per class. Those who pay an annual ball kernel for the fully membership will spend less in the long run .
  • Prime student : If you ’ re a student with a valid school electronic mail address, you can get a release six-month test of Prime Student and a dismiss membership fee of $ 59 per year ( or $ 6.49 per month ) after that .

Heads up : Amazon keeps your recognition tease information on file when you sign up, sol if you decide you don ’ thymine want the membership once your free trial expires, make certain to log into your account and cancel it. otherwise, you ’ ll be charged the membership fee.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Whether Prime ’ s membership perks justify the price chase depends on which ones appeal to you and how a lot you use them. Let ’ s start by evaluating two of Prime ‘s biggest draw : transport and streaming entertainment .

  • Shipping. If you spent more than $ 119 in shipping fees last year, well, there ’ s your suffice .
  • Streaming entertainment. Amazon Prime, which includes Prime Video, is cheaper than both the commercial-free Hulu plan and the standard Netflix plan. Prime besides includes Amazon Music Prime, which is about the like price as ad-free subscriptions to Spotify and Apple Music. If the video and music survival is wide enough that you ’ five hundred view forgoing a subscription to early services, you ’ ll recoup the cost of Amazon Prime .

There are early considerations to take into account, such as the appliance of having your items shipped in days alternatively of weeks, or not having to go to the shop to buy essentials like newspaper towels.

Keep in judgment, besides, that you can share your shipping benefits with another family penis. If you split the price with a roommate, for exercise, you can efficaciously cut the price down to under $ 60 a class — a reasonably amazing deal. loose two-day transport for less than $ 5 a month is well worth it for most shoppers. The best direction to figure out if an Amazon Prime membership is worthwhile : sign up for the free trial. then, you can decide whether to make the investing .

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