YouTube Watch Time: 5 Ways to Reach 4,000 Hours and Monetize Your Channel

JUMP TO SECTION: Did you know that the come of Watch Time required for YouTube monetization is 4,000 hours ? many creators spend a class or more trying to reach that milestone, but it ‘s wholly worth it in the end. Reaching this goal means you can apply to the YouTube Partner Program and finally monetize your content with ads. And what creator does n’t want to make money from their videos ?

But first gear, what does Watch Time actually mean on YouTube ? And how does YouTube calculate Watch Time overall ?

For your watch time to count toward monetization, you need to gain 4,000 viewing hours in 12 consecutive months. The video


indigence to have been published in the last 12 months, but they need to have been watched in the stopping point fifty-two weeks .

besides, only certain types of videos are eligible to collect Watch Time. You ‘ll want to make certain most of your videos set to populace, as this is the main modifier. Read More: YouTube Monetization – Which Videos Count Toward 4,000 Hours of Watch Time? Outside of these requirements, it ‘s up to you to create videos that attract more views – and by propagation, excess Watch Time .

5 Ways to Reach 4,000 Hours of Watch Time

Want to earn more lookout Time as fast as potential ? Keep reading to explore our best tips and tricks .

1. Make Evergreen Content

Getting discovered on YouTube can be quite unmanageable. But you can make it easier by uploading videos that are :

  1. Likely to appear in YouTube search results.
  2. Relevant year-round.

This is what ‘s called evergreen content. Creators love these videos because they get lots of traffic, and a result, enough of Watch Time. Read More: Why Evergreen Content is the Key to More Views on YouTube Take a expect at these stats. They are real-time scene counts for some of our top-performing video on the vidIQ duct. Notice anything in detail ? Take a look at the print date . Most of these videos were published years ago and still bring in thousands of casual views. That amounts to hundreds of hours of Watch Time for our channel. To make these evergreen videos, we just :

  • Answered questions lots of viewers were asking.
  • Provided valuable information on topics people were searching for (this requires some keyword research).

Some examples of evergreen topics are “ how to change a flat bore ” or “ how to cook perfect brown rice. ” Those tasks are challenging enough to warrant video tutorials, and people will watch them every season of the year .

2. Host YouTube Live Streams

When we hosted our first few live streams, 50-100 people showed up. now we get hundreds of coincident viewers, and with that boost in viewership comes plenty of extra Watch Time. Check out the watch Time we got from this two-hour live current : Let ‘s do the mathematics. If 600 people watch a two-hour live stream, for instance, that’s 1,200 hours of Watch Time.

Nine to 12 months into your YouTube travel, give live streaming a luck. You will probably have a copulate hundred subscribers to give you a nice chunk of Watch Time per stream .

3. Upload Videos Consistently

viral videos are a fantastic thing ; they give your duct a promote while attracting raw viewers to your contentedness. But you should n’t go into the video-making process intending to make a viral television. few creators pull it off, and it ‘s easier to just be reproducible on YouTube. Stick to your posting schedule so that someday, you ‘ll have enough videos to gain 4,000 hours across respective uploads versus one video recording . Let me give you an example. When we launched our spanish terminology vidIQ channel, it grew slowly. But we knew we were creating good content systematically. And once YouTube had enough data and incontrovertible signals from our content, the distribution channel started blowing up. No viral videos – just good, reproducible content being shared with the justly consultation. In the end, we did n’t equitable reach 4,000 hours of Watch Time ; we crushed it. now our capacity is gaining traction, like this television with more than 800,000 views about getting your foremost 100 subscribers :

4. Go for Quantity over Quality

Increasing your watch time on YouTube is a numbers game. If you need 4,000 hours to get monetized, and your video recording earn one hour on average, you would need 4,000 television total. That ‘s just an model, though. Your impart can ( and probably will ) perform better than that. But the point I ‘m making is that you need a big collection of videos to reach your Watch Time goals. Read More: Quantity Over Quality – The One Thing New YouTubers Should Focus On That means you should n’t be excessively concerned with :

  • Creating the perfect video.
  • Editing your clips for unreasonable lengths of time.
  • Spending too many hours filming.

Find a way to produce message promptly without sacrificing the quality you need to be competitive on YouTube. then upload your content and start working on the following video recording. Rinse and repeat .

5. Listen to Your YouTube Audience

The YouTube Studio has a wealth of analytics to explore, but some of the best growth advice will come from your subscribers. After all, they are your customers. Most of them know what they want to see, and they will tell you precisely what those videos are. Check the remark segment of your adjacent television to see what I mean. Highly engaged viewers will share video ideas and practically beg you to film those concepts. Give some of these ideas a chance. If the video perform well, you will have even more determine Time under your belt .

How to Track YouTube Watch Time

Want to keep tabs on your watch time hours ? The YouTube Studio has a dedicated page in the left seafaring control panel called Monetization. This will show your subscriber and Watch Time build up. If you want to keep pill on extra metrics, like views per hour in the end 48 hours, download VidIQ. You ‘ll get this amazing real-time stats bar for FREE .

Extra Tips to Increase YouTube Channel Watch Hours

ready to collect some serious Watch Time ? here are extra tips to help you out :

  • Become obsessed with audience retention. The longer people watch your videos, the more Watch Time you will receive. How many people are still watching after the 30-second mark? Are viewers watching until the end, or do they watch 50% of a video on average? These are questions you should ask to create better content.
  • Don’t make long videos just to reach 4,000 hours. You should make your videos just long enough to cover a specific topic. When viewers get bored and abandon a video, that hurts your Watch Time.
  • Don’t “announce” the end of a video. Imagine this: What if every viewer watched a video until the end because they didn’t know the end was coming? That would help you increase your watch hours on YouTube.

Want to learn more about reaching 4,000 hours of Watch Time ? Check out this television for supernumerary details : You ca n’t increase your Watch Time on YouTube without besides increasing your views. Check out this guide to learn how to get more views on YouTube .

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