How Many Lines Can You Have On Verizon In 2022? (Guide)

affiliate disclosure : We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this mail. Are you thinking of switching to Verizon for cell call service but do you want to know how many lines can you have on Verizon ? Do you want to know how much each telephone line will cost ?
If thus, continue reading as I ’ megabyte going to tell you everything I ’ ve discovered while researching this subject and answer all of your authoritative questions !

How many Lines Can You Have On Verizon In 2022 ?

Verizon allows you to have up to 10 phone lines on one account, and the phone lines can either be basic phones or smartphones. However, you must be the account owner or manager to add or remove a line from your account, and you can add or remove them with ease through My Verizon.

Do you have tied more questions about the lines on Verizon, including how many connected devices you can have on one account ? Well, read below because I ’ ve got all of the answers !

How many Lines Can You Have on Verizon Unlimited Plan ?

Verizon gives you the choice to have up to 10 earphone lines on any Unlimited design, careless of whether you have one of the raw 5G outright Plans or one of the old inexhaustible Plans .

How Do I Add Another Line to My Verizon Account ?

You can add a line to your Verizon account by using the My Verizon app and following the steps outlined below :

  • Open the My Verizon app and select “Account”
  • Enter your password or other identification
  • Select “Add a Line” underneath the “Lines on this plan” section of the app
  • Select the option to “Purchase a new device” and click “Next”
  • Choose to either activate an owned device or shop for a new device
  • If you’re shopping for a new device you’ll need to choose your payment option
  • Find a plan for your new device and then click “Select Plan”
  • Choose “Continue” and then select “I’d like a new number” and select “Next”
  • Enter your zip code and then you can pick your new phone number with the dropdown menu
  • Select “Next” and then choose to decline or accept a protection plan or accessories
  • Tap on “Next” and then review the cart and checkout, which may require your password again to be entered
  • Fill out the shipping method, address, and payment method fields as required and review all of the Verizon agreements and select the box next to them to accept
  • Review the entire order and then select “Place Order”
  • Click on “Done” and that’s how you add a new line to your account

Is It Cheaper to Add a Line On Verizon ?

Is It Cheaper to Add a Line On Verizon?
You ’ ll have to pay a $ 35 energizing fee for each line you add to your Verizon account, but adding lines to your account makes your monthly Verizon bill cheaper .
For case, if you have one of the Unlimited Plans, your cost for each line drops as you add more lines to your account, although after 5 lines the cost will be the same .

Can You Add a Phone Line Online Verizon ?

You can add a phone line online through your My Verizon account and the process for adding a occupation on-line is the lapp as the march of adding a trace through the My Verizon app .

How Do I Remove a agate line From My Verizon Account ?

The best way to remove a line from your Verizon report is to contact Verizon Customer Service, but you must be the account owner or director to remove a line from your report.

additionally, you ’ ll need data including the phone number of the line you ’ d like to remove, your Account PIN, and the name of the account owner .
however, you can suspend a line which is a a lot better option in situations where you might find yourself using the argumentation late on but wear ’ t want to continue paying on the agate line until then .
To suspend the line and keep it open without the line fees, just log in to your My Verizon history on-line and follow these steps :

  • Look under the “Devices” section
  • Find the phone line you’d like to suspend
  • Select “Suspend or reconnect” for that line

additionally, you can suspend a argumentation within the My Verizon app by following the steps below :

  • Open the My Verizon app
  • Choose “Menu” and then select “Devices” \
  • Look for the line you want to suspend
  • Select “Manage device” and then select “Controls”
  • Choose “Suspend device”

Does It Cost Money To Remove a Line From Verizon ?

Verizon does not charge you to remove a line from your report, but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate entail you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate receive fees when you remove the agate line .
For example, if the device was under a Device Payment Agreement, then you ’ ll have to pay the total total due either at that time or when you get the following bill for your account .

How many plug in Devices Can You Have on Verizon ?

You can have up to 20 connected devices on one Verizon account, so that ’ s a sum of 30 devices if you have 10 smartphones and 20 connect devices .
To learn more, you can besides read our posts on what is Verizon Wireless, Verizon add a tune detached call, and how to switch from AT & T to Verizon.


You can have improving to 10 phone lines on your Verizon Wireless report at once, and you can mix and match the limit of 10 with basic phones and smartphones .
additionally, it ’ mho cheaper to have more lines on your Verizon history, particularly if you have an unlimited plan, but you do not get extra discounts after 5 lines .
furthermore, it ’ sulfur easier to suspend a line of service so you avoid the monthly charge than it is to cancel the line instantaneously, but you must be the account owner or director to perform the change.

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