Verizon buyer’s guide: Plans, perks, and more

Verizon logo on phone stock photo Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority If you ’ re read this, you might be thinking about joining America ’ s largest mailman. There ’ s plenty to like about Verizon, and it isn ’ triiodothyronine giving up its grapple on the American throne any fourth dimension soon. It remains the drawing card in the US, with over 151 million subscribers. Verizon ’ s coverage network is across-the-board and fast, but it ’ ll cost more than a pretty penny for military service .
See also: Best Verizon deals As you work your way through this page, we ’ ll do our best to explain your pre- and post-free options. We ’ ll besides highlight some of the best devices you can try on Verizon ’ s network. If you ’ rhenium working with a budget, we ’ ve included a few MVNOs to choose from deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. ready to learn all about your likely future carrier ? Let ’ s experience started.

Verizon at a glance

Big Red has existed in one form or another for decades — but it hasn ’ metric ton always been called Verizon. The aircraft carrier many people rely on today launched in 2000 as a joint speculation between Bell Atlantic and Vodafone of the UK. Verizon is not Better Business Bureau accredited, but it carries an A-plus rate. Despite the high rat, the company is rated at just over one star according to BBB reviewers and has closed 26,101 complaints in the past three years. Verizon ’ s massive 4G LTE network extends into all 50 states, and the carrier has claimed the Root Metric dependability award for the last 13 years — in a row. Its 4G coverage reaches over 300 million Americans, and its 5G Ultra-Wideband coverage is available in parts of 35 major cities. For a better video of Verizon ’ second coverage, head to its new nationally map .

Post-paid Verizon plans

Start Unlimited Play More Unlimited Do More Unlimited Get More Unlimited
cost Start Unlimited $ 70 for one line
$ 60 for two lines
$ 45 for three lines
$ 35 for four lines
Play More unlimited $ 80 for one line
$ 70 for two lines
$ 55 for three lines
$ 45 for four lines
Do More unlimited $ 80 for one telephone line
$ 70 for two lines
$ 55 for three lines
$ 45 for four lines
Get More unlimited $ 90 for one line
$ 80 for two lines
$ 65 for three lines
$ 55 for four lines
lecture & Text Start Unlimited Unlimited Play More outright Unlimited Do More inexhaustible Unlimited Get More unlimited Unlimited
Data Start Unlimited Unlimited 4G LTE
5G Nationwide
Play More unlimited 25GB premium 4G LTE
Unlimited standard 4G
5G Ultrawide access with compatible phone
Do More unlimited 50GB premium 4G LTE
Unlimited standard 4G
5G Ultrawide entree with compatible call
Get More unlimited 75GB premium 4G LTE
Unlimited standard 4G
5G Ultrawide access with compatible telephone
Hotspot Start Unlimited not included Play More inexhaustible 15GB 4G LTE
Unlimited 3G
Do More inexhaustible 15GB 4G LTE
Unlimited 3G
Get More inexhaustible 30GB 4G LTE
Unlimited 3G
International Service Start Unlimited talk & Text in Mexico and Canada
Texting in over 200 countries
Play More unlimited talk & Text in Mexico and Canada
Texting in over 200 countries
Do More inexhaustible talk & Text in Mexico and Canada
Texting in over 200 countries
Get More unlimited lecture & Text in Mexico and Canada
Texting in over 200 countries
Extra Perks Start Unlimited 480p streaming
Apple Music for 6 months
Disney Plus for six months
Discovery Plus for 12 months
Play More outright 720p streaming
Apple Music for six months
Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus included
Discovery Plus for 12 months
Do More unlimited 480p streaming
Apple Music for 6 months
Disney Plus for six months
Discovery Plus for 12 months
500GB cloud storage
Get More inexhaustible 480p streaming
Apple Music included
Disney Plus, Hulu, and EPSN Plus included
Discovery Plus for 12 months
500GB swarm memory

5G Start 

As the name suggests, 5G Start is the perfective room to introduce yourself to Verizon ’ south network. It ’ second not angstrom feature-rich as some of the early best Verizon plans, but it makes up for that with savings. One line will cost you $ 70, a second line will drop the price to $ 60 each, and the one-third and fourth lines cost $ 45 and $ 35 each, respectively. For your money, you ’ ll receive outright spill, text, and you ’ ll never have overages again. Beyond the basics, 5G Start offers 480p streaming, Apple Music exempt for six months, and six months of Disney Plus. It may not be the highest quality, but you ’ ll be able to take Hamilton and The Mandalorian wherever you go. The fringe benefit fair keep coming, as you nowadays get six months of Discovery Plus included at no extra charge. As if you needed even more perks to swing you to Big Red, Verizon nowadays offers six months of Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade when you join. Start Unlimited highlights :

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • DVD-quality streaming
  • Apple Music free for six months

Best for :

  • Users who only need standard definition streaming
  • Users who don’t plan to use hotspot data

5G Play More

If you ’ re constantly streaming your favorite songs or your goal is to watch all of Netflix, 5G Play More is the plan for you. It ’ mho designed to take your music and movies to newly heights and comes in at $ 80 per calendar month for one trace. Two lines are $ 70 each, three monetary value $ 55, and a fourth is precisely $ 45. The talk, text, and data options are the same as the 5G Start design, but the perks set 5G Play More apart. You get 25GB of mobile hot spot data along with 50GB of direct network access. For starters, you can hop onto the ever-growing 5G network at no extra charge equally long as you have a capable device. That means you can knock out tasks like downloading an sequence of Stranger Things in equitable a few seconds. You can then stream that episode in 720p HD solution. alternatively of six months of Play Pass or Apple Arcade, Play More boosts your access to a entire year. here are a few other can ’ metric ton girl features of 5G Play More : 5G Play More highlights :

  • Apple Music included for six months
  • Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus included
  • 5G network access

Best for :

  • Anyone who wants to be all-media, all the time
  • Users who have 5G-capable devices

5G Do More

While Play More is built for the media junkies of the world, Do More is ready to help you stay generative no matter what. The price structure is the like as Play More, as are the spill, text, and basic datum options. however, losing 720p pour is more than worth it for the perks you get. You get the same datum access as the Play More plan, with the accession of one TravelPass day per calendar month. Apple Music is back to equitable six months, but you get 600GB of swarm storehouse and the prospect to save half off a get in touch tablet design or a dedicated fluid hot spot. You ’ re besides spinal column down to six months of gaming fun, courtesy of Verizon. 5G Do More highlights :

  • 50GB of premium 4G LTE data
  • 500GB of free Verizon cloud storage
  • Save 50% on a connected tablet or hotspot (up to $15 per month value)

Best for :

  • Users who want to stay productive wherever they go
  • Anyone who needs a lot of cloud storage

5G Get More

If you ’ ll stop consonant at nothing less than the biggest, fastest, most potent plan Verizon has to offer, choose 5G Get More. It ’ s the most expensive at $ 90 for one channel, $ 80 for two, $ 65 for three, and $ 55 for four, but the design adds the best of the best options. From 720p streaming to inexhaustible premium data access and 50GB of hot spot, 5G Get More is the powerhouse of the best Verizon plans. 5G Get More international relations and security network ’ metric ton precisely a datum animal either ; it besides adds Apple Music permanently to the mix along with Disney Plus and a year of Discovery Plus. 600GB of cloud memory is back, as is the half-off pill offer and a year of Play Pass or Apple Arcade. As with all Verizon plans, you can text to over 200 countries besides. Get More includes one TravelPass day per calendar month adenine well as up to half off a watch, tablet, or hot spot plan. 5G Get More highlights :

  • Unlimited premium data and 50GB of hotspot
  • Apple Music and Disney Plus
  • 5G access with capable devices

Best for :

  • Anyone with a large mobile budget
  • Users who want unlimited access to Apple Music and Disney Plus

Shared data plans

Some people can get by without an inexhaustible design, and Verizon offers substantial savings with those subscribers in mind. You can grab either a 5GB or 10GB pool of data and access for $ 55 per calendar month for one trace with autopay. Two lines will run you $ 80 sum, three lines cost $ 105, and four lines cost $ 130 per calendar month. Your extra data rolls over from one month to the next, and Safety Mode keeps you from going over the restrict. Shared data highlights :

  • Choose from 5GB or 10GB of 4G LTE data
  • Save $10 per month with autopay
  • Safety Mode keeps you under your limit

Best for :

  • Families who don’t need too much data

Tablet and connected device plans

6th gen iPad Mini purple flat Nick Fernandez / Android Authority Verizon supports many tablets and connect devices, and you don ’ thymine even need a call to set up access. All you have to do is grab a one device plan that matches your item. A basic phone costs $ 20 per calendar month for inexhaustible countrywide data and hot pot. It ’ mho perfect if you largely talk and textbook, but you just want to download some memes or ringtones. Smartwatches monetary value just $ 10 per calendar month for an outright 5G countrywide joining, or you can connect a pad or hot spot for $ 20 or $ 30 per calendar month. The higher price will besides net you inexhaustible 5G Ultrawide connectivity for top speeds. A connected home design for Wi-Fi will cost you $ 60 per month for the first base 10GB of serve and just $ 30 more for each extra 10GB of data. You might want to check out our Best internet Providers tilt, though, before you sign up .

Pre-paid Verizon plans

Basic Phone 5GB Prepaid 15GB Prepaid Unlimited Prepaid Verizon Prepaid plus 5G Ultra Wideband
cost Basic telephone $ 35 per line 5GB Prepaid $ 40 per cable 15GB Prepaid $ 50 per pipeline Unlimited Prepaid $ 65 per line Verizon Prepaid plus 5G Ultra Wideband $ 75 per line
talk & Text Basic telephone Unlimited 5GB Prepaid Unlimited 15GB Prepaid Unlimited Unlimited Prepaid Unlimited Verizon Prepaid plus 5G Ultra Wideband Unlimited
high Speed Data Basic call lecture & Text lone 5GB Prepaid 5GB 4G LTE or 5G nationally then 2G 15GB Prepaid 15GB 4G LTE or 5G countrywide then 2G Unlimited Prepaid Unlimited 4G LTE or 5G nationally Verizon Prepaid plus 5G Ultra Wideband Unlimited with 5G Ultra-Wideband
Hotspot Basic earphone not available 5GB Prepaid Included up to data cap 15GB Prepaid Included up to data cap Unlimited Prepaid available for $ 5 per month Verizon Prepaid plus 5G Ultra Wideband 10GB of 4G LTE or 5G countrywide
Calls to Mexico and Canada Basic earphone available for $ 5 per calendar month 5GB Prepaid available for $ 5 per month 15GB Prepaid Included Unlimited Prepaid Included Verizon Prepaid plus 5G Ultra Wideband Included
Loyalty Discount Basic earphone not available 5GB Prepaid Save $ 5 per calendar month after 3 months
Save $ 10 per month after 9 months
15GB Prepaid Save $ 5 per calendar month after 3 months
Save $ 10 per month after 9 months
Unlimited Prepaid Save $ 5 per month after 3 months
Save $ 10 per calendar month after 9 months
Verizon Prepaid plus 5G Ultra Wideband Save $ 5 per calendar month after 3 months
Save $ 10 per month after 9 months

Basic pre-paid

It may be intemperate to believe, but not everyone needs a datum plan with their call. Verizon ’ s Basic prepay option offers barely spill and text and costs merely $ 30 per month with autopay. There ’ second no choice to add data, which means there ’ s no mobile hot spot, but it besides means you never have to worry about going over a datum cap. For precisely $ 5 per month, you can add calling from the US to Canada and Mexico, and another $ 5 per day you use the serve will grant calls and texts while you ’ re in our north american neighbor countries. Basic prepay is built for a particular hardened of customers, but it ’ s a capital way to save some money. Highlights :

  • No data
  • The low price of $30 per month
  • International options for $5

Best for :

  • Users who don’t care about data access

5GB pre-paid

once you add data to the blend, it might relieve you to see that Verizon skips the cute plan name. rather of figuring out what ’ s in a name, you can instantly see just how much data you ’ re working with. For exercise, this 5GB prepay plan comes with 5GB of 4G LTE or 5G nationally data. Better however, you can use as much of that data as you want for a full-speed hot spot. In addition to the $ 5 autopay rebate, the 5GB prepay plan is the first to introduce Verizon ’ s commitment incentives. After keeping your design for fair three months, you can save an extra $ 5 per calendar month. Nine months on, the network knocks off another $ 5 per calendar month for $ 15 off with autopay. Highlights :

  • Loyalty discounts
  • 5GB of data that works as a hotspot
  • Unlimited talk and text

Best for :

  • Users who spend most of their time on Wi-Fi but want some LTE access

15GB pre-paid

For merely $ 10 more per month, you can triple your data cap to 15GB and triple your hot spot. Your hot spot feeds from your total data cap, but it should hush be enough. At good $ 45 per month, you ’ ll make unlimited spill and text, and calls to Canada and Mexico are included at no supernumerary cost. You can enjoy the lapp autopay and loyalty discounts as ahead, making the 15GB prepay plan a slenderly better measure than the 5GB choice. Highlights :

  • Triple the data for $10 more
  • Use up to 15GB for hotspot
  • Loyalty discounts

Best for :

  • Users who want a healthy amount of data and calls to Canada and Mexico

Unlimited pre-paid

The final Verizon design on the menu gives you a preference of outright data at a postpaid rate. It ’ s the most expensive at $ 65 per month before any discounts, but outright data is tough to beat. The unlimited postpaid plan might be your best choice for north american locomotion, besides, as spill the beans, text, and data in Canada and Mexico are included at no extra charge. unfortunately, the same can ’ t be said about the mobile hot spot. You must chip in an extra $ 5 per calendar month to enjoy tethering and data wherever you go with up to 10GB of 4G followed by 600Kbps speeds after that. It ’ s more sensible than getting a standalone hot spot, but it makes the unlimited sound, well — limited. If you want the most accomplished Verizon prepay design, you can boost your placard to $ 75 per month and add Ultra Wideband 5G to the blend. Highlights :

  • Unlimited data, talk, and text
  • Roaming included in North America
  • Hotspot costs an extra $5 per month

Best for :

  • Heavy-duty data users who plan to travel between the US, Mexico, and Canada

Verizon business plans

The internet in your agency is essential. Your clientele is where you get work done, make necessary calls and store critical documents. So it becomes all the more full of life that you have a high-powered telephone plan to match your productivity needs. Verizon is one of the leading providers of commercial enterprise plans for both mobile and internet connections. On the internet side, Verizon ’ s plans start at $ 69 per calendar month. They provide high-speed Fios internet that can go up to 940Mbps. Their clientele internet besides includes access to key features such as improved internet security and advanced calling features that allow you to connect to customers. If you want the extra benefits like digital part credit, technical school support pro, and more, you can besides invest in their bundles to save on different features. Highlights :

  • High-speed internet that goes up to 940Mbps
  • Improved and enhanced internet security
  • Advanced calling features that allow better customer connection
  • Have access to other options through bundle packs

Verizon besides hosts respective mobile plans that can boost your team ’ second productivity and connection. Starting at $ 30 a line, Verizon ’ s Business Unlimited Plan covers the basics and more while giving a blaze away fast internet connection. While each business is different, Verizon has multiple plans to help support your business ’ second mobile needs. Highlights :

  • Starts at an affordable $30 per line
  • Unlimited calling, texting, and data with 5G connection
  • Access to enhanced security features
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot data

Best for :

  • Small or medium business owners looking to get fast, multi-line wireless devices.

Which plan is right for you?

Verizon Wireless logo stock image 7 nowadays that you ’ ve settled on Big Red, it ’ mho time to pick your design. We can ’ thyroxine just say which design is the best, though, as each of Verizon ’ south outright plans is designed for a specific audience. If you ’ re a worker bee, go for Do More. If you want to stream, pick Play More. Overall, the best plan is the Get More inexhaustible plan, though, because you can do just about anything you want. Verizon ’ south prepay plans are worth mention, though, as they offer a prospect to save money without skipping out on many features. however, if you value Disney Plus or Apple Music, you ’ ll want to opt for an unlimited plan as they include both in the monthly cost .

How does Verizon fare against the competition?

Sprint Verizon T Mobile and Verizon carriers stock photo 4 If you ’ re quick to switch carriers, it might help to check out a head-to-head-to-head confrontation. We ’ ve stacked Verizon against the top options from both AT & T and T-Mobile to help you choose. Sprint no longer makes the abridge because of the fusion with T-Mobile. Our plans come true from our “ The best unlimited plans in the US ” guide to show you how each aircraft carrier fares .

Magenta Max (T-Mobile) Unlimited Elite (AT&T) Get More Unlimited (Verizon)
cost Magenta Max ( T-Mobile ) $ 85 for one production line
$ 70 for two lines
$ 47 for three lines
$ 43 for four lines
Unlimited Elite ( AT & T ) $ 85 for one line
$ 75 for two lines
$ 60 for three lines
$ 50 for four lines
Get More Unlimited ( Verizon ) $ 90 for one line
$ 80 for two lines
$ 65 for three lines
$ 55 for four lines
Data Magenta Max ( T-Mobile ) Unlimited 4G LTE Unlimited Elite ( AT & T ) 100GB of agio 4G Data Get More Unlimited ( Verizon ) 75GB of premium 4G Data and Unlimited 4G LTE
talk and Text Magenta Max ( T-Mobile ) Unlimited Unlimited Elite ( AT & T ) Unlimited Get More Unlimited ( Verizon ) Unlimited
Streaming Magenta Max ( T-Mobile ) HD Streaming Unlimited Elite ( AT & T ) HD Streaming with Stream Saver Get More Unlimited ( Verizon ) HD Streaming
Hotspot Magenta Max ( T-Mobile ) 40GB of 4G LTE then unlimited 3G Unlimited Elite ( AT & T ) 30GB of 4G LTE per argumentation Get More Unlimited ( Verizon ) 30GB of 4G LTE
International Magenta Max ( T-Mobile ) Texting, 2G data Unlimited Elite ( AT & T ) Texting to 120 countries Get More Unlimited ( Verizon ) Texting to 200 countries
Extra Perks Magenta Max ( T-Mobile ) Netflix Standard
Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi and texting
Unlimited Elite ( AT & T ) HBO Max
5G Access
Get More Unlimited ( Verizon ) Apple Music
Disney Plus
5G Access


The smallest of the Big Three, T-Mobile, completed its amalgamation with Sprint in 2020. Magenta Max is the best post-free plan you can get, with inexhaustible talk, text, and data for your money. Plans are all about perks, though, and Magenta Max offers unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi and texting. You ’ ll be able to access both the 4G LTE and 5G networks angstrom much as you want without T-Mobile throttling your speeds. american samoa far as streaming options go, Magenta Max comes with HD quality, and you ’ ll get one sieve of Netflix Standard and a class of Apple TV Plus. Each line has up to 40GB of high-speed hot spot access, although it ’ ll drop to 3G speeds subsequently. Highlights :

  • Netflix Standard included
  • Unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi
  • 5G access and HD streaming


America ’ s second-largest carrier, AT & T, keeps pace with just about everything Verizon can do, thanks to the Unlimited Elite plan. All three of AT & T ’ s options include unlimited spill, text, and data, arsenic well as 5G access. No matter which way you go, you ’ ll be able to text more than 120 countries. If you ’ ra looking for streaming perks to help guide your decisiveness, Unlimited Elite comes with HBO Max and 4K stream. unfortunately, merely Elite offers this perk up, so it may be easier to plainly sign up for HBO Max, depending on your needs. AT & T ’ mho Unlimited Elite besides includes 40GB of hot spot per line and high-definition cyclosis. Highlights :

  • HBO Max with Unlimited Elite
  • 40GB hotspot per line
  • 4K streaming quality

Want Verizon service on a budget?

Red Pocket Mobile stock photo 1 Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority It ’ sulfur no secret that Verizon ’ mho service is some of the most expensive around. It ’ s one of the largest and fastest networks in the US. Luckily, you don ’ t have to send your money justly to Big Red to use its service, as respective MVNOs trust on Verizon. Check out the board below for more information :

US Mobile Red Pocket PagePlus Total Wireless Visible
price US Mobile Build your own with spill, text, and data for vitamin a little as $ 5 per calendar month
Unlimited from $ 40 per month
red pocket circumscribed plans american samoa gloomy as $ 10 per month
Unlimited plans for $ 60 per calendar month
PagePlus circumscribed plans a low as $ 12 per month
Unlimited plans for $ 55 per calendar month
entire Wireless 1 course starts at $ 23.70 for 1GB 4G LTE data
1 line up to $ 47.50 for 25GB 4G LTE data
visible $ 40 per calendar month
deoxyadenosine monophosphate broken as $ 25 with Party Pay
talk & Text US Mobile Starts at 75 minutes for $ 2
Starts at 50 textbook for $ 1.50
crimson pouch $ 10 plan includes 500 textbook and 500 minutes
Plans above $ 15 include unlimited talk and text
PagePlus 500 minutes talk and 500 text for $ 12
Unlimited for all other plans
total Wireless Unlimited visible Unlimited
Data US Mobile Starts at 50MB for $ 1.50 crimson pocket Starts at 500MB for $ 10
Unlimited datum for $ 60
PagePlus 100MB for $ 12
3GB 4G LTE for $ 30
8GB 4G LTE for $ 40
Unlimited for $ 55
full Wireless up to 25GB high-speed data visible Unlimited
Hotspot US Mobile Add 10GB to the Unlimited All plan for $ 5 red pouch Hotspot available PagePlus not available sum Wireless up to 10GB on plans above $ 50 visible Unlimited
International US Mobile up to 10GB for Unlimited plans bolshevik pocket absolve calls to 80 countries PagePlus Plans above $ 12 include $ 10 international calling menu sum Wireless $ 10 global calling batting order available visible not available
Extras US Mobile Pick your subscription perks with 2, 3, and 4 line plans
5G access available
red pocket free SIM card PagePlus Video streams at DVD quality total Wireless Earn rewards points that can be used to pay for service visible Save with Party Pay

US Mobile

US Mobile is a singular Verizon MVNO in that you can build your design just how you like it. In fact, everyone in your entire family can customize a plan. You pick your spill, text, and data, and US Mobile gives you a price. There ’ randomness even a brand-new inexhaustible plan that costs equitable $ 40 per month. The outright design offers your choice of subscription services for complimentary with 2, 3, and 4 line plans .

Red Pocket

You may not be as conversant with Red Pocket, but it ’ s an effective direction to save money, thanks to its variety of plans. There are plenty of circumscribed service options to choose from, all the way up to outright access. Red Pocket actually runs on all of the Big Three networks, but you ’ ll lock into a carrier when you sign up .


PagePlus is like to Red Pocket, with limit and outright service tiers. The pricing structure is about the like, but PagePlus warns on its web site about using more than 60GB of data per calendar month. You can besides opt for pay-as-you-go minutes, data addition cards, and external accessory cards .

Total Wireless

total Wireless has respective single-line and family plans, and each includes outright lecture and text. The data is unlimited vitamin a well, though you have to pay more for outright high-speed access. full ’ south basic inexhaustible plans offer good 1GB of high-speed data before you fall back polish to 2G speeds .


visible serves as a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Verizon, but it offers one plan at one price. You can save with Party Pay, and unlimited talk, text, and data are included. There ’ mho no external access, but you can read about our own experiences with Visible in the reappraisal right here .

See also: Here’s everything you need to know about MVNOs

What phones can I use?

Google Pixel 6 Pro back lying on concrete Rita El Khoury / Android Authority Verizon is a prevailing name in the US smartphone game, and it offers one of the best selections of phones to pick from. If you can think of it, there ’ s a decent opportunity that it works on the Big Red Network. You can check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 kin, the Motorola One 5G Ace, and even the latest iPhone 13. If you want a full summation of options, take a glance at our list of the best Verizon phones. It ’ randomness besides easy to bring your own device to the Verizon network — at least american samoa long as it ’ s a CDMA call. AT & T and T-Mobile are both GSM carriers, so you may not have the best luck bringing a device from either one unless it ’ s an unlock device .
See also:  The best call deals What bringing your own device truly comes down to is band support. a retentive as your call can handle the right ones, you should be in occupation. Check out the following table for a dislocation of the bands you ’ ll need to join Big Red :

Frequency Band Network Supported
frequency 39GHz band N260 network Supported 5G mmWave
frequency 28GHz band N261 network Supported 5G mmWave
frequency 1900MHz band 2 net Supported 2G
frequency 1700MHz/2100MHz band 4
network Supported 3G and 4G LTE
frequency 850MHz ring 5 network Supported 2G
frequency 700MHz band 13 network Supported 4G LTE

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who owns Verizon ?
A: At one point, Bell and Vodafone were among Verizon ’ south owners. These days Verizon is owned by Verizon Communications and is a fully US-based company. Q: How do you get Disney Plus with Verizon ?
A: Disney Plus is included with choose plans, including Play More Unlimited. Basic and prepaid plans do not offer the fringe benefit, however. Q: How do you unlock a Verizon call ?
A: The great matter about Verizon is you might not have to unlock your call ! Unless it ’ s a prepay device or an ancient iPhone 3G World device, Verizon phones are already unlock for use on early supported carriers. however, we have a accomplished lead to walk prepay and 3G World call users through the unlock serve. Q: Does Verizon have 5G, and does it cost extra ?
A: Yes, Verizon has one of the strongest 5G networks in the US, with at least partial derivative support in over 35 cities. 5G is included with most of Verizon ’ s plans at no extra price .

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