Verizon Cell Phone Plans Review 2022: The Best Wireless Coverage


What other carriers use Verizon’s network?

There are many other carriers that use Verizon ’ mho network. These companies are called mobile virtual net operators ( MVNOs ). alternatively of operating their own cellular towers, these MVNOs fair lease bandwidth from Verizon .
There are at least 15 smaller companies that use Verizon ’ s network, but we recommend visible Wireless for its wildly cheap family plans and Xfinity Mobile for its amazing bunch deals ( for those already on Xfinity internet ).

precisely be mindful that MVNOs much have slower data speeds because when the network gets busy Verizon slows down their customers ’ data first !

Does Verizon have overage charges or hidden fees?

overage charges have largely gone the direction of the dinosaurs, and that deserves a cheer .
After your beginning 50 GB on the Get More, Do More, or Play More plans and during times of high gear dealings on the 5G Start design, Verizon could slow your speed down to 600 Kbps or less .
If you ’ re on a prepay plan ( both with a data cap and the inexhaustible plan ), you might feel like your internet browse is in slow gesture if you exceed your data limit and Verizon throttles you back to 128 Kbps .
For those on the “ new Verizon Plan, ” where you can choose from small ( S ), medium ( M ), and big ( L ) datum packages, you ’ re calm stuck paying overage charges of $ 15 per GB .

Does Verizon charge an activation fee?

Yes, you will need to pay a erstwhile activation fee if you ’ re a raw Verizon customer, and this rings in at $ 35 per line .
We besides noticed that Verizon waives the energizing tip when you purchase a prepay earphone and plan online. Huzzah !

Should I get a warranty or insurance for my Verizon phone?

Tired of burying your phone in rice after dropping it in the sink or squinched to see the text on your cracked screen ? then an cover guarantee or equipment insurance might be worth it in the long run .
If you ’ rhenium looking for a standard level of protection ( loss, larceny, or wrong ) for alone one device, we think the total Equipment Coverage hits the spot. The price is much less per calendar month than the Total Mobile Protection plan, and the deductible is the like .

Does Verizon let you bring your own phone?

Verizon allows you to Bring Your own Device ( BYOD ) and offers a absolve SIM calling card if you check your earphone ’ s compatibility on its locate ( otherwise, the calling card costs $ 24.99 ) .

Can I keep my phone number?

No want to tell all your friends and syndicate to update their contacts—Verizon offers unblock earphone count transfers. It normally takes up to a day to transfer a count from your radio device, and Verizon says your old earphone will continue to work as the transplant proceeds .
You can check if your current number can be transferred on Verizon ’ s web site .
Wait, do n’t cancel good even !Heads Up Don ’ t cancel your current service before you transfer your count to Verizon. While you may be quick to cut ties with your old radio provider, keeping your service until the transfer is complete helps make your transition placid.

What are Verizon’s return policy and early termination fee?

In general, Verizon accepts returns and exchanges of devices within 30 days, but it still charges you a $ 50 restocking fee. Heads up : you can exchange your device only once, so make sure your second choice is a equal made in heaven .
As with any big company, Verizon ’ s render and early termination policies are pretty drawn-out. We recommend reading through them if you ’ re considering canceling your service or returning your device .

Does Verizon have a senior discount?

Verizon offers one discount plan for folks who are 55 and up .

Does Verizon have a military discount?

Verizon ’ s military discount rate can knock $ 10 off your Start, Play More, Do More, or Get More inexhaustible monthly bill, or 10 % off other eligible plans. You ’ ll besides get 25 % off blue-ribbon accessories .
To qualify for the military discount, you ’ ll motivation to be either active duty or a seasoned and provide validation of servicing .
active duty members need a military-issued electronic mail, paystub, or SCRA Status Report.

Veterans need their DD 214, veterans ID tease, military retiree account affirmation, or a VetRewards card from Veterans Advantage .

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